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Sun Jun 12, 2016, 09:44 AM Jun 2016

Noam Chomsky: The Democratic Party is now in the hands of Moderate Republicans. [View all]

The majority of Democrats have shifted to the right so far that the two-party system is almost unrecognizable, according to Noam Chomsky.

"There used to be a quip that the United States was a one-party state with a business party that had two factions: the Democrats and Republicans—and that used to be pretty accurate, but it’s not anymore. The U.S. is still a two-party state, but there’s only one faction, and it’s not Democrats, it’s moderate Republicans. Today’s Democrats have shifted to the right," Chomsky told RT America's Anissa Naouai.

More at link:http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/chomsky-todays-democrats-are-moderate-republicans

Perhaps then they should rename this place, "Moderate Republican Underground."

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Could be that Noam is so far left that everything seems right. Itchinjim Jun 2016 #1
That is exactly what it is. 7962 Jun 2016 #15
No it's not the proof is inequality gap. It's widening not shrinking under democratic control. JRLeft Jun 2016 #50
True OwlinAZ Jun 2016 #58
unbelievable. Noam is now the enemy. roguevalley Jun 2016 #104
exactly! green917 Jun 2016 #124
Are you kidding ???? Eugene Debbs ..... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #201
OK Make that any New Deal Democrat. merrily Jun 2016 #233
That's a step in the correct direction . ... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #293
I try to remember to use "correct" instead of "right" for that reason. merrily Jun 2016 #323
Who is calling Noam the enemy. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #183
To be fair, I do. Ever since he became an apologist for the Khmer Rouge. ConservativeDemocrat Jun 2016 #237
Moderate Republicans that took over the Democrat party. Matt_R Jun 2016 #312
These posters' replies are just more support for Noam's statements. Ned Flanders Jun 2016 #255
Noam has been getting bashed by right wingers since forever, nothing new.. 2banon Jun 2016 #267
I just think Thomas Frank wallyworld2 Jun 2016 #292
We've been abandoned wallyworld2 Jun 2016 #295
I agree. robx Jun 2016 #304
the regressive left? LiberalLovinLug Jun 2016 #338
Here's the video. earthshine Jun 2016 #208
This message was self-deleted by its author SouthernDemLinda Jun 2016 #270
There is only one party in the United States SouthernDemLinda Jun 2016 #272
I fought "Moderate Republican Policy" in the 80s with all my passion. bvar22 Jun 2016 #235
He is as accomplished as Hillary, but without all the flip flopping and secrets. earthshine Jun 2016 #212
Of course. Pretty standard means of propaganda. nt BootinUp Jun 2016 #62
The DLC propaganda avoids detailed polls on critical issues. The Far Left Jun 2016 #130
Could be. Before deciding though, sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #71
"So far left" Itchinjim Jun 2016 #76
Definition isn't working too well. sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #87
It's complicated to get into a one-liner. libdem4life Jun 2016 #115
I think they mean anything that could be construed as or actually is critical of Clinton. That Guy 888 Jun 2016 #157
Lol is that when the 'offical' vote totals come in?? Volaris Jun 2016 #285
How far left is 'everyone else' AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #142
Moderates Moved The Center To The Right billhicks76 Jun 2016 #296
So there is only one person who is so far left? passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #324
His beliefs have stayed the same over the decades TransitJohn Jun 2016 #82
Yes, he is an ideologue. nt BootinUp Jun 2016 #141
People on the far right refer to Chomsky as an ideologue as well. SkyIsGrey Jun 2016 #193
Look it up in a dictionary if you need to. Then get back to me. nt BootinUp Jun 2016 #196
Far-right politics SkyIsGrey Jun 2016 #198
Impressive show of obstinance. nt BootinUp Jun 2016 #200
Impressive show of irony. SkyIsGrey Jun 2016 #218
more like an impressive show of hypocrisy ellennelle Jun 2016 #221
Agreed. SkyIsGrey Jun 2016 #284
uncompromising and dogmatic SouthernDemLinda Jun 2016 #276
Odd how Hillarians constantly accuse Bernistas of being "RW" 99th_Monkey Jun 2016 #204
Actually, no. It's the opposite Scootaloo Jun 2016 #149
Nailed it, as you so often do. merrily Jun 2016 #236
An anarco- syndicalist is not... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #286
Ah.. Yes... intersectionality Jun 2016 #356
Actually, reACTIONary Jun 2016 #357
Nope. He's pretty much in the same place he's has been for decades. blackspade Jun 2016 #155
Princeton did a study a couple of years back, they found we're living in an Oligarchy... raindaddy Jun 2016 #176
+1...nt freebrew Jun 2016 #211
+1 merrily Jun 2016 #238
Isn't Pres. Obama typical of today's Democratic Party? merrily Jun 2016 #231
or just perhaps vice versa? 2banon Jun 2016 #265
That could well be. red dog 1 Jun 2016 #290
+1 n/t pnwmom Jun 2016 #300
Chomsky believes ronnie624 Jun 2016 #314
It's ridiculous for him to claim that the Dems and the other party are the same pnwmom Jun 2016 #315
That's not what he said. ronnie624 Jun 2016 #316
Could be you are a Republicrat and therefore think Noam is so far left. Kip Humphrey Jun 2016 #317
63% of Americans believe minimum wage should be $15 by 2020 Ash_F Jun 2016 #328
We get it Noam rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #2
Are you red baiting? randr Jun 2016 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #14
Well said! Kilgore Jun 2016 #36
Constructive criticism would be better said. The Far Left Jun 2016 #178
nicely put ellennelle Jun 2016 #282
And since when has there been a true communist government? RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #126
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #147
Right on comrade! hughee99 Jun 2016 #180
And I hear.... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #206
Capitalism is a failed system... freebrew Jun 2016 #213
Technically, anarcho-syndicalism davekriss Jun 2016 #139
You admit to being a McCarthy'st on a liberal board? newthinking Jun 2016 #197
I don't know, I think you might just be.... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #207
Hmm newthinking Jun 2016 #214
LOL, one... and you? reACTIONary Jun 2016 #278
McCarthyism was shet and should be crushed, not just baited. merrily Jun 2016 #243
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #251
You are vastly showing your ignorance of the period newthinking Jun 2016 #266
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #274
LOL! Red baiting is a lot more 1950s than McCarthy hating. merrily Jun 2016 #319
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #341
How to count the ways in which your reply is dead wrong? merrily Jun 2016 #342
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #343
Look at my post 243 to reACTIONary and your replies to my post 243. merrily Jun 2016 #344
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #345
We all know what you posted. As far as "anger," "spittle" and "butthurt," that's all been from you. merrily Jun 2016 #346
Hard to believe isn't it? newthinking Jun 2016 #268
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #246
"Lefties" are not stuck. Those of us that are older had better teaching newthinking Jun 2016 #264
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #277
Right on, brother! eom reACTIONary Jun 2016 #203
"kleptocratic authoritarian failed God" ellennelle Jun 2016 #234
With the exception that.... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #289
'xcuse me? ellennelle Jun 2016 #320
Well, if you are interested in history.... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #358
good lord ellennelle Jun 2016 #359
Actually, it's known as .... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #360
ahem. Better go do your home work, Chomsky isn't a Communist. SMFH 2banon Jun 2016 #269
Wow, you're on edge arent you. 7962 Jun 2016 #24
Case in point. seabeckind Jun 2016 #34
Yeah, its a JOKE. 7962 Jun 2016 #43
Second case in point. seabeckind Jun 2016 #52
did it sound like a joke? G_j Jun 2016 #95
How could it NOT? "VZ is nice this time of year". OBVIOUSLY a joke. 7962 Jun 2016 #165
don't ever look for work as a comedian G_j Jun 2016 #339
Another poster made the joke. keep up. 7962 Jun 2016 #348
The best joke here GummyBearz Jun 2016 #134
No, the best joke here are those who cant take one. 7962 Jun 2016 #161
So funny GummyBearz Jun 2016 #191
His PhD doesnt impress me. He's proven many times how full of it he is. 7962 Jun 2016 #194
And you don't impress a 10 year old with a mental handicap GummyBearz Jun 2016 #301
I dont take money from the gullible. I posted factual info 7962 Jun 2016 #309
Ummm, Chomsky is a linguist..... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #216
Laughable newthinking Jun 2016 #273
What's laughable is.... reACTIONary Jun 2016 #288
And he has supported a Holocaust denier, claimed Pol Pot didnt commit genocide, etc 7962 Jun 2016 #310
He identified with McCarthyism. Not going to be so easy to walk that back. newthinking Jun 2016 #199
The original post was a simple joke about visiting venezuela. 7962 Jun 2016 #202
Correct rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #249
They're proving his point. n/t thomservo Jun 2016 #110
They are. blackspade Jun 2016 #156
The old America love it or leave it canard. sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #85
. Noam Chomsky: is full of shit.. stonecutter357 Jun 2016 #3
Shoot the messenger! (In this case Chomsky) Betty Karlson Jun 2016 #7
Your comment is unwarranted and disgusting. stonecutter357 Jun 2016 #13
"full of shit" is verbally violent. Betty Karlson Jun 2016 #16
Shoot the mesenger! is from an old saying padfun Jun 2016 #25
Lighten up NV Whino Jun 2016 #26
It's actually a medieval phrase...when the messenger would come with a libdem4life Jun 2016 #121
Thanks NV Whino Jun 2016 #188
It's an expression... KansDem Jun 2016 #162
This message was self-deleted by its author passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #326
The messenger rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #18
+10000 7962 Jun 2016 #27
I'll grant you that the plantation owners' republic (pre-1860) was to the right of Chomsky. Betty Karlson Jun 2016 #33
Articulately said rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #37
Well said. seabeckind Jun 2016 #42
I WONDER What It Will Take OR How long IT WILL Take For ChiciB1 Jun 2016 #72
I agree with you that Chomsky's political analysis cred is equal to his linguistic cred. Not sure ancianita Jun 2016 #297
drowning in koolaid ellennelle Jun 2016 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #67
His political conviction may be anachronistic. (And to be fair: so is Third Way conviction.) Betty Karlson Jun 2016 #89
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #97
ok, well then ellennelle Jun 2016 #93
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #98
saw that ellennelle Jun 2016 #105
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #108
well i sure wasn't to flatter him ellennelle Jun 2016 #111
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #113
backatcha ellennelle Jun 2016 #125
Likewise rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #263
LOL - spot on. eom reACTIONary Jun 2016 #220
Lots of Republicans don't like Trump Proud Liberal Dem Jun 2016 #84
And... we have someone playing the Trump card! Betty Karlson Jun 2016 #88
Different Republicans a2liberal Jun 2016 #181
don't forget neocon PNAC Iraq war demigod Robert Kagan AntiBank Jun 2016 #192
Exactly, Noam Chomsky needs to catch up. A Simple Game Jun 2016 #170
How nice. Duval Jun 2016 #174
flesh that chippy little intellectually vapid comment out. And no, putting up a US flag smiley AntiBank Jun 2016 #184
STFU Noam wyldwolf Jun 2016 #4
I will ask you if he's wrong, and will get crickets in response. This is my prediction. Gene Debs Jun 2016 #5
Yes he's wrong wyldwolf Jun 2016 #9
The red baiting of Chomsky proves otherwise randr Jun 2016 #11
That's stupid wyldwolf Jun 2016 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #30
Chomsky is no Commie. And there was a time in the 30's and 40's when Democrats embraced Socialism. Zen Democrat Jun 2016 #39
The Democratic Party has embraced elements of socialism wyldwolf Jun 2016 #55
Progressive is not a synonym of socialism. merrily Jun 2016 #240
Who said it was? Yet, it's always 'progressives' who pine away for it wyldwolf Jun 2016 #241
Your post certainly strongly implied it. merrily Jun 2016 #244
no it didn't wyldwolf Jun 2016 #247
. merrily Jun 2016 #250
. wyldwolf Jun 2016 #253
Bwahaaaahaaaaa. Damn, wyldwolf, that's a thigh-slapper! Good one! Scuba Jun 2016 #12
It's true, though wyldwolf Jun 2016 #22
I agree Plucketeer Jun 2016 #112
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! ellennelle Jun 2016 #53
No substance - just girlish giggles wyldwolf Jun 2016 #63
uh no ellennelle Jun 2016 #101
And it shows wyldwolf Jun 2016 #138
thank you ellennelle Jun 2016 #185
The Democratic Party Is More Liberal than It's Ever Been ????????????? Thirties Child Jun 2016 #73
Yes??? wyldwolf Jun 2016 #77
Ridiculous assertion. JBoy Jun 2016 #103
Can't answer? wyldwolf Jun 2016 #137
It was a good answer passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #330
The Democratic platform Turin_C3PO Jun 2016 #116
Theoretically Civil Rights may be better. RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #259
Social issues keep progressing, passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #329
That statement is so absurd that it makes it impossible to take anything else Gene Debs Jun 2016 #75
I can think of nothing I'd enjoy more wyldwolf Jun 2016 #80
Either you have a poor grasp of history, a poor grasp of the party, or a poor grasp of the word. Scootaloo Jun 2016 #150
"Progressives" have been in a bubble so long... wyldwolf Jun 2016 #152
A bubble has two sides, it seems some don't realize which side of the bubble they are on. n/t A Simple Game Jun 2016 #172
I seriously don't think you understand any of the words you're trying to use Scootaloo Jun 2016 #217
You are making a joke, right? Duval Jun 2016 #179
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #21
HE'S WRONG. hope that was louder than the crickets. nt 7962 Jun 2016 #28
you can say it as loud as you like ellennelle Jun 2016 #59
Well, you said youd get crickets & you didnt. Facts are what makes him wrong 7962 Jun 2016 #164
never mentioned crickets ellennelle Jun 2016 #186
You are correct, another poster referred to the crickets 7962 Jun 2016 #195
a mind so open ellennelle Jun 2016 #321
ooh, nice ellennelle Jun 2016 #51
Says the girlish giggler from post 53 wyldwolf Jun 2016 #64
again ellennelle Jun 2016 #120
And it shows. wyldwolf Jun 2016 #136
It's hardly "now" zentrum Jun 2016 #6
I'm not sure if "moderate" is the word I'd use. Smarmie Doofus Jun 2016 #8
Chomsky must not understand our form of government. In order to swing this country progressively Trust Buster Jun 2016 #17
Yeah, it's Noam fucking Chomsky who doesn't know how the government works TransitJohn Jun 2016 #86
I'm just stating the facts. In 2020, this country is going to perform a Census. Shortly thereafter, Trust Buster Jun 2016 #90
Guru? TransitJohn Jun 2016 #92
Neoliberal Underground? AntiBank Jun 2016 #335
Well, how many former Democratic Presidential Candidates gave secret speeches to Wall Street? jalan48 Jun 2016 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #23
Just in-Liberals are rocking Wall Street. jalan48 Jun 2016 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #31
Secret speeches convey a message-a liberal one perhaps? jalan48 Jun 2016 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #38
Hillary is a banker? jalan48 Jun 2016 #41
No is the answer randr Jun 2016 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #69
What a lame excuse for lack of self control randr Jun 2016 #119
more like ellennelle Jun 2016 #189
My bullshit meter is on high alert today randr Jun 2016 #190
and kudos for that! ellennelle Jun 2016 #219
Bankers are American citizens with *more* rights than us. OnyxCollie Jun 2016 #74
Wait! It's the corporations are people argument. seabeckind Jun 2016 #143
Wrong Noam edhopper Jun 2016 #32
Small "d" democrats. seabeckind Jun 2016 #47
Except when they go behind closed doors with Newt to gut it. Fuddnik Jun 2016 #49
Which the Dems edhopper Jun 2016 #57
Bill Clinton and Obama both tried. Fuddnik Jun 2016 #65
You guys all really bought into this left swing of Hillary's didn't you? passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #331
+5 appalachiablue Jun 2016 #70
If the modern Democratic Party could get rid of any of those things without Gene Debs Jun 2016 #79
HA HA really??? Cosmic Kitten Jun 2016 #257
Well, that does it. Fold the tents, the argument's over. Wednesdays Jun 2016 #327
Many Dems today are to the right of Nixon whether they know it or not. Broward Jun 2016 #40
Nixon created the EPA StoneCarver Jun 2016 #66
Right, all the Democrats who voted for Hillary are really republicans. What bullshit still_one Jun 2016 #45
A rose by another name. n/t seabeckind Jun 2016 #48
Not today.... vi5 Jun 2016 #109
Tell it to the millions of registered DEMOCRATS who vote regularly. 7962 Jun 2016 #46
What? No koolaide reference? n/t seabeckind Jun 2016 #54
I think he's trying to bive you something to wrap your teeth around. Fuddnik Jun 2016 #56
I have read many of his works. Thats why i dont think much of him. 7962 Jun 2016 #169
I don't know what you've been reading, but it sure wasn't Chomsky. Fuddnik Jun 2016 #337
I told you so. N/t Triana Jun 2016 #60
With respect to Mr. Chomsky... davidthegnome Jun 2016 #68
Yawn. stopbush Jun 2016 #78
THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS LINK!! ellennelle Jun 2016 #81
He is 100% correct. deathrind Jun 2016 #83
This is not the DU of the early 2000's, and that's a shame. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2016 #91
I could care less about what Chomsky says elljay Jun 2016 #94
Ab-so-fucking-lutely correct. nt JEB Jun 2016 #102
The Republican wing of the Democratic party. n/t brentspeak Jun 2016 #96
I think this proves that Chomsky et al are not interested in countering the fascism of the GOP. baldguy Jun 2016 #99
just, wow ellennelle Jun 2016 #118
Oh, please! Have a little acknowledgment of reality here. baldguy Jun 2016 #132
ellennelle's right, not only do you not get it, you're determined not to get it. You're Gene Debs Jun 2016 #242
When was the last time Chomsky criticized an acual Republican? baldguy Jun 2016 #258
What the hell does that have to do with anything!? How does that have any bearing whatsoever on Gene Debs Jun 2016 #260
There are GOP fascists on one side, and Democrats opposing them on the other. baldguy Jun 2016 #280
So I'll ask again. Is Chomsky's above statement wrong? Gene Debs Jun 2016 #283
Of course it is - because it's a lie. baldguy Jun 2016 #302
Oh, for fuck's sake. Now "Trump smiles." Welcome to my ignore list. Gene Debs Jun 2016 #305
You ignore the truth. baldguy Jun 2016 #308
ah, you cut to the chase ellennelle Jun 2016 #322
I believe that the GOP is uniquly evil. baldguy Jun 2016 #349
you are scary, sir ellennelle Jun 2016 #353
All I want to say is fuck you to the Chomsky critics on this DU thread......... Stainless Jun 2016 #100
I just find him incoherent and frivolous. Gomez163 Jun 2016 #106
omg. you people are beyond bizarre ellennelle Jun 2016 #107
No. I liked John Kenneth Galbraith. Chomsky is vapid and useless. Gomez163 Jun 2016 #114
you do realize ellennelle Jun 2016 #127
He's boring too Gomez163 Jun 2016 #129
ah! that's what i thought! ellennelle Jun 2016 #135
American democracy died 30 years ago. The Far Left Jun 2016 #151
thx for this reminder ellennelle Jun 2016 #187
It's true, but her supporters aren't willing to admit it openly. They are apparently NorthCarolina Jun 2016 #117
+1 Duval Jun 2016 #182
He's correct. Compared to FDR, LBJ, and President Carter we're closer to moderate repubs in craigmatic Jun 2016 #122
Exactly right muktiman Jun 2016 #123
Subs DemocraticSocialist8 Jun 2016 #128
Unfortunately, your suggestion doesn't even LWolf Jun 2016 #131
THANKS AGAIN, SO MUCH!! ellennelle Jun 2016 #133
Hearing what some people here have had to say about Chomsky passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #333
it doesnt fit Locrian Jun 2016 #350
What a crock of manure! yallerdawg Jun 2016 #140
To the right of Ronnie Reagan. gordianot Jun 2016 #144
Don't let the door... Gman Jun 2016 #145
http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=25838 stupidicus Jun 2016 #146
Ain't that the truth? seabeckind Jun 2016 #159
yep stupidicus Jun 2016 #177
Lots of moderate Republicans in denial in this thread. Odin2005 Jun 2016 #148
"Democratic Underground" will be renamed as "Democratic Establishment." immoderate Jun 2016 #153
I like RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #163
How about, Republican-Lite Establishment? immoderate Jun 2016 #167
Good thing we have Noam to decide which party we belong to. Otherwise, how would we know? L. Coyote Jun 2016 #154
I like that Chomsky managed to upset every "moderate" on the site. tenderfoot Jun 2016 #158
He certainly hit a nerve. CharlotteVale Jun 2016 #160
You get banned around here for pointing this out maindawg Jun 2016 #166
Party labels have become meaningless and should be treated with skepticism. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2016 #168
fantastic paine quote ellennelle Jun 2016 #225
That's what I've been saying. Vinca Jun 2016 #171
I have always had a great deal of respect for Noam Chomsky. Duval Jun 2016 #173
I don't know about that. How far do you think Bernie Sanders would have got ... dawg Jun 2016 #175
What a bag of bull shit. Loki Jun 2016 #205
The Dems better watch it - FairWinds Jun 2016 #209
"The Dems better watch it" A cautionary tale for November DJ13 Jun 2016 #336
I remember a guy who won on the cry: "It's the economy, stupid". seabeckind Jun 2016 #347
The American Conservative Union jamese777 Jun 2016 #210
this source is only partially helpful ellennelle Jun 2016 #215
If you look at the actual rankings jamese777 Jun 2016 #223
you apparently did not understand my point ellennelle Jun 2016 #228
I'll tell you how they get their "positions." RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #224
They aren't "positions" jamese777 Jun 2016 #227
ah; so who decides which of these are ellennelle Jun 2016 #229
The American CONSERVATIVE Union jamese777 Jun 2016 #254
ah. were it so simple as a vote ellennelle Jun 2016 #279
No they certainly are positions. RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #256
O.K. jamese777 Jun 2016 #261
Never thought I'd see the day geomon666 Jun 2016 #222
no kidding ellennelle Jun 2016 #230
...nor surprising who's doing it, though. cyberswede Jun 2016 #232
Yeah because moderate rethugs also.... MaggieD Jun 2016 #226
Marriage equality... MellowDem Jun 2016 #281
I'm a lesbian MaggieD Jun 2016 #294
Democratic leaders are moderate conservatives... MellowDem Jun 2016 #298
Again, false MaggieD Jun 2016 #299
You aren't reading my posts... MellowDem Jun 2016 #303
I have nothing to do with the DNC and DWS!!!! erlewyne Jun 2016 #239
with you on that one!! ellennelle Jun 2016 #271
So can anyone suggest any genuine progressive sites that are structured like DU but truly Gene Debs Jun 2016 #245
no, it took a dirty bunch of centrists to perfect the political discussion forum wyldwolf Jun 2016 #248
your quote there ellennelle Jun 2016 #275
He is EXACTLY RIGHT! cui bono Jun 2016 #252
Chomsky nails the usurpers from the Right JEB Jun 2016 #262
Chomsky the libertarian trots out this same simplistic slogan and gets the same genius treatment ucrdem Jun 2016 #287
just stunning ellennelle Jun 2016 #318
He's right of course. Let the revolution begin folks. Thank you Bernie for the wake up call. YOHABLO Jun 2016 #291
That's been true since Democrats bought into Reaganomics. nt Gore1FL Jun 2016 #306
Even President Obama says this. ZombieHorde Jun 2016 #307
The money elite has taken our government completely. azmom Jun 2016 #311
K&R.. disillusioned73 Jun 2016 #313
if dems want to keep ignoring rw radio while it kicks their ass certainot Jun 2016 #325
I have news for you. RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #352
i wish you were right certainot Jun 2016 #355
We see evidence of this right here on good old DU nikto Jun 2016 #332
yep, they are right up in our face and 99% of the time rabid Clinton partisans AntiBank Jun 2016 #334
yep G_j Jun 2016 #340
Chomsky must have read the call for uniting lockstep behind the chosen New Democrat Dear Leader. Ikonoklast Jun 2016 #351
Moderate is VERY misleading. It is corporatist, war hawk Republicans. Of course they like Skwmom Jun 2016 #354
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