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5. The same corporations killing the Gulf, are the ones attacking organic farms and food
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 04:49 PM
Jun 2016

The same GMO-fertilizer-pesticide-herbicide-fungicide chemical corporate conglomerates that are assassinating the Gulf of Mexico are backing a steady barrage of Internet attacks on clean, sustainable organic farms and clean, organic food.

So if you see some BS internet posting alleging that, for example, organic milk costs $8 or so for a half gallon, realize you are either being lied* to, or the poster is shopping at the Beverly Hills Diamond-Studded Caviar-Snack Donald Trump Convenience Store. They are just trying to kill off clean farms and clean food so they can continue to foul the Gulf of Mexico, and otherwise pollute the planet and the people so they can profit, profit, profit. It's Republican Ethics up the collective WAZOO.

This diabolic strategy is analogous to the US Chamber of Commerce and Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Utility Corporate Sugar Daddies attacking clean, solar power so they can continue to foul the planet and rake in the Big Bucks.

* (USDA National Retail Dairy Report for this week specifies that the national average price is $4.20 for a half gallon of organic milk https://www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/dybretail.pdf )

As if the BP spill and Corexit wasn't enough. Now this. Triana Jun 2016 #1
That should be quite a cocktail. lpbk2713 Jun 2016 #2
Sustainable organic agriculture is the answer to this problem Scientific Jun 2016 #3
The same corporations killing the Gulf, are the ones attacking organic farms and food Scientific Jun 2016 #5
the truth G_j Jun 2016 #7
And though it's an unpopular notion, the end of factory livestock industry Doremus Jun 2016 #17
K & R Quantess Jun 2016 #4
It's ironic the question this brings to mind: ReRe Jun 2016 #6
It's not that they hate you. They're neutral as far as your well being is concerned Volaris Jun 2016 #12
Dog-eat-dog captalism... ReRe Jun 2016 #13
Ayep that's about the short of it. Volaris Jun 2016 #14
Chemical Industrial GMO Conglomerates' ZOMBIE ZONE Scientific Jun 2016 #8
I want my meat Chuuku Davis Jun 2016 #9
Of course you can have your GMO-fed industrial meat. And the DEAD ZONE, too. Scientific Jun 2016 #10
Dead Zone, Inc. & Red Tide getting it on in our once-beautiful Gulf Scientific Jun 2016 #11
GMO-Industrial-Chemical Corporate farming yields vast quantities of Dead Shit: Eutrophication Scientific Jun 2016 #15
The Doers of this Death are the Same Corporate Creeps attacking clean, organic farms & food Scientific Jun 2016 #16
Apparently, GMOs are to blame despite... Lancero Jun 2016 #18
Biotechnology became commercialized in the early 70s. Rex Jun 2016 #19
Medical yes. But the first agricultural GMOs weren't introduced until the 80's... Lancero Jun 2016 #20
GMOs didn't start the problem, but they have perpetuated it Scientific Jun 2016 #23
Except it's, yet again, a demand problem. Lancero Jun 2016 #25
The Killing Fields: Industrial Agriculture, 400 Dead Zones & GMO Corn Scientific Jun 2016 #24
is it gmos that have been accused of causing this onethatcares Jun 2016 #21
"Industrial scale meat production" the cause, you say? flvegan Jun 2016 #22
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