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Rosa Luxemburg

(28,627 posts)
Sun Jun 19, 2016, 05:35 PM Jun 2016

We can't have healthcare for all yet we'll give $40 billion to Israel [View all]

Don't get me wrong I like the Israeli people but it has a rotten government. Here's the US government intending to give it $40 billion. We seem to be giving money away at the tax payers' expense.

PS I had posted this in the wrong forum
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Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #1
Many of us though Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #5
Bibi dissed the President of the United States so... 63splitwindow Jun 2016 #32
we are funding slow terrorism swhisper1 Jun 2016 #7
Then the Israelis, who've saved $40 billion on defense, are able to afford universal health care... Journeyman Jun 2016 #2
so Israelis can have universal healthcare and we can't? Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #10
As I say, quite the scam . . . Journeyman Jun 2016 #22
Pays for most safeinOhio Jun 2016 #34
In answer to your question, Rosa -- they almost get free higher education . . . Journeyman Jun 2016 #57
I recall when Nixon initialed an agreement that basically Bohunk68 Jun 2016 #58
we cant have healthcare for all which bernie wants because he gives billions to the MIC. lots of msongs Jun 2016 #3
Wait, you're trying to blame Bernie? Cassiopeia Jun 2016 #67
We have been giving money to both Israel and Egypt Raastan Jun 2016 #4
does it? Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #8
Really? Raastan Jun 2016 #11
it's ridiculous Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #12
Are you saying Israel would launch a first-strike nuclear attack? PaulaFarrell Jun 2016 #53
I certainly hope not Raastan Jun 2016 #85
Keeps the peace? SomethingFishy Jun 2016 #13
Peace between Israel and Egypt and other Arab nations Raastan Jun 2016 #15
Part of this "gift" Plucketeer Jun 2016 #42
??? What the H@$l are you talking about??? Raastan Jun 2016 #86
Yes, but this is an additional gift beyond the agreed annual amount in the Camp David Accords Scootaloo Jun 2016 #51
We're not actually giving them $40 billion in cash. House of Roberts Jun 2016 #6
$100 billion for the two? Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #9
The Saudis pay cash for their hardware. House of Roberts Jun 2016 #16
They want $50 billion now Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #21
Personally, I wouldn't give it to them, House of Roberts Jun 2016 #23
What are we getting in return? Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #26
Above the table, House of Roberts Jun 2016 #29
helping wage the battle against??? Saudis, Qatar, Bahrain, etc AntiBank Jun 2016 #69
Its in the State Department budget bhikkhu Jun 2016 #18
I have worked on F-16 boarding ladders, House of Roberts Jun 2016 #19
It varies but generally it's a line item in Commerce, oddly enough Recursion Jun 2016 #46
We will not know how much because of the Black Budget of the DOD. nt Bohunk68 Jun 2016 #59
Nah. House of Roberts Jun 2016 #60
Evidently you are not aware of what the Black Budget is, Bohunk68 Jun 2016 #61
I'm not saying a black budget doesn't exist, House of Roberts Jun 2016 #81
It makes you wonder if we stopped "giving" money for arms to them, along with others in the Ford_Prefect Jun 2016 #14
And, today in America, a DU member has to buy her students all of their schools supplies. Alex4Martinez Jun 2016 #17
I have to buy paper and ink for the printer as there is no money left Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #20
Thank you for caring. Alex4Martinez Jun 2016 #25
“Israel constitutes the largest US aircraft carrier" RealAmericanDem Jun 2016 #24
cannot be sunk? Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #27
Did Haig have anything to say about friendly fire from that aircraft carrier? A Simple Game Jun 2016 #33
Al Haig? Ahahahahahahahaha. Spider Jerusalem Jun 2016 #50
Everything in your post is wrong, but this is really laughable . . FairWinds Jun 2016 #71
Draconian cuts are in support funds to the personnel and to things not part of aquisition. haele Jun 2016 #73
I'm a vet, and agree with you here . . FairWinds Jun 2016 #79
To the average soldier or sailor trying to pay the bills and do their job, it's "draconian". haele Jun 2016 #83
Correct me if... zentrum Jun 2016 #28
That's pennies. Cassiopeia Jun 2016 #30
I don't think 1.6% of health care spending would fix healthcare's problems. Festivito Jun 2016 #31
Hmmm Scootaloo Jun 2016 #52
It would be nice to get an itemized accounting for this $40 B. jalan48 Jun 2016 #35
Health care in Israel is universal and participation in a medical insurance plan is compulsory. tabasco Jun 2016 #36
How many of our taxpayers does it take WHEN CRABS ROAR Jun 2016 #37
It's actually a minuscule amount of the budget oberliner Jun 2016 #39
The question remains. WHEN CRABS ROAR Jun 2016 #80
yes Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2016 #84
They use that money to buy US weapons oberliner Jun 2016 #38
Israel has Universal healthcare (NT) The Wizard Jun 2016 #40
51st state? elmac Jun 2016 #41
What they really are doing is giving the money to Israel so it can buy weapons from US Suppliers Sam_Fields Jun 2016 #43
They may have a rotten government... davidthegnome Jun 2016 #44
Yeah, it's a shitty situation raysefo439 Jun 2016 #45
Canada will spend $50 Billion in 2016 on total government program spending and interest on the Monk06 Jun 2016 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Jun 2016 #49
Even so the military aid going to other counties every year is more than the budgets of mediam sized Monk06 Jun 2016 #54
Kick sarcasmo Jun 2016 #48
The Federal Health care budget 2016 is 1.4428 Trillion. rrivers1 Jun 2016 #55
Welcome to DU RobertEarl Jun 2016 #56
Healthcare spending in the US was $3 TRILLION in 2014. hughee99 Jun 2016 #74
Funding Soxfan58 Jun 2016 #62
Only if you don't understanding the meaning of the word elljay Jun 2016 #64
Has genocide ever occurred in modern history, by that definition? Orrex Jun 2016 #76
Yes, attempted genocides elljay Jun 2016 #78
What percentage must be slain before it qualifies as "attempted genocide" in your view? Orrex Jun 2016 #82
It's not exactly giving away; it's in return for Israel buying American weapons and supporting LeftishBrit Jun 2016 #63
It's Expensive to run an Empire muktiman Jun 2016 #65
I totally agree blondie58 Jun 2016 #66
really sickening, IMHO Fast Walker 52 Jun 2016 #68
This is a tragedy considering with our tax dollars coming into their country they have midnight Jun 2016 #70
There's a lot more $ and power to be had from munitions than from healthcare. lark Jun 2016 #72
And now Israel is funding more housing to stop any talks on peace. I have some to believe rladdi Jun 2016 #75
If Isreal was a Muslim nation... Else You Are Mad Jun 2016 #77
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