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Sun Jul 24, 2016, 11:24 AM Jul 2016

Please rec if you are ready to move on from the wikileaks story [View all]

and to start getting pumped about our Democratic Convention.

An apology has been issued. Let's move on.

"I deeply regret that my insensitive, emotional emails would cause embarrassment to the DNC, the chairwoman, and all of the staffers who worked hard to make the primary a fair and open process," Marshall said. "The comments expressed do not reflect my beliefs nor do they reflect the beliefs of the DNC and its employees. I apologize to those I offended."

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Nice apology. Appropriate. The Primary is over. misterhighwasted Jul 2016 #1
Yesterday liberal N proud Jul 2016 #2
Non story ? humbled_opinion Jul 2016 #87
K&R! Let's not forget that the DNC and DWS preferred Hillary in 2008 - and Obama won. Why? BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #3
That's EXACTLY right! It is about the voters. People are still looking for a scapegoat AgadorSparticus Jul 2016 #7
Yup! sheshe2 Jul 2016 #8
The debate schedule matters Motown_Johnny Jul 2016 #19
Naw. With all the FREE publicity Sanders got, the debate schedule lost its importance. I know it's BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #34
If she were the better candidate Motown_Johnny Jul 2016 #77
She WAS the better candidate. She WON. Period. Move on already. BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #106
This message was self-deleted by its author Different Drummer Jul 2016 #176
I agree w/Motown_Johnny. n/t Different Drummer Jul 2016 #177
All OK now officially.. appalachiablue Jul 2016 #67
"Let's not forget that the DNC and DWS preferred Hillary in 2008 - and Obama won" Snotcicles Jul 2016 #31
It doesn't matter who was at the head of the DNC. Fact remains, the DNC overwhelmingly preferred BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #37
I kind of funny about fairness. I Snotcicles Jul 2016 #41
I kind of funny about people who attempt to skirt Rules on this site in order to BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #45
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #47
Oooh...so mature. BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #49
The threat of getting banned for here carries no weight with me whatsoever. nt Snotcicles Jul 2016 #54
Who threatened that? BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #56
LOL." kind of funny about people who attempt to skirt Rules on this site in order to continue to Snotcicles Jul 2016 #60
Whatever you want to call it, it was NO threat. But I'm certain you know that. Btw? It was a BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #64
so they cheated, manipulated and fudged on "impartiality" in 2008 but failed. uhnope Jul 2016 #144
Oh give it a rest already with the conspiracy theorizing. Unless and until you've got proof BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #148
wait what? Have you read any of the emails that show impartiality was compromised? uhnope Jul 2016 #149
Wait, what? Do you have proof that anything mentioned in e-mails between two staffers ever came to BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #151
you're totally wrong. The emails show the DNC discussing how to sabotage Sander's campaign. uhnope Jul 2016 #153
Now you're really grasping. Sabotage?? Bwaaaaahahahahahaha! Words in electronic letters between a BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #159
I always thought "Bwahaha" was a RW thing uhnope Jul 2016 #163
And you thought wrong (no surprise there!). To make matters worse, you accuse ME BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #166
oh, the Sanders-lost-so-none-of-this-matters argument uhnope Jul 2016 #167
Move on, uhnope. You lost. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #170
I've confronted many Putin shills & CTers on DU & you act & argue just like them. n/t uhnope Jul 2016 #171
Howard Dean was the DNC chair in 2008. I don't spooky3 Jul 2016 #50
I never said he wasn't. And I don't recall that the DNC showed any preference then BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #55
I think it's important to be precise about the facts. A spooky3 Jul 2016 #59
"So I'm in the camp of "let's move on." " I'm right there with you - and agree with your arguments BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #63
OMG! eom KPN Jul 2016 #91
I have just one question... Blue State Bandit Jul 2016 #114
And it will be needed to be answered by somebody else. BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #119
Inconvenient truths: Surya Gayatri Jul 2016 #125
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #65
We, the People, Are Cheated Too Urchin Jul 2016 #71
What? Someone tied you up so you couldn't vote? leftofcool Jul 2016 #134
Yes DeeDeeNY Jul 2016 #135
Everywhere these days Urchin Jul 2016 #168
no I wont. Cobalt Violet Jul 2016 #4
I agree. Party unity doesn't mean sweeping BS under the rug renate Jul 2016 #15
You are absolutely right, we can continue and support our candidates but some Jim Beard Jul 2016 #22
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #24
And you know this how? Gut feeling? Dislike of Hillary because of 25 yrs of Republican BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #39
My guess uis Hillary advised DWS The Wizard Jul 2016 #131
So your gut tells you SticksnStones Jul 2016 #145
+1,000 Gene Debs Jul 2016 #23
Does that include Sanders? Need I list the many infractions and illegalities of his campaign? KittyWampus Jul 2016 #27
They just won't let it go. eom BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #40
+1 - I would have preferred to downvote the "Please rec if you are ready to move on" erronis Jul 2016 #66
Yes it is time to move on. hrmjustin Jul 2016 #5
I want the Democratic Party to rid itself of the horrible, NON-Democratic people who caused this. Cooley Hurd Jul 2016 #6
This! newthinking Jul 2016 #16
I feel the same way. I started voting straight Democratic earlier but I didn't have the opportunity Jim Beard Jul 2016 #28
The media needs to get back to calling DURHAM D Jul 2016 #9
it's a substory to the Russia Owns Trump story eShirl Jul 2016 #10
We should be tired of "moving on" imho. nt retrowire Jul 2016 #11
Didn't you just write that Hillary should fuck herself and you will never vote for her? Squinch Jul 2016 #99
minds can be changed retrowire Jul 2016 #107
So you didn't mean it when you said you WERE voting for her, and now you are saying you didn't Squinch Jul 2016 #108
lol retrowire Jul 2016 #109
And before you said you WERE voting for her, didn't you also say then that you weren't voting Squinch Jul 2016 #110
Yep, we ended the primary fights long ago. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #12
What story? What happened? leftstreet Jul 2016 #13
I think it's that Bernie smeared a few Democrats nonstop and some people R B Garr Jul 2016 #14
What are you talking about? WIProgressive88 Jul 2016 #20
Sorry, mostly disagree. It was more civil and issue-based compared to the GOP side, R B Garr Jul 2016 #92
Oh I wouldn't argue that there was plenty of unnecessary divisiveness, I just think that it was WIProgressive88 Jul 2016 #100
Unrec Motown_Johnny Jul 2016 #17
Catty emails about how irritating Jeff Weaver can be = office gossip. emulatorloo Jul 2016 #30
Conspiring to help Hillary was corrupt. Motown_Johnny Jul 2016 #76
if one reads the emails minus the Assange spin, there's no evidence of "conspiracy" emulatorloo Jul 2016 #84
Great link! Thanks! bettyellen Jul 2016 #113
not all of us are reading the Wikileaks Tweets and so they don't affect our conclusion that uhnope Jul 2016 #154
Got proof of a conspiracy? nt joeybee12 Jul 2016 #104
nope, they don't.. bout the tenth post I've read asking for proof where none is given uponit7771 Jul 2016 #132
They need to go to free republic or jackine lunatics joeybee12 Jul 2016 #136
+1 harun Jul 2016 #156
Maybe if they just let DWS go. Lifelong Protester Jul 2016 #18
Yup, that's what Putin wants liberals to do -- argue obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #21
This such and obvious manipulation..don't take the bait Dream Girl Jul 2016 #25
Er... LWolf Jul 2016 #26
Couldn't care leas rjsquirrel Jul 2016 #29
I'll be ready to move on when the will of the people is satisfied. WhiteHat Jul 2016 #32
Yes the problems are serious and I think there are more where these came from. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #52
Sorry this is too important to ignore. It is about who Democrats are and how we do business. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #57
K&R LW1977 Jul 2016 #33
The manipulation of the press is the story here. mjvpi Jul 2016 #35
We can't afford to be distracted by quarrels and resentments; the consequences are too grim. CBHagman Jul 2016 #36
yeah, the candidate who ran on CU money is gonna give that up MisterP Jul 2016 #97
you have a large enough rug to sweep this under? CBGLuthier Jul 2016 #38
There's dust and there's permanent stains.. raindaddy Jul 2016 #53
Agree. The new voters aren't your parent's Democrats. erronis Jul 2016 #68
So well stated ^^^^^^^^ raindaddy Jul 2016 #73
I was ready yesterday ismnotwasm Jul 2016 #42
I was ready to move move on seconds after I saw this was from "wikileaks". George II Jul 2016 #43
+1 ismnotwasm Jul 2016 #44
+1 DawgHouse Jul 2016 #46
You said it! +1,000 NastyRiffraff Jul 2016 #89
Bingo. And the one little email about religion is what any political science R B Garr Jul 2016 #147
What is that suppose to mean? harun Jul 2016 #157
Foreign operatives are not "whistle blowers". George II Jul 2016 #160
"These aren't the droids we're looking for...move along..." yurbud Jul 2016 #48
Censure, Fire and Move On. Bad Thoughts Jul 2016 #51
I'll move on when Marshall gets fired Warpy Jul 2016 #58
Apologies are insufficient. Of course he regrets his actions ... KPN Jul 2016 #61
Now that DWS is gone it's time to move on. kestrel91316 Jul 2016 #62
I'm not moving on until you stop calling it "the wikileaks" story as per the New Democrats orders. bobthedrummer Jul 2016 #69
Wikileaks *is* involved ismnotwasm Jul 2016 #74
Reddit is more nuanced bobthedrummer Jul 2016 #81
Wikileaks may be owned by a piece of shit with poor ethics. PoliticalMalcontent Jul 2016 #70
It's still a handful of emails out of tens of thousands ismnotwasm Jul 2016 #78
Were those few emails doctored? PoliticalMalcontent Jul 2016 #85
Not Shocked At All By This Story Ccarmona Jul 2016 #72
I am shocked at how many people here think this wasn't going on. harun Jul 2016 #158
No. We can all agree this conduct must be prevented IN THE FUTURE. grahamhgreen Jul 2016 #75
The whining and concern trolling needs to fuck off realmirage Jul 2016 #79
Yep...and pronto. nt pkdu Jul 2016 #83
Thanks for your graciousness and understanding. :) PoliticalMalcontent Jul 2016 #86
How is DWS still head of the DNC? SHRED Jul 2016 #80
She's not! Stryst Jul 2016 #90
Move on? We just found out about this and it is still being revealed. aikoaiko Jul 2016 #82
A few snarky comments like we've all made in our professional and personal lives when Fla Dem Jul 2016 #88
It is a two week news cycle, like every other story year after year. Rex Jul 2016 #96
It would be such a class act zentrum Jul 2016 #93
I have always been ready for the convention randr Jul 2016 #94
Please promise it won't get worse. Scuba Jul 2016 #95
nope dembotoz Jul 2016 #98
In related news: Humans Now Have Shorter Attention Spans Than Goldfish. TalkingDog Jul 2016 #101
You mean the wikileaks that Putin commissioned to help Trump? Those wikileaks? Squinch Jul 2016 #102
I'll pay good money to see your proof. You don't have any. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2016 #122
What if I am not ready to move on warrprayer Jul 2016 #103
If you let it get talked out now it will disappear shortly. If you try to suppress it, Yo_Mama Jul 2016 #105
Definitely recommended, KMOD. It's the timing that bothers me most. calimary Jul 2016 #111
Nope. This needs to be properly investigated and ALL of the ratfuckers.... PoutrageFatigue Jul 2016 #112
Would you have moved on from Watergate after a few days? L. Coyote Jul 2016 #115
Not so fast wwwmovetoamend Jul 2016 #116
Aaaaand this thread illustrates how low DU has fallen recently. Arugula Latte Jul 2016 #117
I dunno about that, DU seems to like this thread too. Rex Jul 2016 #120
exactly.nt m-lekktor Jul 2016 #123
Or bullshit anecdotal statements taken as fact and 2143 ops based off of it. good try though uponit7771 Jul 2016 #133
What bullshit do you refer to? The poster's assertion is factual. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2016 #181
Fact not in dispute: There was no show of operational bias shown by the DNC before the lock up of uponit7771 Jul 2016 #182
You're attempting to answer a different question than the one I asked. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2016 #183
The premise of the one asked is irrelevant to the issue at hand uponit7771 Jul 2016 #185
Got it...we answer the questions we want to answer, not the ones actually being asked. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2016 #186
Sickening, we used to be better than this. Now it's just make up whatever harun Jul 2016 #172
I can't wait to hear more about the Russia part of the story. applegrove Jul 2016 #118
Natonal Security too! Iliyah Jul 2016 #127
Move on if you'd like. That's not what the rest of the world is doing. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2016 #121
The rest of the world does not give a shit about this story. RandySF Jul 2016 #129
You're wrong about that, bubble boy. Step outside the bubble and take a look. You'll be shocked. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2016 #155
Just the MSM does as they are reporting on it - on all 3 stations 1st thing this AM. nt jmg257 Jul 2016 #165
As our authoritarian wing so often says, DU is not representative of the country. Marr Jul 2016 #124
NO nt Raine Jul 2016 #126
Needs to be federally investigated as an act of foreign sabotage of a US presidential election.... Hekate Jul 2016 #128
I consider that a non-apology apology. David__77 Jul 2016 #130
Assange, Putin, and Snowden walked into a bar... Tarc Jul 2016 #137
When I came to DU 12 years ago, I didn't do it because it was a place where I could stick my head in Hissyspit Jul 2016 #138
K&R! DemonGoddess Jul 2016 #139
"I apologize to those I offended" is not an apology. It's an "apology". n/t yodermon Jul 2016 #140
Move on?? Highway61 Jul 2016 #141
Ethics and integrity don't matter as long as you repeat the mantra "I'm With Her". Matt_in_STL Jul 2016 #152
UNrec. This scandal goes to the heart of what's wrong with American democracy n/t uhnope Jul 2016 #142
I never put much stock in them. Starry Messenger Jul 2016 #143
from PUMA to PURN nt jtunes Jul 2016 #146
the DNC's best defense, is that Sanders was not a party member jtunes Jul 2016 #150
I think the relevant question may be bighart Jul 2016 #161
I'm not quite ready rocktivity Jul 2016 #162
I am ready for the Wikileaks story to lead the MSM to excplore the tblue37 Jul 2016 #164
There shouldn't have even been a fucking apology Blue_Tires Jul 2016 #169
Did you see Nancy Pelosi last night on MSNBC say the DNC gave Hillary B Calm Jul 2016 #173
I missed the part where politics is supposed to be "fair", but that's me... Blue_Tires Jul 2016 #174
I want Hillary to win but the DNC bias has to be addressed cally Jul 2016 #175
This ginned-up "scandal" is OVER mwrguy Jul 2016 #178
It depends. If you're talking about thucythucy Jul 2016 #179
I'm ready to move to Trump's role in this. backscatter712 Jul 2016 #180
you realize that julian assange is going to keep releasing stuff Calista241 Jul 2016 #184
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