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10. Ron Paul is a racist, homophobic asshole.
Wed Dec 28, 2011, 03:21 PM
Dec 2011

Not to mention a devotee of the sociopathic Ayn Rand and a complete douchebag in the bargain. He spews so much pure, unadulterated horse manure that, like a stopped clock, he is bound to say something intelligent once in a while as a pure matter of chance.

Peddle your papers elsewhere.

I hope you don't actually believe any of that shit. TheWraith Dec 2011 #1
Unrec. Why promote republicans here? FSogol Dec 2011 #2
Who's Promoting Paul? NashVegas Dec 2011 #17
It very carefully doesn't, but it does try to justify his views/followers (poorly) as reasonable. PeaceNikki Dec 2011 #19
Paul strikes a chord alright Cali_Democrat Dec 2011 #3
"the issue of our basic fucking democracy addressed and addressed now" arcane1 Dec 2011 #4
I second that question. What is Paul saying about "basic fucking democracy"? muriel_volestrangler Dec 2011 #23
Another Pro-Paul OP? MineralMan Dec 2011 #5
People who are tired of talking about women's rights, gay rights, minority rights...? peacebird Dec 2011 #6
A hearty unrec--and to quote EarlG, "Fuck Ron Paul." nt MADem Dec 2011 #7
Agreed. But not literally - he has spread his toxic DNA too far already LeftishBrit Dec 2011 #42
Sigh I have the same worries as well. But no one on the left seems willing to do what it will take Puregonzo1188 Dec 2011 #8
On One Hand NashVegas Dec 2011 #14
So why are DC Dems trying to shut it down? abelenkpe Dec 2011 #25
I'm not a DC Dem; I'm a Brit to the left of almost all Dems... LeftishBrit Dec 2011 #47
I don't recall Kucinich ever leading any of the polls in 2004 Hugabear Dec 2011 #9
Ron Paul is a racist, homophobic asshole. hifiguy Dec 2011 #10
ron paul was RIGHT... MarianJack Dec 2011 #11
Corporate rights over human rights is basic democracy? ZombieHorde Dec 2011 #12
Paul strikes a chord with the most selfish of our society. PeaceNikki Dec 2011 #13
aPaulogists! MarianJack Dec 2011 #15
But he strikes a chord with other people as well. People who should be (and are our allies). Puregonzo1188 Dec 2011 #32
I don't think they are ALL racists in the Montana Militia, I think some are deliberately ignorant. PeaceNikki Dec 2011 #36
I think you're confusing "hyperventilating" and "discussing". LanternWaste Dec 2011 #16
And They Are Wonderful, Glorious Wedge Issues NashVegas Dec 2011 #21
Ron Paul's constitutional claim is that fed Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid must be abolished muriel_volestrangler Dec 2011 #27
Still claiming you don't support him? UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2011 #39
It's surreal this far out from 2008. AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #49
Wow... Spazito Dec 2011 #18
WTF? Ohio Joe Dec 2011 #20
LIBERTY!* PeaceNikki Dec 2011 #22
You're really trying to compare Dean and Paul? Scootaloo Dec 2011 #24
Jesus Baldheaded Christ WilliamPitt Dec 2011 #26
To quote EarlG William769 Dec 2011 #28
Most Ron Paul supporters I've encountered Kermitt Gribble Dec 2011 #29
You're tired of talking about women, gay, and minority rights? frazzled Dec 2011 #30
If they are sick of talking about gay rights, they could just stop fighting them, it is they who Bluenorthwest Dec 2011 #31
bullshit OKNancy Dec 2011 #33
Sorry, No Sale. nt Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #34
The only people Paul strikes a chord with are the Birchers... Major Nikon Dec 2011 #35
Oh, jeez. Iggo Dec 2011 #37
I'm not freaking out over Ron Paul -- but I do not want to see his supporters on DU. moriah Dec 2011 #38
This is a Democratic website. JDPriestly Dec 2011 #40
How do you propose talking about "our basic fucking democracy" EFerrari Dec 2011 #41
bigotry and greed arely staircase Dec 2011 #52
Chomsky said it best: arely staircase Dec 2011 #43
.... spanone Dec 2011 #44
So women's rights, gay rights and minority rights aren't "basic fucking democracy"? marmar Dec 2011 #45
Poster Planted & Rotting. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2011 #46
By that, you mean... WilliamPitt Dec 2011 #48
Something very like that. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2011 #51
No, he's just pining for the fjords cthulu2016 Dec 2011 #53
EarlG put some goods on the table. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2011 #54
Basic fucking democracy? LeftishBrit Dec 2011 #50
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