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26. Jesus Baldheaded Christ
Wed Dec 28, 2011, 03:39 PM
Dec 2011

Anyone who deserts Obama for the likes of Ron Paul should come see me about a big red bridge I'm trying to sell in San Francisco. It'll collapse into the harbor in a few years due to the total lack of funding necessary for its upkeep, but in the meantime you can scrawl as many KKK slogans on it as will fit.

No, I will not support a man whose avowed purpose is the dismantling of the social safety net. I will not support a man who cloaks himself in bullshit Libertarianism while trying to pass laws that make women who choose abortion into first-degree murderers on the Federal level. I will not support a man who fears a UN one-world government. I will not support a man who thinks racism and homophobia are fine and dandy. I will work to stop these wars as I always have, but I am not going to burn down the fucking country in the process. Is that clear enough?

Paul supporters on my FB page have been making the argument that the country needs another "fruitcake" at the helm to "inspire the completion of the revolution." Nader preached that filthy gospel back in 2000. The only people who spout that nonsense are the ones who won't get hurt by it. I'm glad whoever believes that is so comfortable, but that arrogance is consigning millions into horror. "Maybe we need things to get worse," right? Fuck you. Sincerely, the millions whom such arrogance will be fucking over.

Ron Paul is a fake Libertarian bullshit artist who believes a one-world religious takeover of America will only be outpaced by a UN takeover. His economic theories are bullshit of the purest ray serene. He hates women, and in fact hates anyone who is not of his sexual orientation or skin tone. He can take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut in a gravel driveway; the only thing he is good for is playing merry havoc with the hopeless dipshits of the GOP base in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Oh, P.S., advocating for a Republican doesn't fly on DU. Never has, never will. Go peddle your papers somewhere else.

I hope you don't actually believe any of that shit. TheWraith Dec 2011 #1
Unrec. Why promote republicans here? FSogol Dec 2011 #2
Who's Promoting Paul? NashVegas Dec 2011 #17
It very carefully doesn't, but it does try to justify his views/followers (poorly) as reasonable. PeaceNikki Dec 2011 #19
Paul strikes a chord alright Cali_Democrat Dec 2011 #3
"the issue of our basic fucking democracy addressed and addressed now" arcane1 Dec 2011 #4
I second that question. What is Paul saying about "basic fucking democracy"? muriel_volestrangler Dec 2011 #23
Another Pro-Paul OP? MineralMan Dec 2011 #5
People who are tired of talking about women's rights, gay rights, minority rights...? peacebird Dec 2011 #6
A hearty unrec--and to quote EarlG, "Fuck Ron Paul." nt MADem Dec 2011 #7
Agreed. But not literally - he has spread his toxic DNA too far already LeftishBrit Dec 2011 #42
Sigh I have the same worries as well. But no one on the left seems willing to do what it will take Puregonzo1188 Dec 2011 #8
On One Hand NashVegas Dec 2011 #14
So why are DC Dems trying to shut it down? abelenkpe Dec 2011 #25
I'm not a DC Dem; I'm a Brit to the left of almost all Dems... LeftishBrit Dec 2011 #47
I don't recall Kucinich ever leading any of the polls in 2004 Hugabear Dec 2011 #9
Ron Paul is a racist, homophobic asshole. hifiguy Dec 2011 #10
ron paul was RIGHT... MarianJack Dec 2011 #11
Corporate rights over human rights is basic democracy? ZombieHorde Dec 2011 #12
Paul strikes a chord with the most selfish of our society. PeaceNikki Dec 2011 #13
aPaulogists! MarianJack Dec 2011 #15
But he strikes a chord with other people as well. People who should be (and are our allies). Puregonzo1188 Dec 2011 #32
I don't think they are ALL racists in the Montana Militia, I think some are deliberately ignorant. PeaceNikki Dec 2011 #36
I think you're confusing "hyperventilating" and "discussing". LanternWaste Dec 2011 #16
And They Are Wonderful, Glorious Wedge Issues NashVegas Dec 2011 #21
Ron Paul's constitutional claim is that fed Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid must be abolished muriel_volestrangler Dec 2011 #27
Still claiming you don't support him? UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2011 #39
It's surreal this far out from 2008. AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #49
Wow... Spazito Dec 2011 #18
WTF? Ohio Joe Dec 2011 #20
LIBERTY!* PeaceNikki Dec 2011 #22
You're really trying to compare Dean and Paul? Scootaloo Dec 2011 #24
Jesus Baldheaded Christ WilliamPitt Dec 2011 #26
To quote EarlG William769 Dec 2011 #28
Most Ron Paul supporters I've encountered Kermitt Gribble Dec 2011 #29
You're tired of talking about women, gay, and minority rights? frazzled Dec 2011 #30
If they are sick of talking about gay rights, they could just stop fighting them, it is they who Bluenorthwest Dec 2011 #31
bullshit OKNancy Dec 2011 #33
Sorry, No Sale. nt Old and In the Way Dec 2011 #34
The only people Paul strikes a chord with are the Birchers... Major Nikon Dec 2011 #35
Oh, jeez. Iggo Dec 2011 #37
I'm not freaking out over Ron Paul -- but I do not want to see his supporters on DU. moriah Dec 2011 #38
This is a Democratic website. JDPriestly Dec 2011 #40
How do you propose talking about "our basic fucking democracy" EFerrari Dec 2011 #41
bigotry and greed arely staircase Dec 2011 #52
Chomsky said it best: arely staircase Dec 2011 #43
.... spanone Dec 2011 #44
So women's rights, gay rights and minority rights aren't "basic fucking democracy"? marmar Dec 2011 #45
Poster Planted & Rotting. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2011 #46
By that, you mean... WilliamPitt Dec 2011 #48
Something very like that. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2011 #51
No, he's just pining for the fjords cthulu2016 Dec 2011 #53
EarlG put some goods on the table. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2011 #54
Basic fucking democracy? LeftishBrit Dec 2011 #50
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