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Wed Aug 10, 2016, 02:49 PM Aug 2016

Anyone else noticed that without Senator Sanders, discussion of issues has all but disappeared? [View all]

I'd love to see more posts about Hillary's plan to lower Medicare age to 55, and give us a public option, than outrage about dumbf*ck Don's constant idiotic remarks....

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Now that you mention it, my dear grahamhgreen... CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2016 #1
So talk issues. Or just listen to Hillary's speeches on many issues. Hortensis Aug 2016 #28
She's out discussing issues EVERY DAY. Sad that some who appear to be interested miss those talks. George II Aug 2016 #44
Umhm. It's 100% our own choice to miss or focus on issues. Hortensis Aug 2016 #46
That's my point. If people aren't aware of the focus on issues, they don't want to be. George II Aug 2016 #47
Oh, mine too, George. :) Hortensis Aug 2016 #49
So here is the problem of an ebarrassment of riches: she has such detailed plans and policy Squinch Aug 2016 #182
Sad for sure, Squinch. The TV news does very little discussion Hortensis Aug 2016 #200
Excellent post lillypaddle Aug 2016 #134
Graham, how about HRC's $275 B plan for new roads Hortensis Aug 2016 #48
You mean the Infrastructure bank plan Poincare Aug 2016 #76
No, that's not what I mean. People who go to college Hortensis Aug 2016 #78
No President has saidsimplesimon Aug 2016 #168
Too true to a large degree. Without presidential leadership, Hortensis Aug 2016 #171
Well, my dear Califirnia Peggy... R. Daneel Olivaw Aug 2016 #95
and what is your contribution to this discussion? KMOD Aug 2016 #103
My contribution is astute observation. R. Daneel Olivaw Aug 2016 #110
Not on ideas or events, however. Hortensis Aug 2016 #138
You think so? I don't. Squinch Aug 2016 #197
Eleanor is a woman saidsimplesimon Aug 2016 #169
I crave serious discussion about what to do about ISIL Vattel Aug 2016 #2
Honest question.... stevil Aug 2016 #79
Only an ill-informed opinion that Obama's approach is roughly the correct one. Vattel Aug 2016 #107
Agree stevil Aug 2016 #115
Well... Gaytheist212 Aug 2016 #142
Thanks for the post of the month in terms of serious discussion. Vattel Aug 2016 #172
I agree about the Kurds. Vattel Aug 2016 #173
The truth is there is very little we can do. Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #181
Dicussion of anything other than Trump's latest comments inwiththenew Aug 2016 #3
In the news? I totally agree. Bob Buttons Aug 2016 #75
I'm confused. How serious a problem is this? I mean, really.... Moonwalk Aug 2016 #164
Actually, no. madamesilverspurs Aug 2016 #4
Hillary talks about issues everyday! Trump and the media do not. Laurian Aug 2016 #5
Well, today in Iowa she was talking about . . . gratuitous Aug 2016 #8
But it wasn't out of BS's mouth, so our friend graham didn't hear it. Squinch Aug 2016 #183
^^^THIS^^^ Auggie Aug 2016 #150
What is the correlation with Sanders you're referring to? procon Aug 2016 #6
What needs to be discussed? stopbush Aug 2016 #7
Thanks for that dose of reality. As you said, the Dems spent FOUR days "discussing" the issues. nt Tarheel_Dem Aug 2016 #15
The 'platform', a stepping-stone, gets jettisoned, Ghost Dog Aug 2016 #85
Sounds like you assume it's jettisoned already, Ghost Dog. Hortensis Aug 2016 #98
Vital issues. Ghost Dog Aug 2016 #102
Reality is that almost always politicians can Hortensis Aug 2016 #105
I have no idea what you're talking about? Tarheel_Dem Aug 2016 #104
Thank you, Miss Cleo. How much do I owe you? emulatorloo Aug 2016 #149
Has the legislation been written, sponsored, or introduced for loweringg the Medicare age? grahamhgreen Aug 2016 #16
of course not, the legislature is not in session at the moment Johnyawl Aug 2016 #17
Cmon, wouldn't take more than a day... grahamhgreen Aug 2016 #84
Call up Ryan and McConnell and tell them that. Johnyawl Aug 2016 #101
she sponsored it in 2001 KMOD Aug 2016 #21
Allows buy in at 62. But this is great! Will show it around. Would love to have updated version. grahamhgreen Aug 2016 #87
Hillary HAS committed to lowering the Medicare age Hortensis Aug 2016 #83
Absolutely! The link above is very good! grahamhgreen Aug 2016 #89
Bernie's plan was called "Medicare for All," and Hortensis Aug 2016 #99
And, quite frankly skepticscott Aug 2016 #22
Yes, I don't understand why more people don't understand that dynamic. Fla Dem Aug 2016 #116
anyone else notice that Senator Sanders HIMSELF has "all but disappeared" nt msongs Aug 2016 #9
Now that you mention it ... NurseJackie Aug 2016 #32
Is he pulling a "Clean Gene" act? Jakes Progress Aug 2016 #59
He's buying his $600,000 house; can't be too focused on issues right now. Liberal_Stalwart71 Aug 2016 #151
I see your point but Trump's lunacy would still prevail in the news eleny Aug 2016 #10
Some have borrowed her platform & some have called for her murder. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #11
Be careful! This could be construed as bashing a democrat and will be deleted. n/t Pryderi Aug 2016 #12
You poor dear. Squinch Aug 2016 #184
It's hard to stick to the issues when one candidate eissa Aug 2016 #13
If it's really true that you want to actually hear what the candidate is saying, you certainly..... Tarheel_Dem Aug 2016 #14
Also, Hillary's policy positions and plans have been available to the public for the better Squinch Aug 2016 #185
"This crediting Sanders for everything is obnoxious and dumb." Tarheel_Dem Aug 2016 #202
False Premise. With Sanders, Media Focused on the Math TomCADem Aug 2016 #18
Is there a link to that speech? I'll definitely Rec anything with policy positions, thanks! grahamhgreen Aug 2016 #90
Here is a link to all her speeches - updated daily ehrnst Aug 2016 #133
Why don't you start a thread on that speech, since you want to discuss policy? Squinch Aug 2016 #186
And the powers that be win again rufus dog Aug 2016 #19
I'm confused. Are you saying that the focus here on Trump rather than issues... Moonwalk Aug 2016 #53
I think the media is always looking for the diversion rufus dog Aug 2016 #67
I don't disagree that it's destructive, but let's be real here... Moonwalk Aug 2016 #100
So you want to focus on the issues at hand, but your post is about someone who isn't even Squinch Aug 2016 #187
Hillary has been fighting to reduce the medicare age to 55 KMOD Aug 2016 #20
Well... Trump seems to be discussing them! I hope Hillary is taking notice. That's the FighttheFuture Aug 2016 #23
Trump talks about issues? Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2016 #135
I know its hard to believe, but he does occasionally hit on things like free-trade, NAFTA, etc. that FighttheFuture Aug 2016 #144
That's very concerning. You should be concerned about that for us. Squinch Aug 2016 #198
I am. You should be as well. Don't be a typical lazy ignorant voter that exist om all sides. FighttheFuture Aug 2016 #203
You shouldn't lecture people you know nothing about on subjects you know nothing about. Squinch Aug 2016 #204
Just as you shouldn't dismiss legitimate concerns in such a sarcastic manner from people you FighttheFuture Aug 2016 #205
When I see legitimate concerns, I don't dismiss them. Squinch Aug 2016 #206
So you are saying that "free-trade"--Trade agreements as Treaties and all that goes with it, FighttheFuture Aug 2016 #207
My, my. What a big straw man you built for yourself there! Squinch Aug 2016 #208
Only in your mind. FighttheFuture Aug 2016 #209
August is all about the drama Blue_Adept Aug 2016 #24
When ur Cryptoad Aug 2016 #25
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #26
Hillary has been running solely on issues. KMOD Aug 2016 #29
Uhm, if you say so. cleanhippie Aug 2016 #30
I like smilies, too KMOD Aug 2016 #34
Are you really interested? She's been speaking on issues all along. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #40
I also say so. Hillary's a notorious policy wonk Hortensis Aug 2016 #51
This is exactly why I've always liked her. xmas74 Aug 2016 #174
Me too, 100%. Despite the criticism some are trying to make stick, Hortensis Aug 2016 #175
I like being bored, just a bit, xmas74 Aug 2016 #178
Yes. She gave a talk at Stanford about counterterrorism Hortensis Aug 2016 #179
Uhm, if you actually listened to the candidate. Jakes Progress Aug 2016 #61
Yeah, to those who don't hate her to the point of not paying a bit of attention you can see she's... uponit7771 Aug 2016 #111
Issues are secondary ......stop trump is primary.... beachbumbob Aug 2016 #27
So why not post an OP about issues? cwydro Aug 2016 #31
I was wondering the same thing Andy823 Aug 2016 #65
True dat. cwydro Aug 2016 #81
Those pesky others! Squinch Aug 2016 #189
That's why I included the Medicare thing. Opting in at 55, and providing a public option are huge! grahamhgreen Aug 2016 #92
That's your policy discussion? Squinch Aug 2016 #190
Because the real motive behind this call for "discussion of the issues" was to push for Squinch Aug 2016 #188
The media loves the Trump slow motion train wreck for higher ratings than issues. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2016 #33
If you don't think Clinton is discussing issues you aren't watching/reading the same news others are George II Aug 2016 #35
Exactly. DawgHouse Aug 2016 #42
+1 uponit7771 Aug 2016 #112
No, I noticed no such thing DFW Aug 2016 #36
That the media prefers to focus on Trump's dumbfuckery TacoD Aug 2016 #37
That train left a LONG TIME AGO davidn3600 Aug 2016 #38
I, and millions of others are voting KMOD Aug 2016 #43
I will also be voting with great satisfaction FOR Hillary, FOR progress. Bongo Prophet Aug 2016 #80
Indeed. KMOD Aug 2016 #82
100% WRONG. For millions it's ALL about issues. Hortensis Aug 2016 #74
Nope. Squinch Aug 2016 #191
No, it's exactly the same as when Sanders was in the race, issues-wise oberliner Aug 2016 #39
No, 45 talks about issues all the time. DawgHouse Aug 2016 #41
I see what you did there! ;) Liberal_Stalwart71 Aug 2016 #152
Heh heh Squinch Aug 2016 #192
I see a lot fewer "Hillary's gonna get indicted" threads. JoePhilly Aug 2016 #45
Amen Grassy Knoll Aug 2016 #57
Well there does remain a...miasma...of "concern" ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #64
Yea ... but most of those are pretty weak and transparent. JoePhilly Aug 2016 #68
Me too ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #69
Its nice to have DU supporting Democrats again. JoePhilly Aug 2016 #71
So true ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #162
Thank god. No way Washington will indict Clinton. Last time I saw Christie and Hillary, grahamhgreen Aug 2016 #93
How are those two facts related? Is that you talking about issues? Squinch Aug 2016 #193
That and "Just you wait until CA!!11" Starry Messenger Aug 2016 #109
+1 uponit7771 Aug 2016 #114
No. Just less flame fests. And I don't miss that shit. SunSeeker Aug 2016 #50
So many issues discussed in this thread alone... think Aug 2016 #52
Without the primary, I see a lot less arguing and much more discussion on DU. MichiganVote Aug 2016 #54
It takes at least two to have a conversation. alfredo Aug 2016 #55
No etherealtruth Aug 2016 #56
As those of us familiar with Warhammer and Eldrad of Ulthwe like to say... Shandris Aug 2016 #58
Churn, churn, churn. Jakes Progress Aug 2016 #60
Now now, there have been plenty of posts about the important issue of BS buying a new vacation home CBGLuthier Aug 2016 #62
No. ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #63
Issue threads sink like a rock. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #66
Lots of education issues addressed. Thanks, NCtraveler. Hortensis Aug 2016 #88
OMG. 3 recs. We can do better, surely. grahamhgreen Aug 2016 #97
Talking issues right now GulfCoast66 Aug 2016 #70
A Trump noise problem not a Sanders or Hillary problem... in the media NotHardly Aug 2016 #72
Issues here? No. GD16 has rarely discussed issues. nt riderinthestorm Aug 2016 #73
I second that motion but we may as well hold our breath. nt Doremus Aug 2016 #77
I believe this post is about DU, not the media. That Guy 888 Aug 2016 #86
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #91
Just hoping this will lead to more policy posts.... grahamhgreen Aug 2016 #94
Ain't gonna happen. R. Daneel Olivaw Aug 2016 #96
Well, that explains ornotna Aug 2016 #108
One not need to go off their own lake R. Daneel Olivaw Aug 2016 #113
So very, very true. ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #163
. Squinch Aug 2016 #194
As expected. nt LWolf Aug 2016 #106
Lol. No, I haven't noticed such things but given that Donald trump La Lioness Priyanka Aug 2016 #117
Nope. johnp3907 Aug 2016 #118
We have regressed into the Batshit Crazy vs. Emails portion of the election season. Vinca Aug 2016 #119
Yes. CentralMass Aug 2016 #120
No. betsuni Aug 2016 #121
No. Loki Aug 2016 #122
What do you think they speak about on the campaign stops and town halls? IronLionZion Aug 2016 #123
No. But maybe it feels that way to some because the main "issue" was R B Garr Aug 2016 #124
It's hard to talk issues when there's a clown on stage lighting his farts on fire & smearing poop on Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #125
There is only ONE issue now lapfog_1 Aug 2016 #126
When the nazis are kicking down your door workinclasszero Aug 2016 #127
https://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/ <- yes, 'issues' detail seem to be missing from this link Sunlei Aug 2016 #128
It's still there. Click on "Health" TwilightZone Aug 2016 #132
Thanks, when I click the word 'issues' on the website, no detail of issues shows anymore Sunlei Aug 2016 #137
"Issues" just takes one to the main issues page. TwilightZone Aug 2016 #139
Thanks, the top menu link issues- https://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/ Sunlei Aug 2016 #143
It's Hillary's fault that the Corporate Media Liberal_Stalwart71 Aug 2016 #129
Nope. What I noticed is detailed policy speeches by Clinton being overshadowed by the latest... Nitram Aug 2016 #130
No 66 dmhlt Aug 2016 #131
Are you saying that there is no discussion here on Hillary's issues? ehrnst Aug 2016 #136
Anyone can bring up issues in an original post. MineralMan Aug 2016 #140
Yes. It's very odd, isn't it? If he wanted to discuss issues, why does't he discuss issues? Squinch Aug 2016 #201
Absolutely have. zentrum Aug 2016 #141
What does that even mean? I guess you haven't watched any of HRC's speeches, lately? MADem Aug 2016 #145
It means "all DU'ers are stupid low information voters except fo me" emulatorloo Aug 2016 #147
Mmmm hmmm! nt MADem Aug 2016 #148
Exactly! Also: "YOU PEOPLE never talk about important issues! To show how bad that is, I'll talk Squinch Aug 2016 #195
+1. Agreed, and "thinly-veiled" is being kind. R B Garr Aug 2016 #155
HRC just NOW gave a wonderful speech where she talked about increasing wages MADem Aug 2016 #166
No. But thanks for stirring the pot. emulatorloo Aug 2016 #146
+1, I wonder if I started a thread entitled, "Isn't it great Bernie Sanders is gone R B Garr Aug 2016 #154
Very good question. Squinch Aug 2016 #196
It would be like fireworks: a brief, beautiful burst of light, then nothing. betsuni Aug 2016 #199
The primaries are over. nt Lisa0825 Aug 2016 #153
I've noticed fewer posts linking to HA Goodman. (That's good, right?) NurseJackie Aug 2016 #156
Is this an OP to bring up a false narritive? Almost everyday there is posts here linking still_one Aug 2016 #157
Definitely noticeable. egduj Aug 2016 #158
I already know where Hillary stands on the issues. Gamecock Lefty Aug 2016 #159
She is giving a major economic speech today, which will include tuition free college, et. I wonder still_one Aug 2016 #161
No. sheshe2 Aug 2016 #160
We don't need anything to divide the HRC and BS primary supporters obamanut2012 Aug 2016 #165
The media coverage is shaped by the nature of the contest they're covering. Jim Lane Aug 2016 #167
Well, Trump's idiocy has sucked all the air out of the room. alarimer Aug 2016 #170
No. WhiteTara Aug 2016 #176
It's getting pretty bad. This morning I had a post hidden for asking questions. B Calm Aug 2016 #177
NO I didn't. Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #180
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