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Tue Aug 30, 2016, 09:18 AM Aug 2016

Enough of the Gene is with Gilda [View all]

He was an atheist and did not think he was "going to be with Gilda". He was also remarried for 25 years and she saw him through his illness. He was married to Gilda for 5. it is very disrespectful to his widow to say he is with Gilda now.
The illusion by the public that Star marriages are special and more important is inane. I am sure he had a loving marriage with Gilda, but also with Karen. Enough with the fantasies.

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Are you speaking for him? MadDAsHell Aug 2016 #1
... Major Nikon Aug 2016 #4
I am stealing that. nt awoke_in_2003 Aug 2016 #12
Not if I steal it first Bucky Aug 2016 #40
I think we should all steal that tymorial Aug 2016 #152
He was remarried. Please respect his widow Karen AllyCat Aug 2016 #28
No need to awoke_in_2003 Aug 2016 #88
I think he's asking US to stop speaking for him (??) nt King_Klonopin Aug 2016 #135
Exactly. If he's dead and not in the afterlife, why are we worried about protecting his feelings? MadDAsHell Aug 2016 #139
Those posters are actually worried about THEIR feelings whathehell Aug 2016 #149
Yeah, that makes sense... Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #184
"Iilliterate"? Lol..Try some remedial reading, bro whathehell Sep 2016 #187
OH SNAP. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #196
Lol..How old are you, ten? whathehell Sep 2016 #199
Yes, I am ten. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #202
Thanks for the confirmation.. whathehell Sep 2016 #208
Yeah I have been thinking that every time I read-Now he is with Gilda. He has been married Person 2713 Aug 2016 #2
he is not with anyone Skittles Aug 2016 #49
yup blm Aug 2016 #52
My guess is that he wouldn't have minded the sentiment ("Gene is with Gilda"): jonno99 Aug 2016 #3
There is no afterlife madokie Aug 2016 #5
How can you believe in reincarnation and be an Atheist? B2G Aug 2016 #8
Why doesn't it? madokie Aug 2016 #13
Lol pipoman Aug 2016 #14
You state there is no afterlife B2G Aug 2016 #16
Assuming both an afterlife and reincarnation exist ToxMarz Aug 2016 #19
Logic will only spoil their fun madokie Aug 2016 #65
In other words: Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #186
Atheism is the lack of belief in gods. That's it, nothing more. cleanhippie Aug 2016 #32
Reincarnation IS a belief, however.. whathehell Aug 2016 #131
True, but I fail to see your point. cleanhippie Aug 2016 #134
Seems simple to me.. whathehell Aug 2016 #141
Not believing in supreme being is not incompatible with belief in an existence beyond death.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2016 #18
The poster flat out stated there is no afterlife B2G Aug 2016 #21
Depends upon the definition of "afterlife".... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2016 #23
Says who? Why need there be an afterlife to have reincarnation? cleanhippie Aug 2016 #33
Afterlife is existence after death B2G Aug 2016 #43
Not required at all... N_E_1 for Tennis Aug 2016 #48
Insect!? lordsummerisle Aug 2016 #136
No. It's not. cleanhippie Aug 2016 #69
Really? You get to decide how the universe works? Cool. Thor_MN Aug 2016 #125
Why not? Atheists do it here all the time. nt B2G Aug 2016 #159
Sorry, I forgot to use the right language... Thor_MN Aug 2016 #160
GEEZ! AlbertCat Aug 2016 #162
re: "With no afterlife, there can be no reincarnation. " thesquanderer Sep 2016 #266
I can answer this. it's how I came to Buddhism. Exilednight Aug 2016 #57
Excellent response. TY. dgibby Aug 2016 #100
I have a similarly interesting story Orrex Sep 2016 #206
Wondering about and believing in are two different things GreenEyedLefty Aug 2016 #99
Wow a lot of questions about your statement LakeArenal Aug 2016 #44
Will do madokie Aug 2016 #76
See what you've done? Gone and started an atheist food fight! Maru Kitteh Aug 2016 #58
This. nt B2G Aug 2016 #62
Nice straw man you've got there. Need any help attacking it? cleanhippie Aug 2016 #70
It's all much too amusing to interfere with. Do carry on. Maru Kitteh Aug 2016 #84
Evangelical atheist? Lol. You do love a good straw man, don't you! cleanhippie Aug 2016 #85
+1000000! SammyWinstonJack Aug 2016 #118
not as much fun as theists defending a concept they can't even be bothered to define Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #113
Agreed! Equally fun! Hence the (n). Maru Kitteh Aug 2016 #115
So true.. whathehell Aug 2016 #142
It always cracks me up.... AlbertCat Aug 2016 #163
Good thing there are no actual armaments on DU! Maru Kitteh Aug 2016 #169
I remember back before my eyes could focus so what is that, within days of birth. AlbertCat Aug 2016 #87
Hey Albert madokie Aug 2016 #112
I could care less what you believe or think. AlbertCat Aug 2016 #161
You don't have a clue Albert madokie Aug 2016 #164
do a little research AlbertCat Aug 2016 #167
I'm done with you madokie Aug 2016 #168
I'm done with you AlbertCat Aug 2016 #170
I know you think you know. Act_of_Reparation Aug 2016 #174
Yeah, and I have a friend who swears she can feel the Earth's rotation Orrex Sep 2016 #203
Sorry Orrex madokie Sep 2016 #205
Well, I won't call you a liar, but I will tell you that you're wrong Orrex Sep 2016 #207
If you'll do some research madokie Sep 2016 #228
I don't believe you, and it's no pox on me. Orrex Sep 2016 #233
Why is this such a big thing to you madokie Sep 2016 #234
Wait, let me guess: Orrex Sep 2016 #241
I never said I remembered the date of my birth madokie Sep 2016 #242
No, you don't Orrex Sep 2016 #243
You're not being fair to madokie. You are asking him to prove a subjective experience. AgadorSparticus Sep 2016 #261
He is making an extraordinary claim with no supporting evidence Orrex Sep 2016 #264
Says you. whathehell Aug 2016 #127
Prove me wrong madokie Aug 2016 #128
I don't have to.. whathehell Aug 2016 #132
Okay, since you have died you must know! whistler162 Aug 2016 #129
I think I just smell that way madokie Aug 2016 #130
This is Democratic Underground....Gene's wife isn't here... pipoman Aug 2016 #6
It is an interesting double standard. trotsky Aug 2016 #7
Nah, people like to think what they say matters and is important.... pipoman Aug 2016 #9
Thank you. whathehell Aug 2016 #143
Yes. nt jonno99 Aug 2016 #10
I saw those memes on FB Dorian Gray Aug 2016 #150
Dave's not, either. nt awoke_in_2003 Aug 2016 #17
No man, I'm Dave...man. SammyWinstonJack Aug 2016 #120
Glad someone got it. nt awoke_in_2003 Aug 2016 #121
You got the stuff? Maynar Aug 2016 #140
I don't feel like you earned that "Lighten up, Francis" Bucky Aug 2016 #42
LOL.... pipoman Aug 2016 #109
Exactly... nt Raine Aug 2016 #137
Someone appointed you the boss of DU? cwydro Aug 2016 #11
I don't feel like you earned that rofl icon Bucky Aug 2016 #39
Please, y'all, take this nonsense off to the Religion forum. n/t Stonepounder Aug 2016 #15
Please, y'all, take this nonsense off to the Religion forum. AlbertCat Aug 2016 #165
Only if the edhopper Aug 2016 #172
It can be frustrating when an individual applies a gracious sentiment LanternWaste Aug 2016 #20
May I suggest they didn't know Gene had remarried TexasBushwhacker Aug 2016 #22
^^This^^ Amaril Aug 2016 #64
Romanticizing their relationship TexasBushwhacker Aug 2016 #66
Nothing wrong with that.. whathehell Aug 2016 #155
He also is with George Washington, Napoleon, and billions of others who have come and gone still_one Aug 2016 #24
Oh my god... Gene Wilder is with HITLER now!!! Bucky Aug 2016 #38
LOL still_one Aug 2016 #97
heh Dorian Gray Aug 2016 #151
Yes, and Jefferson Davis too True Dough Aug 2016 #80
and don't forget Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn and Harvey Kormen. They made a still_one Aug 2016 #98
"Gene is with Gilda" meme notKeith Aug 2016 #25
Wow. You're fun. nt Tommy_Carcetti Aug 2016 #26
+1 narnian60 Aug 2016 #29
Since when is talking about a person's death fun? amuse bouche Aug 2016 #75
You are arguing that he isn't with her in memory, in history, in romance, in pop culture? cbdo2007 Aug 2016 #27
I don't think you know what "star crossed romance" means. Bucky Aug 2016 #36
Enough of your Enough! WillowTree Aug 2016 #30
Yes, they are not more important, BUT, they are more public. As such, people share in their grief FighttheFuture Aug 2016 #31
YES PLEASE STOP! usaf-vet Aug 2016 #34
Um, if you don't like it, you can always just ignore it.. whathehell Aug 2016 #146
Right. He's with Madeline Kahn now. Bucky Aug 2016 #35
He's also with Peter Boyle. geardaddy Aug 2016 #37
So many Seers,,,,,,,,, Cryptoad Aug 2016 #41
So many commas. . . nt Codeine Aug 2016 #126
This is being said all over the media and social media yeoman6987 Aug 2016 #45
I don't think anyone had ill intentions by saying it. hamsterjill Aug 2016 #46
I agree. Third Doctor Aug 2016 #51
Even more zipplewrath Aug 2016 #55
But Then He Still Wouldn't Be with Gilda chrisau214 Aug 2016 #56
My mother buried my father next to his first wife, dgibby Aug 2016 #106
It's entirely appropriate to condemn the sentiment Orrex Aug 2016 #59
I don't find it disrespectful. hamsterjill Aug 2016 #60
Are you a religious or spiritual person? Orrex Aug 2016 #61
Yes. hamsterjill Aug 2016 #79
Then I don't think you understand why it's disrespectful Orrex Aug 2016 #86
You don't know what I understand and what I do not understand. hamsterjill Aug 2016 #91
You have shown clearly that you don't understand Orrex Aug 2016 #93
I understand just fine, thank you very much. hamsterjill Aug 2016 #103
The exchange so far has been a waste of time, but I'm very patient Orrex Aug 2016 #108
Yes, you responding with the same nonsense would be a waste of time. cleanhippie Aug 2016 #110
If you are a religious believer, I can understand why you think that. cleanhippie Aug 2016 #73
^^THIS^^ stopbush Aug 2016 #92
It's insensitive and inappropriate. cleanhippie Aug 2016 #72
"Gene Wilder don't believe in a god or heaven" whathehell Aug 2016 #148
+1 nt steve2470 Aug 2016 #101
They were married only 5 years because she DIED. nt B2G Aug 2016 #47
Someone tell me how to rec this post 500 times. Orrex Aug 2016 #50
Why would you care? MFM008 Aug 2016 #53
No one knows Orrex Aug 2016 #63
My point is MFM008 Aug 2016 #133
The annoyance is at those who, as always, use these occasions to proselytize Orrex Aug 2016 #138
Actually, he's probably nailing my grandma by now. nt Dreamer Tatum Aug 2016 #54
Thank you. DavidDvorkin Aug 2016 #67
lets say he is up there now with zero....so both sides can smile dembotoz Aug 2016 #68
Radner and Wilder were both Jews and Wilder was an atheist Jew REP Aug 2016 #71
Excuse me, but my experience with Judaism tells me you're whathehell Aug 2016 #145
I'll excuse your lack of knowledge REP Sep 2016 #177
Lol, don't bother, unless you can actually refute my claim, whathehell Sep 2016 #180
Turns out "knowledge" is only a Google search away.. whathehell Sep 2016 #260
Thank You. Great point amuse bouche Aug 2016 #74
holy mackeral you guys do go on jodymarie aimee Aug 2016 #77
You do realize this is a response to religious believers proclaiming Wilder is in heaven, right? cleanhippie Aug 2016 #78
Get used to it. This is DU shrike Aug 2016 #94
and what does that have to do with democratic underground politics jodymarie aimee Aug 2016 #81
Welcome to DU Orrex Aug 2016 #96
Not a thing... whathehell Sep 2016 #195
I know, right? Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #226
Yep. I doubt he was perfect so he will probably serve a few years in Purgatory, Nye Bevan Aug 2016 #82
I am enjoying this debate True Dough Aug 2016 #83
I think he loved both women..... Adrahil Aug 2016 #89
I would bet that even his widow understands why an adoring public might say that... 63splitwindow Aug 2016 #90
The news of his passing reminded many of us KMOD Aug 2016 #95
Let the mystery be. redwitch Aug 2016 #102
Love it! Thanks for posting!! LongTomH Sep 2016 #262
He said in his autobiography that his marriage to her would have ended if she had not died. CBGLuthier Aug 2016 #104
Gilda's autobiography Kansaskid Aug 2016 #124
Nice of him to say.. whathehell Aug 2016 #144
LOL. Yeah that always works out when you tell people what to do. Rex Aug 2016 #105
I love when people think they speak for the dead. JonathanRackham Aug 2016 #107
He was also, by his statements, a Buddhist, which is not incompatible with Atheism. And everything Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #111
Gene also had an affair with a sheep Blue_Tires Aug 2016 #114
!!! progressoid Sep 2016 #178
Atheism aside wysi Aug 2016 #116
As a widower, as well as an atheist, I agree (nt) LongtimeAZDem Aug 2016 #176
Mom said recentevents Aug 2016 #117
I had not known he was an out atheist. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #119
But..but.. whathehell Aug 2016 #147
Because he did things for which I am grateful. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #175
Lol..Yes, I do have "another question", if you want to call it that, although whathehell Sep 2016 #179
Good grief. SusanCalvin Sep 2016 #181
Lol..Is that you're standard response to losing an argument? whathehell Sep 2016 #182
Didn't lose. Not interested. SusanCalvin Sep 2016 #255
Of course.. whathehell Sep 2016 #258
And it's "your." SusanCalvin Sep 2016 #257
Oh gee.. whathehell Sep 2016 #259
I looked at your (correct usage) journal, SusanCalvin Sep 2016 #265
Apostrophe, obviously. Orrex Sep 2016 #190
Oh my! SusanCalvin Sep 2016 #256
Besides, everyone knows he's with Inga DFW Aug 2016 #122
If heaven exists, he will be with Richard Pryor. IrishEyes Aug 2016 #123
Maybe we should do some introspection get the red out Aug 2016 #153
Gene is with Gilda now Loki Liesmith Aug 2016 #154
-1 Buzz Clik Aug 2016 #156
Thanks for reminding me why I hate Militant Atheists. Odin2005 Aug 2016 #157
Thanks for reminding me there's more than one of us on this board.. whathehell Aug 2016 #158
Thanks for reminding me why I hate Militant Atheists. AlbertCat Aug 2016 #166
I used to BE one, are you saying I don't exist? Odin2005 Sep 2016 #188
Did you preach your militant atheism in real life? Orrex Sep 2016 #193
I was an edgy Atheist college student. AlbertCat Sep 2016 #194
I guess that would include edhopper Aug 2016 #171
Um, nah.. whathehell Sep 2016 #183
But pointing out that edhopper Sep 2016 #197
So now it's about Gilda and not militant atheism, lol? whathehell Sep 2016 #200
What in my OP edhopper Sep 2016 #201
Probably the part where you call people on their religious privilege. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #210
Yeah edhopper Sep 2016 #212
Nah... you're a militant because you talk. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #218
yep edhopper Sep 2016 #220
My favorite... NeoGreen Sep 2016 #229
Lol..Really lame whathehell Sep 2016 #246
Nah..He's a militant because he proselytizes whathehell Sep 2016 #244
Even if that were remotely true... Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #245
No, dear, "militant" doesn't necessarily equate to violence, or even "extremist" whathehell Sep 2016 #247
So you are equivocating then? Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #249
The fact that you're calling the beliefs of others "garbage" for one thing,.. whathehell Sep 2016 #215
So you disagree with how I call out these people with their fantasies edhopper Sep 2016 #216
Is not being a jerk too much to ask? Odin2005 Sep 2016 #230
Where am I whinning edhopper Sep 2016 #236
Thank you whathehell Sep 2016 #248
I disagree with your attempt to equate your opinion with Reality.. whathehell Sep 2016 #239
Uh, no..again whathehell Sep 2016 #211
And why does my OP edhopper Sep 2016 #214
No I don't. Odin2005 Sep 2016 #189
Please explain how my post is Militant edhopper Sep 2016 #198
Telling religious people when they are grieving that there is no afterlife is a massive dick move. Odin2005 Sep 2016 #225
What in the actual fuck are you blathering about? Act_of_Reparation Sep 2016 #231
No edhopper Sep 2016 #237
Yes whathehell Sep 2016 #251
I Said Good Day! edhopper Sep 2016 #252
Well, that will show 'em, won't it? whathehell Sep 2016 #253
Its' not a 'persecution complex' when you have just told them you hate them muriel_volestrangler Sep 2016 #204
Going off on grieving religious people for believing in an afterlife is disgusting. Odin2005 Sep 2016 #227
No one was "going off on grieving religious people" muriel_volestrangler Sep 2016 #232
I find it interesting that asking for a modicum of respect for the dead or survivors... Humanist_Activist Aug 2016 #173
Awww.. whathehell Sep 2016 #185
You must not know many atheists in real life Orrex Sep 2016 #192
You truly are a piece of work... Humanist_Activist Sep 2016 #209
I know... whathehell Sep 2016 #213
WTF? That's your response? You truly are a heartless person, aren't you? Humanist_Activist Sep 2016 #217
appears edhopper Sep 2016 #219
I've been meaning to watch it, but haven't had an opportunity yet... Humanist_Activist Sep 2016 #221
Do see the movie edhopper Sep 2016 #222
I have NO idea what you're talking about..Why the fuck would you call me "heartless"? whathehell Sep 2016 #238
It wasn't an article, it was a personal testimonial, but really, don't bother responding... Humanist_Activist Sep 2016 #240
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2016 #191
Gene is with Cleavon Little now. Kaleva Sep 2016 #223
What about Richard Prior? edhopper Sep 2016 #224
that was before... OriginalGeek Sep 2016 #235
I just heard an interview with him on NPR from some time past. gvstn Sep 2016 #250
Believers gotta Believe astral Sep 2016 #254
You didn't offend me shrike Sep 2016 #263
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