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59. No, I'm not new. I'm nightscanner repackaged, thanx, so pls don't "welcome me to DU."
Sun Dec 11, 2016, 01:29 PM
Dec 2016

The most frustrating part of all you said is attempting to convince the RW's programmed zombies to shut off frickin' FOX noise and listen to the real facts. They blast back the false equivalency that their confabulations are just as valid as our facts because the FOX said so with slick graphics and stuffed suits to lend the veneer of validity.
This said only having watched enough FOX years ago attempting to care for my now posthumous father, who passed on laden with every reprehensible form of bigotry that has now carried a ruthless dictator to power over our nation.
But I saw enough. Enough to see the "don't believe anyone else, we tell you the truth" meme. Enough to watch a media empire lay waste to magnanimous amounts of factual information from every well accredited institution of higher learning in the whole world with "It's all left wing conspiracy" crap.
Yes I've had enough. And I'd love to join the masses in protest. But reality sets in. I'm gay. I was denied all inheritance. I recycle paper cups for as many uses as I can before tossing them. I barely make my car and rent payments and it's been that way for this 57 year old since Ray Gun. I've spent months at a stretch unemployed after the republicans lay waste to our economic base while fat cats buy new islands.
I could no more afford a ticket to a Washington protest nor the time from work lest my fragile barely-above-homeless raft sinks.
And I believe that is by design.

I'm 49 and I'm right with you underpants Dec 2016 #1
Yep taking my teens out of school Generator Dec 2016 #71
Bravo! Well said. rzemanfl Dec 2016 #2
I am with you. Lifelong Protester Dec 2016 #3
I wouldn't count on that digital to be easily accessed for too long rurallib Dec 2016 #4
Yup, that will be one of the first targets. n/t GP6971 Dec 2016 #82
I'm with you. I'll go up there, too. n/t tom_kelly Dec 2016 #5
I think the electors should insist he produce his tax returns Ilsa Dec 2016 #6
I'm wth you also. Let's do it n/t iluvtennis Dec 2016 #7
I think you are absolutely right. This situation calls for a mass uprising ... KPN Dec 2016 #8
Use the post in any way you wish. nt Atticus Dec 2016 #9
+1!!! THIS Dustlawyer Dec 2016 #73
I'm 60 and will be honored to follow you as a cog in the Trump machine! JoeOtterbein Dec 2016 #10
I'm 67 and been through all of that and then some. Scruffy1 Dec 2016 #16
I rarely post also, check this post I made to DU 15 years ago: JoeOtterbein Dec 2016 #25
Protests don't work anymore because 90-percent Dec 2016 #72
I will join all of you, ONLY to be.... lastlib Dec 2016 #78
There are likely millions and millions of people Control-Z Dec 2016 #11
That's what's so sad marlakay Dec 2016 #74
I've always loved Barry, but I think he really let us down this time. The signs were all there Pinkflamingo Dec 2016 #12
National strike Denis 11 Dec 2016 #13
i agree, and ya know the funny thing about a dem tilted strike? mopinko Dec 2016 #30
You need a permit to March On Washington, en masse Equinox Moon Dec 2016 #14
Don't know about anyone else, but filing for permits sounds too much like asking for permission. Atticus Dec 2016 #17
I understand what you say Equinox Moon Dec 2016 #19
Millions showing up in their cars can cause traffic gridlock too. MarvinGardens Dec 2016 #62
citation? roborob Dec 2016 #81
Heard it on the Thom Hartmann Show last week. Equinox Moon Dec 2016 #83
Washington Post wrote about the permits issue. Equinox Moon Dec 2016 #84
I just watched footage of the Chinese killing dissidents at Tiananmen Square. Trump would do that Maru Kitteh Dec 2016 #15
If it will save America for my kids and grandkids, he can start with this old fart. nt Atticus Dec 2016 #18
Agreed. I would lay my body down for mine as well. I will if it becomes the only way. nt Maru Kitteh Dec 2016 #22
Let them lock up this old bag. lapislzi Dec 2016 #85
"WE---need leadership to organize effective counter-measures and we need it NOW. " progressoid Dec 2016 #20
and it is NOT coming from democratic party leadership. tomp Dec 2016 #54
Ni it will come from Unions classykaren Dec 2016 #57
I am 74 yrs old.. cpmx2006 Dec 2016 #21
{{HUGS}} Maru Kitteh Dec 2016 #24
I grew up in Western NC but have been in the deepest blue of CA for moonscape Dec 2016 #29
I will be 72 years old in 8 days. anniebelle Dec 2016 #48
I, too, have had a physical, sick reaction. I think we need an ECONOMIC BOYCOTT. chimpymustgo Dec 2016 #50
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2016 #55
Agree AlexSFCA Dec 2016 #23
Even Nixon would find Jump, darn dolt offensive. He'd be marching too. mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2016 #26
I fear we are on our own. We must be the hero WhiteTara Dec 2016 #27
There WILL be a march on Jan 21. s-cubed Dec 2016 #28
I may be there on the 21st of January, but--- Atticus Dec 2016 #32
I agree. The 21st is too late. By then, it's a done deal. Silver Gaia Dec 2016 #44
Right on, Atticus!! There with you! AgadorSparticus Dec 2016 #31
Any one who thinks social media awoke_in_2003 Dec 2016 #33
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Dec 2016 #34
Weekly! DC Protests! Pick a day and have them WEEKLY. Equinox Moon Dec 2016 #35
I'm in for twice month. I'm 14 hours away. nt Atticus Dec 2016 #37
Great! WEEKLY DC Anti-Trump Protest, will grow, and people will come when they can. Equinox Moon Dec 2016 #56
This may be a rhetorical question canetoad Dec 2016 #36
I'm with you. I keep thinking about the millions who fought & even died defending America... CaptainTruth Dec 2016 #38
Keith Olbermann barbtries Dec 2016 #39
65 million people laying down in the streets, sea to shining sea. This week. Demand the electors act Dems to Win Dec 2016 #40
Bravo. I'm 58 and I'll be proud to share a jail cell with you jg10003 Dec 2016 #41
Yes! People have been saying we must give money. Well, Dark n Stormy Knight Dec 2016 #42
Keep posting, Atticus. democrank Dec 2016 #43
...rapid response system at DU Aimee in OKC Dec 2016 #76
Atticus, I hear you. I am 63. I am with you in your frustration. I also remember what we did Silver Gaia Dec 2016 #45
I'm not frustrated. I'm outraged! stollen Dec 2016 #46
I will be 60 in several days... Raster Dec 2016 #47
We put. I'm with you. (nt) Paladin Dec 2016 #49
Im going to Washington to protest. gwheezie Dec 2016 #51
He is not president yet...last ditch effort... N_E_1 for Tennis Dec 2016 #52
This is NOT a hyperbolic reply...but there is no answer short of secession or war. Moostache Dec 2016 #53
Hear, hear!! Missn-Hitch Dec 2016 #61
Some may find this declaration inspiring for our current events. Jacob Boehme Dec 2016 #58
No, I'm not new. I'm nightscanner repackaged, thanx, so pls don't "welcome me to DU." lambchopp59 Dec 2016 #59
by design, indeed woodchuck mom Dec 2016 #70
One thing I am sure of is that if it is going to hit the fan, sooner is better than later. world wide wally Dec 2016 #60
D.C. or state capitols? MarvinGardens Dec 2016 #63
DC, for sure. Atticus Dec 2016 #64
Good points. I am in. MarvinGardens Dec 2016 #67
10 yrs your junior LittleGirl Dec 2016 #65
"we will live to be outcasts in our own land". I'm not American but... Locut0s Dec 2016 #66
Reject the fascist and resist the fascism! blm Dec 2016 #68
K&R BSdetect Dec 2016 #69
K&R n/t Dalai_1 Dec 2016 #75
I've had the same thoughts running though my head lately, Atticus. I'm 64. Nitram Dec 2016 #77
I'll be there, all 64 years of me with a protest background! raven mad Dec 2016 #79
totally agree wildman76 Dec 2016 #80
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