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Mon Dec 12, 2016, 11:20 AM Dec 2016

Are you an "automation denier"? [View all]

Defined as: In the next 4 yrs automation will replace 50% of the current workforce, also 50% of the universities will not take in any new students.

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Automation will not be a problem.
1 (7%)
I believe automation will cause some proplems.
11 (79%)
Automation will be even worse than defined.
2 (14%)
No opinion.
0 (0%)
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Automation is real and will be a major influence on the future of humanity randr Dec 2016 #1
It is a big "problem" in that it will continue to displace workers... Wounded Bear Dec 2016 #2
Where is he getting the 50% figure from? DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2016 #4
That part of it is probably hyperbole... Wounded Bear Dec 2016 #7
That's his schtick. Codeine Dec 2016 #47
Automation is bigger than car/trucks. CK_John Dec 2016 #48
It is nonsensical. duffyduff Dec 2016 #59
The companies that IMPLEMENT the automation should not be able to dump employees on the markket uponit7771 Dec 2016 #3
IMO, this would help. CK_John Dec 2016 #6
Does the term Automation Denier kind of suggest that the answer is yes? el_bryanto Dec 2016 #5
IMO, I may have coined the phrase. CK_John Dec 2016 #10
Your time-table is way too fast. Not 4 years, more like 20. DetlefK Dec 2016 #8
It is just fantasy. duffyduff Dec 2016 #56
Yes, there will be an equilibrium between workers and robots, but how will it be achieved? DetlefK Dec 2016 #67
Report: Google Shelves Self-Driving Car.The company will instead lend its software to established CK_John Dec 2016 #68
In the future, humans, many, won't even be cogs in the production machine. This will throw RKP5637 Dec 2016 #9
In the next four year? Not going to happen. brooklynite Dec 2016 #11
I believe the 50% figure but not the 4 year timeframe Amishman Dec 2016 #26
Amara's Law FarCenter Dec 2016 #12
And what are the short and long runs exactly? SubjectiveLife78 Dec 2016 #14
I would think that 1 to 5 years is short run and 5 to 20 is long run FarCenter Dec 2016 #17
You had multiple ops detailing why autonomous vehicles would determine the past election. NCTraveler Dec 2016 #13
Indeed. Seems the "automation deniers" have a much better track record than the "automation hype" Chathamization Dec 2016 #24
I asked our candidates to address the driverless car and none of them did and none won. CK_John Dec 2016 #25
You said it would be an October surprise that would throw the election. NCTraveler Dec 2016 #27
None of our candidates came to my house for a nerf gun fight either, and none won. hughee99 Dec 2016 #33
So where do the 50% and 4 years figures come from? Silent3 Dec 2016 #15
I look at the Uber testing in Pitt,PA and Volvo testing in Spain since 2012. CK_John Dec 2016 #30
So that's your guestimate Bradical79 Dec 2016 #43
When that opinion is published in a peer-reviewed economics journal... Silent3 Dec 2016 #45
It's ironic that there are automatic programs that correct spelling errors. NightWatcher Dec 2016 #16
Next decade perhaps..but we ought to be shaping policy to prepare for it.. JHan Dec 2016 #18
Policy isn't going to do it... it's going to take an economic paradigm shift JCMach1 Dec 2016 #21
agreed.. JHan Dec 2016 #22
I should have said... policy alone... the world is currently burying its head in the sand JCMach1 Dec 2016 #23
With a time line a bit longer than the OP suggests, the way I think about automation... Silent3 Dec 2016 #60
That is my goal to get people to see the problem and start looking CK_John Dec 2016 #35
What surprises me is how many people are oblivious to the past bhikkhu Dec 2016 #19
I agree, but your timetable is wrong Calculating Dec 2016 #20
Nobody can know the timetable for sure SubjectiveLife78 Dec 2016 #29
But it is here already in CK_John Dec 2016 #38
You overstate it as now. LanternWaste Dec 2016 #39
The only problem is to change every state driving, insurance, and liability laws. CK_John Dec 2016 #41
Automation will be a factor just like mechanization was in agriculture. A liberal society can deal pampango Dec 2016 #28
Except it's not quite the same SubjectiveLife78 Dec 2016 #31
A liberal society in which most of the work is done by robots will take care of people pampango Dec 2016 #36
That's depending on an individual solution to a structural problem. HughBeaumont Dec 2016 #34
I agree with that. We do not live to work; we work to live. If we can live without working pampango Dec 2016 #37
The Republicans will have to deal with it. joshcryer Dec 2016 #46
I give it ten years bravenak Dec 2016 #32
I think automation as a problem is overblown. Willie Pep Dec 2016 #40
Reminds me of a clean coal advert. CK_John Dec 2016 #44
Jared Bernstein also has a good piece on this. Seems like most economists don't agree with the hype Chathamization Dec 2016 #49
He is just giving his opinion and doesn't think its a problem, I disagree. CK_John Dec 2016 #50
It's not just "his opinion." Productivity growth looks at output per worker, and it's low now Chathamization Dec 2016 #52
So your a denier as per defined in the OP. CK_John Dec 2016 #55
Sure, if you want to label people who agree with the experts as "deniers," then I'm a denier. Chathamization Dec 2016 #57
No but the folks incessantly posting about it seem thrilled... tenderfoot Dec 2016 #42
No problem... all the jobs will be cenetered around the automation jack_krass Dec 2016 #51
Do you think that things will never change? Warren DeMontague Dec 2016 #53
This is just sci-fi garbage. duffyduff Dec 2016 #54
Your totally looking backward, I'm concerned about the coming 4 yrs. CK_John Dec 2016 #58
"Denier" is a word used by those under psyops and those participating in them. Shandris Dec 2016 #61
Whatever, making decisions is very difficult. CK_John Dec 2016 #62
...pardon? Shandris Dec 2016 #63
I was responding to your under psyops and I pointed out I gave a well defined CK_John Dec 2016 #65
Good thing I have a computer science degree. backscatter712 Dec 2016 #64
Nope... You'll be designing them... programming can be done off shore.. be part of the design team uponit7771 Dec 2016 #66
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