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Thu Jan 5, 2017, 04:49 AM Jan 2017

Would you vote to execute Dylan Roof? [View all]

I oppose the death penalty. But my emotions cry out to not spare the life of a killer who feels justified and lacks remorse. I wondered if others felt the same.

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31 (36%)
56 (64%)
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Would you vote to execute Dylan Roof? [View all] SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2017 OP
Like you I oppose the death penalty. ... spin Jan 2017 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author sarah FAILIN Jan 2017 #32
In principle I'm opposed but if this guy was to be executed I Raine Jan 2017 #2
The survivors and the family members of the victims all say NO. cwydro Jan 2017 #3
that is a valid point. SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2017 #45
Yes.... LovingA2andMI Jan 2017 #4
I have a conservative side when it comes to brutal crimes. Lunabell Jan 2017 #5
DP gains nothing. Costs more and no other civilized countries have it. USALiberal Jan 2017 #87
No JustAnotherGen Jan 2017 #6
Yes. What you said. cwydro Jan 2017 #8
he could be pardoned as well depending on who gets the votes. SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2017 #46
I very much doubt that. cwydro Jan 2017 #67
and Trump will never be elected president. SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2017 #75
He won't be pardoned. cwydro Jan 2017 #76
Ditto. 2naSalit Jan 2017 #60
+1000 stonecutter357 Jan 2017 #27
Ditto Miles Archer Jan 2017 #29
No, because of the precedent. Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2017 #68
No. I oppose the death penalty. I don't want the State to turn people into executioners. femmedem Jan 2017 #7
I wonder if he's trying for suicide by state execution, from the way he talks. raccoon Jan 2017 #9
No. Behind the Aegis Jan 2017 #10
No malaise Jan 2017 #11
No. I am against the death penalty. nt DLevine Jan 2017 #12
No. Government should NOT be in the execution business... Raster Jan 2017 #13
I oppose the death penalty democrank Jan 2017 #14
the state has no right to execute anyone. bowens43 Jan 2017 #15
This Amishman Jan 2017 #35
The State should never execute its citizens; to do so democratisphere Jan 2017 #16
No. Starry Messenger Jan 2017 #17
THIS. +1. nt tblue37 Jan 2017 #74
No. Tommy_Carcetti Jan 2017 #18
As much as I'd like to see this guy "tucked in" with a shovel... VOX Jan 2017 #19
No. rug Jan 2017 #20
We can't make him a martyr. That's what he wants, same as any radicalized religious extremist. ehrnst Jan 2017 #21
No. demmiblue Jan 2017 #22
Death would be too easy. A long miserable life would be better. appleannie1943 Jan 2017 #23
agreed annabanana Jan 2017 #26
I'm not sure mercuryblues Jan 2017 #24
I've opposed the DP consistently since I was a teenager... hlthe2b Jan 2017 #25
No RobinA Jan 2017 #28
I can't decide. I'm generally opposed to the death penalty, but every so often someone Vinca Jan 2017 #30
Nope! USALiberal Jan 2017 #85
Nope. No buts. (n/t) Iggo Jan 2017 #31
No, because death is what he wants sarah FAILIN Jan 2017 #33
NOPE! Years of prison for that snake. Greybnk48 Jan 2017 #34
I oppose capital punishment. Period. MineralMan Jan 2017 #36
If death penalty is legal and I'm on that jury... JCMach1 Jan 2017 #37
I think the better question is, "could you apply the law in this case?" lapislzi Jan 2017 #38
Locking him in a cage for the rest of his natural life is far more punishment Glitterati Jan 2017 #39
I oppose the death penalty. I also oppose long term torture of the penal system uppityperson Jan 2017 #40
Yes Calculating Jan 2017 #41
Not that old silly logic again.... USALiberal Jan 2017 #86
No. He wants to be a martyr. GoCubsGo Jan 2017 #42
Yes I would. Throd 2.0 Jan 2017 #43
I oppose the death penalty Bettie Jan 2017 #44
He deserves to be executed. Ace Rothstein Jan 2017 #47
The death penalty is barbaric. Fuck that. hunter Jan 2017 #48
No. Against the death penalty, period. (n/t) Amaril Jan 2017 #49
Yes, I would. nt Quackers Jan 2017 #50
No. I oppose the death penalty in all cases. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2017 #51
N. He may not be legally insane but he's not all there struggle4progress Jan 2017 #52
I wouldn't vote to execute anyone. Atman Jan 2017 #53
I would not MosheFeingold Jan 2017 #54
I am against the death penalty... nycbos Jan 2017 #55
I voted no ... NOT because Roof deserves better .... etherealtruth Jan 2017 #56
I want him to live and catch hell everyday in jail.. coco22 Jan 2017 #57
He needs to spend every waking hour looking over his shoulder HAB911 Jan 2017 #58
No, but I wouldn't even be on the jury since you have to be able to consider it to qualify. herding cats Jan 2017 #59
Nope. I oppose the death penalty. n/t MindPilot Jan 2017 #61
I'm against the death penalty in ALL cases. n/t Ron Obvious Jan 2017 #62
I am against the death penalty but I won't shed a tear for him. hrmjustin Jan 2017 #63
For this poll... Mike Nelson Jan 2017 #64
No Fichefinder Jan 2017 #65
Of course. MadamPresident Jan 2017 #66
I'm saying No. He's too young to even consider it. Ilsa Jan 2017 #69
Nope. KamaAina Jan 2017 #70
I oppose the death penalty. N/T easttexaslefty Jan 2017 #71
Yes. romanic Jan 2017 #72
Wow, scary. USALiberal Jan 2017 #88
I hate the fact that those opposed to the DP LeftInTX Jan 2017 #73
Lock him up with a big mean black guy Motley13 Jan 2017 #77
i would like to put him in a cage like at the zoo and let folks be reminded what a fool he is dembotoz Jan 2017 #78
Absolutely MicaelS Jan 2017 #79
Civilized countries do not execute people. USALiberal Jan 2017 #84
I oppose the death penalty. BlueMTexpat Jan 2017 #80
Opposed Bill Carrington Jan 2017 #81
Solitary confinement until he's no longer alive... Rhythm Jan 2017 #82
No way - I think the only way he has meaning in his life is as a martyr for the cause rurallib Jan 2017 #83
No. Because I do not support any executions mvd Jan 2017 #89
I'm generally... myohmy2 Jan 2017 #90
My reaction to stuff like this is I want people who stuff like he did to die in a fire and suffer nini Jan 2017 #91
grateful for the input. Blue CA just voted to keep the DP. SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2017 #92
KILL HIM! backscatter712 Jan 2017 #93
No. LWolf Jan 2017 #94
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