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Walk away

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217. I have been an active Democrat for 50 years. Several members of my family work...
Sun Jan 22, 2017, 04:33 PM
Jan 2017

or have worked for the party for generations. I have watched the extreme left rise and fail at least 6 times in my lifetime. Mostly because instead of working with the party they spend most of their energy trying to destroy it.
A changing and growing party is great but a left wing, TeaParty, kill your own, approach leaves me cold. Maybe it will work but I highly doubt it. This is politics and not religion. People who confuse the two are in for a rude awakening.

I have had it with trashing Michael Moore [View all] jodymarie aimee Jan 2017 OP
Well said. Snackshack Jan 2017 #1
K&R. dchill Jan 2017 #2
Yep. I can't figure out why so many here seem to hate him. PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2017 #3
Same reason... kirby Jan 2017 #7
Because the right has relentlessly targeted him for 30 years MrPurple Jan 2017 #97
A lot of DUers turned on MM when he predicted, in September, that Trump would win. CrispyQ Jan 2017 #131
I started to read that some time ago, and stopped. It bummed me out too much. BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2017 #156
Here's another great link. CrispyQ Jan 2017 #157
Thanks! BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2017 #158
I heard MM had pneumonia when the movie came out & missed some key showings. CrispyQ Jan 2017 #159
Wonder if it's on Amazon Prime? BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2017 #160
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #190
K&R! mrgorth Jan 2017 #4
His speech started out great until he started to trash Democrats. Sorry you don't use the women's still_one Jan 2017 #5
It was like two different speeches! LisaM Jan 2017 #11
He's trying to light a fire under Dems ... Auggie Jan 2017 #12
That wasn't the forum for it, and his endorsement of DNC chair sure was literal. Let me make it cle still_one Jan 2017 #21
+1, we have 3 damn good candidates for running the DNC... no need to trash either one uponit7771 Jan 2017 #32
He can light a fire and be uplifting at the same time uponit7771 Jan 2017 #29
When he started to rant against the DNC, Ashley Judd cut him off, before he could try and still_one Jan 2017 #173
I thought he was rambling at that point; Crash2Parties Jan 2017 #197
I have seen him in person lots of times. JNelson6563 Jan 2017 #206
Like Trump apologists told us not to take Trump literally ? nt delisen Jan 2017 #53
Reality is if you attack supporters you may suffer backlash. Same for everyone n/t delisen Jan 2017 #56
The Kellyanne Conway defense. lapucelle Jan 2017 #178
Far be it for one to react the same way the crowd did. joshcryer Jan 2017 #17
Spot on! eom BlueMTexpat Jan 2017 #187
+1! BlueMTexpat Jan 2017 #186
There are some vocal members here TDale313 Jan 2017 #6
I left this site years ago because thejoker123 Jan 2017 #15
What was your old name?...nt SidDithers Jan 2017 #37
That's why I rarely post. Scruffy1 Jan 2017 #45
I think a large part of the problem is that those lived through the Depression, bringing forth Hestia Jan 2017 #138
Stick together. JudyM Jan 2017 #49
Things haven't changed melman Jan 2017 #143
It's a shame, this site could have really thejoker123 Jan 2017 #183
The status quo is what's brought us to our current catastrophe. Crunchy Frog Jan 2017 #18
No, it's not oberliner Jan 2017 #41
Yeah, and what about the House, Senate, governeships, state legislatures, media Crunchy Frog Jan 2017 #59
Good points oberliner Jan 2017 #63
I think Thomas Franks critiques are important but a post I made about this Akamai Jan 2017 #192
Amen and Hallelujah. Tatiana Jan 2017 #124
So true. mdbl Jan 2017 #181
+1000,000! Fantastic Anarchist Jan 2017 #191
Very well said. nt StubbornThings Jan 2017 #207
The House, the Senate, the Presidency and the Courts pscot Jan 2017 #66
There are a lot of reasons for that oberliner Jan 2017 #67
Republicans added to their historic 2014 gains pscot Jan 2017 #121
Yes, indeed oberliner Jan 2017 #136
Maybe we can run Hillary again. Ligyron Jan 2017 #139
Please shoot me before that happens. Fantastic Anarchist Jan 2017 #194
The sad thing is that the Republicans have said and done things ... Fantastic Anarchist Jan 2017 #193
As am I pscot Jan 2017 #212
Critique and bashing are two different things, lets stop the needless bashing & lift up people uponit7771 Jan 2017 #36
Sometimes the truth is painful, at least in part. PollyAnna was a Disney Akamai Jan 2017 #195
If its the whole truth so be it but 90% of the bashing is half truth which whole lie uponit7771 Jan 2017 #204
It's probably against the rules to bash the Democratic Party...there are a lot of rules TrekLuver Jan 2017 #48
Yes, the status quo has not worked. alarimer Jan 2017 #162
Hey, we were really enjoying his speech! LisaM Jan 2017 #8
He went from a speech of unity to division. Stupid and unnecessary still_one Jan 2017 #13
Yes, but we would be foolish to throw the baby out with the bath water. His "action plan" Squinch Jan 2017 #40
Where to Invade Next was terrific... bagelsforbreakfast Jan 2017 #9
Trashing? joshcryer Jan 2017 #10
This wasn't the forum to trash Democrats, the DNC, and endorse a DNC chair. still_one Jan 2017 #14
I don't see any such posts trashing him, though. joshcryer Jan 2017 #23
I have to go to the march, but for a speech that started so well, it ended on a divisive note still_one Jan 2017 #26
Here's one Mosby Jan 2017 #144
Wow, like two hours later, omg, mercy. joshcryer Jan 2017 #145
What sammythecat Jan 2017 #188
I tend to agree, although I didn't think his speech today hit the mark fishwax Jan 2017 #16
He's always been accurate and relevant and brutally Greybnk48 Jan 2017 #19
I like him too bdamomma Jan 2017 #34
I'm going to see if I can volunteer Greybnk48 Jan 2017 #102
I've noticed binary thinkers always hate on Moore. Rex Jan 2017 #20
I'm pleased he joined Planned Parenthood today. joshcryer Jan 2017 #24
He needs to be more involved that way. Rex Jan 2017 #25
Surprised he wasn't an endowment member with his disposable income. joshcryer Jan 2017 #39
He probably sees himself as a provocative film maker. Rex Jan 2017 #43
And the Moore-haters here use all the usual right wing attacks on him. QC Jan 2017 #113
I think it is jealousy. Rex Jan 2017 #116
Or serve as a tackling dummy on right wing fake news. n/t QC Jan 2017 #123
That too. nt Rex Jan 2017 #163
This. BlueWI Jan 2017 #168
Yes, in a time when we are desperate for left leaning media. I don't always agree with him. Rex Jan 2017 #169
Agreed. He's not always right. BlueWI Jan 2017 #170
He is far more of an activists than the folks I see poo-pooing on him all the time. Rex Jan 2017 #171
Completely agree. sammythecat Jan 2017 #200
I'm with just about anybody who is against this piece of Trash. But I can still differ TrekLuver Jan 2017 #22
Right on! Rex Jan 2017 #27
Did he ever take it on the chin True Dough Jan 2017 #28
A US Presidential election is a binary event. It's not a brilliant Prediction, its candidate A or stevenleser Jan 2017 #42
Moore guessed the 'why' part about Trump voters early on. Rex Jan 2017 #47
Nope, that is your opinion. There is nothing empirical to suggest that. It's still a coin toss stevenleser Jan 2017 #50
Like your opinion hold more weight than mine. Rex Jan 2017 #75
Nope, this isn't about that. You made a contention, you need to prove it. Nice try. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #78
Again you have no authority over this issue. Rex Jan 2017 #79
All DUers have the authority to ask each other for proof. That has been part of DU from early on. stevenleser Jan 2017 #82
Nope. I am right and you are wrong. Rex Jan 2017 #84
Nope, my only point was that our US presidential elections are binary so a prediction one will win stevenleser Jan 2017 #86
Wrong. Rex Jan 2017 #87
Nope, your idea was opinion, mine was fact. Two candidates, binary. End of story. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #91
Wrong. Rex Jan 2017 #93
Yep, see my #88. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #100
No, steveleser True Dough Jan 2017 #54
Nope, it's still the same odds as a coin toss. Here is what Moore did NOT predict stevenleser Jan 2017 #58
So what? True Dough Jan 2017 #92
The so what is, he predicted a coin toss. Congrats, he said heads and it was heads. stevenleser Jan 2017 #101
And he was one of the few to do it True Dough Jan 2017 #125
Or maybe they DIDN'T Nevernose Jan 2017 #164
So, in essence, you're saying it was more complicated than a coin flip. Fantastic Anarchist Jan 2017 #198
Exactly. Those were the major factors, especially the FBI/Comey interference. What you have just still_one Jan 2017 #202
that isn't how odds work fishwax Jan 2017 #69
That is why I said essentially. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #71
yeah, but it's not even close fishwax Jan 2017 #72
Statistically it absolutely is fairly close, even taking into account the worst blowout elections stevenleser Jan 2017 #74
60-40 and 50-50 aren't "basically the same odds" fishwax Jan 2017 #90
Well yeah, but nope! Rex Jan 2017 #95
Sure it is, depending on application and in this one it is, I'll break it down for you. stevenleser Jan 2017 #98
Nope. Completely wrong. Rex Jan 2017 #105
Yep, see my #88. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #107
Nope. For obvious reasons. nt Rex Jan 2017 #109
Yep, see my #88. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #110
Nope. Rex Jan 2017 #112
Yep, see my #88. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #114
Nope. Rex Jan 2017 #117
Yep, see my #88. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #118
Sorry but that post is wrong. Rex Jan 2017 #119
So close! lol RandiFan1290 Jan 2017 #208
That is great, never seen it but love the Rex Jan 2017 #215
You've demonstrated that you can successfully subtract 50 from 60 and 40 from 50 fishwax Jan 2017 #126
You cannot have a real conversation with that one. Rex Jan 2017 #77
Nope, because I ask people to prove their assertions. You can't so you don't like that. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #80
Thanks for proving my point. Rex Jan 2017 #81
Nope, thanks for proving MY point. Which you do more thoroughly with each comment. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #83
Thanks for again proving me right and you wrong. Rex Jan 2017 #85
Thanks again for proving there is nothing to Moores prediction. You keep coming up empty. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #88
Nope. Rex Jan 2017 #89
Yep, see my #88. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #99
Nope. Rex Jan 2017 #103
Yep, see my #88. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #104
Nope. Rex Jan 2017 #106
Yep, see my #88. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #108
Nope. Rex Jan 2017 #111
Fox taught him well. n/t QC Jan 2017 #122
word. KG Jan 2017 #154
Nobody was laying even odds for the fuhrer winning. Lucky Luciano Jan 2017 #73
That's why I said "essentially". nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #76
"Hey, I made you a ham sandwich" NickB79 Jan 2017 #174
No Sir, it is not. Ligyron Jan 2017 #141
No, because many people thought that Clinton had the election in the bag. Fantastic Anarchist Jan 2017 #196
+1 QC Jan 2017 #214
You don't have to agree with everything MM says to grantcart Jan 2017 #30
I would agree with that. Smart, heart in the right place, but flawed to the point that he harms stevenleser Jan 2017 #46
So... Plucketeer Jan 2017 #147
If that's your attempt to win logical fallacy of the day, it's yours. nt stevenleser Jan 2017 #150
I WIN??? Oh Boy! Plucketeer Jan 2017 #175
I thought he was doing well eleny Jan 2017 #31
Second this!! mchill Jan 2017 #33
Yes. Please stop. GoCubsGo Jan 2017 #35
Long time fan 90-percent Jan 2017 #38
don't forget Bill Maher and Lawrence O'Donnell jodymarie aimee Jan 2017 #55
Oh, I know therre's a lot on the list I forgot 90-percent Jan 2017 #62
GREAT reply.............. MyOwnPeace Jan 2017 #61
Agree, great reply. nt Quixote1818 Jan 2017 #70
At a women's march, shouldn't men mostly be listening? oberliner Jan 2017 #44
He is a strong feminist and his speech was important. We need to Hound congress and run for office. JudyM Jan 2017 #52
It's not billed as a feminist march, it's billed as a women's march oberliner Jan 2017 #64
Many of us are happy for his participation. JudyM Jan 2017 #65
I'm happy for his participation oberliner Jan 2017 #68
That's an odd attitude to have... TCJ70 Jan 2017 #115
His speech at the WMoW was terrific! The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2017 #51
He just bashed Democrats at a rally that is supposed to bring us together. Walk away Jan 2017 #57
No, he put center-right Dems on notice that the moment demands change. slumcamper Jan 2017 #128
I have been an active Democrat for 50 years. Several members of my family work... Walk away Jan 2017 #217
. Iggo Jan 2017 #149
yeah, he's been right on heaven05 Jan 2017 #60
65 rec about a thread upset about a non-existent trashing of Moore... joshcryer Jan 2017 #94
71 Rex Jan 2017 #96
not that many, as it devolved for abit into 2 kids swatting at each other!! jodymarie aimee Jan 2017 #137
--and "the old guard of the democratic party has got to go" slumcamper Jan 2017 #120
Amen. truebluegreen Jan 2017 #127
Very well said malaise Jan 2017 #129
Well said. Barbara2423 Jan 2017 #130
Too bad...nt SidDithers Jan 2017 #132
BRAVA!!! KNR secondwind Jan 2017 #133
Some people hate anyone lillypaddle Jan 2017 #134
He has one message. Period. Blue Idaho Jan 2017 #135
the time for purity is over for now. mopinko Jan 2017 #140
Yes, and I'm tired of people trashing Bernie too. Hilary lost to vote suppression in swing states, diane in sf Jan 2017 #142
He, Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher have fired up the base of late yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #146
Me, too. Iggo Jan 2017 #148
I'm not... SaschaHM Jan 2017 #151
He's not a leader JustAnotherGen Jan 2017 #152
I LOVE Michael Moore Skittles Jan 2017 #153
Me too. sammythecat Jan 2017 #216
Thank you for this! MelissaB Jan 2017 #155
They don't like him because he was the first to warn that Trump would win. alarimer Jan 2017 #161
Hear, hear! zentrum Jan 2017 #165
Me too Lotusflower70 Jan 2017 #166
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #167
I have had it with trashing {Insert Name Here} nini Jan 2017 #172
He's great except for... El Supremo Jan 2017 #176
Look I don't like or trust Michael Moore but underthematrix Jan 2017 #177
Michael Moore wants to throw the democratic leadership and half the party out of office BlueStateLib Jan 2017 #179
Well, considering we fully control only six states... SMC22307 Jan 2017 #180
A better strategy is to go after Republicans rather trying to defeat Democrtats and BlueStateLib Jan 2017 #209
Who Get's To Stay Michael Moore? otohara Jan 2017 #182
I don't always agree with him, but I always believe his heart is in the right place. spooky3 Jan 2017 #184
People been trashing him on DU since the Bush era Generic Other Jan 2017 #185
Who here was trashing Michael Moore? Fantastic Anarchist Jan 2017 #189
Suggesting that the march was the wrong time and place for saying the leaders of the Democratic betsuni Jan 2017 #199
I've loved him since I saw Roger & Me sarah FAILIN Jan 2017 #201
He does criticize our party. HassleCat Jan 2017 #203
It appears you have had it with trashing Michael Moore. AngryAmish Jan 2017 #205
Sorry, but the Democratic party does need trashing. Oneironaut Jan 2017 #210
The Left Trashing Hillary Worked Out So Well otohara Jan 2017 #213
"trashing" for what purpose? JHan Jan 2017 #218
Michael Moore Soxfan58 Jan 2017 #211
Michael Moore was prescient about how the rust belt might support Trump andym Jan 2017 #219
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