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Response to BainsBane (Original post)

Meh. KPN Jan 2017 #1
Ending the minimum wage BainsBane Jan 2017 #3
Saw a lotta Chuck Schumer "willing to cooperate with tRump" talk on PBS last night. Eleanors38 Jan 2017 #63
Are you comparing Bernie to Schumer? BainsBane Jan 2017 #84
Just noting the similar "concilliatory" approach. Guess you missed it. Oh, are primaries over? Eleanors38 Jan 2017 #86
Funny, WAPO article doesn't mention the primary emulatorloo Jan 2017 #88
Doesn't have to -- it never dies in DU! Eleanors38 Jan 2017 #89
I'm trying to figure out the standard BainsBane Jan 2017 #108
Actually, the corporate Party structure is clumsily playing catch up... Eleanors38 Jan 2017 #110
Let me understand BainsBane Jan 2017 #111
In order: No, No, a question to you, therefore all other questions invalid. Understand? Eleanors38 Jan 2017 #123
Why did you ask the question? BainsBane Jan 2017 #125
Sanders and Trump have very different reasons for opposing TPP. MineralMan Jan 2017 #2
Why would he care about workers Phoenix61 Jan 2017 #4
Exactly. BainsBane Jan 2017 #12
Thank You Furthermore, this ultimately strengthens China. To Putin's delight. KittyWampus Jan 2017 #34
So Trump and Sanders want to make China stronger Gothmog Jan 2017 #67
Nonsense. Bill Clinton strengthened China. appal_jack Jan 2017 #142
of course not bdamomma Jan 2017 #96
sigh. JHan Jan 2017 #5
Either way, we'll be sorry we reneged on the TPP. Hoyt Jan 2017 #6
Yes, we will. It was designed to rein in China, among other things. Obama will be proven right.... Hekate Jan 2017 #35
No, he won't zipplewrath Jan 2017 #41
Agreed :-( etherealtruth Jan 2017 #39
That's arguable. There were some legitimately bad things about TPP. DanTex Jan 2017 #47
well, those who voted for sniffles will be sorry elmac Jan 2017 #51
Yeah, like an economic collapse would get us healthcare, welfare, jobs, etc. I don't think we'd Hoyt Jan 2017 #52
No, it is not worth it BainsBane Jan 2017 #58
You would be ok so screw everyone else? brer cat Jan 2017 #65
That's abhorrent Hekate Jan 2017 #72
Absolutely. Look how much it helped us win in 2016 hollowdweller Jan 2017 #128
This message was self-deleted by its author Cary Jan 2017 #7
I think many have. George II Jan 2017 #8
That won't help the party's electoral prospects BainsBane Jan 2017 #9
I wonder if that's actually the objective. NurseJackie Jan 2017 #11
It is mine BainsBane Jan 2017 #15
We need to oppose Trump as much as possible Gothmog Jan 2017 #68
Nope hollowdweller Jan 2017 #129
I'd like to see some objective studies on that. Cary Jan 2017 #17
Sarandon's a lost cause BainsBane Jan 2017 #19
I think we're arguing semantics Cary Jan 2017 #21
The problem is BainsBane Jan 2017 #22
Clearly Sanders didn't help Cary Jan 2017 #27
I agree with that analysis Gothmog Jan 2017 #154
Sarandon also supported Nader who gave us Bush Gothmog Jan 2017 #73
I really don't think Sarandon has much influence TexasBushwhacker Jan 2017 #71
I think that's probably true BainsBane Jan 2017 #75
How did she ruin it? TexasBushwhacker Jan 2017 #76
Her comments BainsBane Jan 2017 #78
My bad. I thought she done something in the movie. N/t TexasBushwhacker Jan 2017 #130
She is treated like a goddess on JPR Gothmog Jan 2017 #155
Radical left? KPN Jan 2017 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author Cary Jan 2017 #16
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #18
For Beltway Dems, anyone to the left of DDE. Eleanors38 Jan 2017 #64
It was already dead.. there was no reason to "praise trump" and Cha Jan 2017 #10
Yes there was zipplewrath Jan 2017 #46
How does this constitute not conceding the issue to Trump? BainsBane Jan 2017 #60
No, it agrees with him zipplewrath Jan 2017 #146
No there wasn't. Cha Jan 2017 #143
Sanders thinks that he can get on trump's good side Gothmog Jan 2017 #156
So clueless.. Cha Jan 2017 #158
completely agree bigtree Jan 2017 #14
thanks for this... Blue_Tires Jan 2017 #20
I missed that BainsBane Jan 2017 #23
Sorry to say but,,, Cryptoad Jan 2017 #24
I can definitely feel that my brain operates less quickly BainsBane Jan 2017 #26
Im a 6 yrs younger than him,,,,, Cryptoad Jan 2017 #36
Resectfully disagree Mr. BainsBane . . FairWinds Jan 2017 #25
Please read my post BainsBane Jan 2017 #28
Of course Trump is not pro-worker . . FairWinds Jan 2017 #31
Bernie used the term "pro-worker," saying that he'd be pnwmom Jan 2017 #56
Exactly. BainsBane Jan 2017 #62
No. Just no. Your reading of Bernie's words is wrong. scipan Jan 2017 #133
No, it is the only correct one. This is what he said: pnwmom Jan 2017 #139
Sanders is helping to normalize and promote Trump Gothmog Jan 2017 #70
"...it was Dem Third Way globalism that cost them the election..." Cary Jan 2017 #32
Here is a very good discussion of why trade was . . FairWinds Jan 2017 #147
You didn't respond to my post. Cary Jan 2017 #148
Your post was a deflection from the topic . . FairWinds Jan 2017 #159
You admit that you didn't respond to my post Cary Jan 2017 #160
Because the headline is about Sanders BainsBane Jan 2017 #48
The WA Post had much of the best investigative reporting during the election. pnwmom Jan 2017 #59
I don't normally compliment posters instead of just their ideas Uponthegears Jan 2017 #79
Thank you, Uponthegears. pnwmom Jan 2017 #81
Bernie supporter here. retrowire Jan 2017 #29
Great! BainsBane Jan 2017 #30
KnR. I hope the majority of Dems can come together on the issue of understanding Trump Hekate Jan 2017 #33
One of those few times I've agreed with Charles Krauthammer NewJeffCT Jan 2017 #49
Krauthammer said it perfectly, didn't he? The Conservative intelligentsia jumped ship.... Hekate Jan 2017 #74
Get over Bernie Sanders... Raster Jan 2017 #37
My sentiments exactly. Mr. Evil Jan 2017 #38
Can we get past the point BainsBane Jan 2017 #44
Not only that, but this is discussion of current events. kcr Jan 2017 #85
It is precisely that reaction BainsBane Jan 2017 #94
Exactly! LisaM Jan 2017 #132
Thank you. dgauss Jan 2017 #40
Sadly some are fooled BainsBane Jan 2017 #42
really? fooled about what exactly? Can you go into detail here, as in specific posts? nt JCanete Jan 2017 #120
Go to the locked thread in LBN BainsBane Jan 2017 #124
K&R mcar Jan 2017 #43
I'm delighted to rec this post...nt SidDithers Jan 2017 #45
I don't read any praise of Trump in this statement. Snotcicles Jan 2017 #50
The problem is how some of his supporters are interpreting the statement BainsBane Jan 2017 #55
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #53
I think the idea is to play to Trump's need for approval... rwsanders Jan 2017 #54
It may be an effort at rope-a-dope BainsBane Jan 2017 #57
I've always wondered why Bernie was never forthcoming R B Garr Jan 2017 #61
what frustrates me , and I am very pro-trade, is that it lets corporations off the hook.. JHan Jan 2017 #69
Great article Gothmog Jan 2017 #66
So Sanders should support the TPP Goblinmonger Jan 2017 #77
If you want to know my point BainsBane Jan 2017 #82
Sanders is pragmatic. He believes in getting things done. dgauss Jan 2017 #80
Interesting BainsBane Jan 2017 #83
True, but the range of options was a little different at that time. dgauss Jan 2017 #87
Why posit the question at all? BainsBane Jan 2017 #91
Basically it is a "gaffe." Bernie's human. He makes mistakes like all of us do. emulatorloo Jan 2017 #93
Hmmm. When HRC proposed a $12 min wage mcar Jan 2017 #119
What about the other D US Senators that agree with Bernie on this? Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #90
The other Senators don't lead the headlines BainsBane Jan 2017 #92
DU 12-1-16 by kpete: Bernie Sanders: Trump Got Duped On Carrier Deal Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #97
lol, the concern for who gets the credit for going R B Garr Jan 2017 #99
LOL Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #100
A highly respected newspaper BainsBane Jan 2017 #102
The same as the other US Senators against TPP that commented Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #103
Which is? BainsBane Jan 2017 #112
Quotes from Bernie also in the article. Lots of praise R B Garr Jan 2017 #104
Bernie was against TPP from day one Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #105
So he's praising Donald as a way to draw attention R B Garr Jan 2017 #106
Move On Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #107
The difference is BainsBane Jan 2017 #113
Just who did he convince? Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #121
Go to the locked thread in LBN BainsBane Jan 2017 #127
You should take your own advice. R B Garr Jan 2017 #134
"actions legitimize a mad man" Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #136
Bernie was there, too! LOL, R B Garr Jan 2017 #141
He spoke to the possibility of Trump implementing BainsBane Jan 2017 #101
Like the union men & women that will now build some pipelines or infrastructure? Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #109
So now you're suddenly pro-pipeline? BainsBane Jan 2017 #115
I'm not, I'm pointing out 2 sides to a story (labor is split on it) Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #118
"New leader"? BainsBane Jan 2017 #126
New as of 11-16-16 Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #137
He's the new head of Democratic Outreach. So he's very visible. emulatorloo Jan 2017 #95
See below Omaha Steve Jan 2017 #98
TPP sucked, I don't care what his fuckin reason is, I agree with Bernie on this. frankieallen Jan 2017 #114
Is it too much? BainsBane Jan 2017 #116
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #117
K&R Jamaal510 Jan 2017 #122
So Sanders should have told Trump to support TPP. HassleCat Jan 2017 #131
? BainsBane Jan 2017 #135
No, just no praised him ... its that simple ... Benedict Donald doesn't get any praise for anything uponit7771 Jan 2017 #140
Thank you for stopping the deflection. Cha Jan 2017 #144
K&R betsuni Jan 2017 #138
Christianne Amanpour.. Cha Jan 2017 #145
This is not dangerous. Its consistency. Its integrity. aikoaiko Jan 2017 #149
Integrity BainsBane Jan 2017 #150
I didn't say/suggest that Ds didn't have integrity or should spend their days praising Trump aikoaiko Jan 2017 #152
grandstanding Disruption Jan 2017 #151
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #153
He's promising shit jobs with no protection. 6000eliot Jan 2017 #157
lulz Rex Jan 2017 #161
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