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62. GO FUND ME page for CNN!
Tue Jan 31, 2017, 08:28 PM
Jan 2017

Just kidding. CNN will do fine if we:

Turn on, tune in, drop out of the crazy WH bull-shitstorm.

White House ices out CNN. [View all] kstewart33 Jan 2017 OP
probably increase their ratings OKNancy Jan 2017 #1
Definitely a plus! NoGoodNamesLeft Jan 2017 #54
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2017 #96
I NEVER watch CNN! BUT, I WILL now! dmr Feb 2017 #109
I;ve now taken to watching Jake Tapper on CNN instead of the ex-Fox garbage pkdu Jan 2017 #2
Me too. kstewart33 Jan 2017 #37
"Jake" Tapper mtngirl47 Jan 2017 #45
Welcome to DU, mtngirl47! calimary Jan 2017 #86
Same here. EOM elfin Jan 2017 #56
You mean I may be able to enjoy hours on end of NO Kellyanne CONway? calimary Jan 2017 #84
Agree with every word , cant watch MSNBC til 4pm Pacific, nt pkdu Jan 2017 #93
I actually ran into Jacob Soboroff (MSNBC new young "Road Warrior") calimary Jan 2017 #99
Greta Van Sewagewoman Alice11111 Feb 2017 #106
I've started referring to her as Greta Van FoxNews. calimary Feb 2017 #118
It's enough to send me back to CNN and the terrible panels Alice11111 Feb 2017 #119
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2017 #94
That will make it easier to watch. Qutzupalotl Jan 2017 #3
I get ratings but why would I want to watch Phoenix61 Jan 2017 #4
shhhhhhhh Afromania Jan 2017 #5
CNN has not been approved by TPM. lpbk2713 Jan 2017 #6
I quite watching CNN for several years but I watch them all the time now. Jim Beard Jan 2017 #7
Then CNN should use Randy Rainbow's technique Freethinker65 Jan 2017 #8
Good, then those the regime will have a voice. sinkingfeeling Jan 2017 #9
Good Dem2 Jan 2017 #10
They can practice channeling the ghost of Izzy Stone struggle4progress Jan 2017 #11
You always have good references. Dark n Stormy Knight Jan 2017 #36
Well, now that CNN doesn't... Else You Are Mad Jan 2017 #12
Exactly! The Sand Reckoner Jan 2017 #81
Thank god! Blue Idaho Jan 2017 #13
I've taken to watching them since then. herding cats Jan 2017 #14
Any word on MSNBC? briv1016 Jan 2017 #15
I downgraded my service on November 9th, so I don't receive any of them, but as far as MSNBC is still_one Jan 2017 #87
I couldn't have said it better!!! Stellar Feb 2017 #112
Greta's awful. Tweety's got his nose up Trumpy's butt. Eyeball_Kid Feb 2017 #101
Hayes? briv1016 Feb 2017 #105
Now I only watch Lawrence O'Donnell, Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid... Stellar Feb 2017 #114
Who would want to continually interview a bunch of liars and creatures fabricating alternative facts democratisphere Jan 2017 #16
I caught the last half hour of Wolf Blitzer and he and his panel were BRUTAL PA Democrat Jan 2017 #17
Thank God....a safe haven from having to listen to Kellyanne Conway! Tanuki Jan 2017 #18
Nice to know I won't have to worry about seeing and hearing The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2017 #19
Yeah! Two sphincters at once in the WHite house. Auntie Bush Jan 2017 #90
"The white house has refused to send its surrogates onto CNN shows"... YES! I find myself watching skylucy Jan 2017 #20
You mean, no KellyAnn Conway? meadowlark5 Jan 2017 #21
Hopefully this will give them impetus to relentlessly pursue the truth etherealtruth Jan 2017 #22
Good. Now CNN can go full resistance mode. roamer65 Jan 2017 #23
A Ratings Bonanza For CNN!!!!! Yeah!!!! No More KellyAnne!!!!!.....nt global1 Jan 2017 #24
oh yes CNN will bdamomma Jan 2017 #49
Ooo! I can return to CNN and not have to suffer through those... Guilded Lilly Jan 2017 #25
Now if they could just move Wolf Blitzer out BumRushDaShow Jan 2017 #26
Blitzer out! Olbermann in! SCVDem Jan 2017 #83
Keith would be a perfect replacement BumRushDaShow Feb 2017 #108
Why would they want liars like Kelly Ann Conway anyhow? myrna minx Jan 2017 #27
Other networks should refuse to air Administration Pantagruel Jan 2017 #28
JUST start watching CNN. Why is this complicated? Blue_true Jan 2017 #47
Is this supposed to be a bad thing? TrekLuver Jan 2017 #29
That's a two edged sword. Turbineguy Jan 2017 #30
It makes me more likely to watch CNN radical noodle Jan 2017 #31
I just sent them an email and told them that I would tune in there first meadowlark5 Jan 2017 #32
Good. maybe we can have some DEMS on? cnn? Cha Jan 2017 #33
SCARY.... The_Voice_of_Reason Jan 2017 #34
Then respond to the nazism by watching CNN Blue_true Jan 2017 #50
No Kellyanne no matter how much CNN begs? no_hypocrisy Jan 2017 #35
Good. The less we hear their BS the better! ffr Jan 2017 #38
Such delicate little Snowflakes underpants Jan 2017 #39
They should reciprocate malaise Jan 2017 #40
CNN is the place to watch jeanmarc Jan 2017 #41
Tune into CNN and drop most of MSNBC. Blue_true Jan 2017 #42
Good. We don't need to hear therir Gish Gallop BS. OTOH, other networks should tblue37 Jan 2017 #43
I have really enjoyed the recent CNN specials Chipper Chat Jan 2017 #44
Great! Maybe people will hear the truth instead of propaganda from those foul, vile catbyte Jan 2017 #46
First they came for cnn Achilleaze Jan 2017 #48
WH seems to be only interested in friendly media... that's pretty much US only. mwooldri Jan 2017 #51
It's all about their factual reporting on the briefing of the existence of the dossier MadBadger Jan 2017 #52
NO network - MSNBC and Rachel and Chris's fawning over KAC - should ask any to come on. nt Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2017 #53
CNN Can still report the facts. They don't require the lying assholes be there for that. bitterross Jan 2017 #55
I think they should go Full Fox "News" on the Administration..... concreteblue Jan 2017 #57
The only cable network I've been watching is CNN meow2u3 Jan 2017 #58
I will watch them more now JDC Jan 2017 #59
Yay... Mike Nelson Jan 2017 #60
Chris Matthews is the point of the spear on outing Trumps bullshit...... Old Vet Jan 2017 #74
I must be missing something. If Tweety's mean to Trumpy, it means that... Eyeball_Kid Feb 2017 #103
YES! wildeyed Jan 2017 #61
GO FUND ME page for CNN! slumcamper Jan 2017 #62
All the more reason to watch CNN BainsBane Jan 2017 #63
I watch New Day every morning at 6:00. Cuomo and Camerota are the best in the AM. mobeau69 Jan 2017 #64
I watch too but I like Cuomo but... coco22 Jan 2017 #75
More time to tell the truth, not having to air the lies of the *45 admin. Thor_MN Jan 2017 #65
This explains another post about Wolf kissing Donnie's A$$ tonight. sarcasmo Jan 2017 #66
I've noticed that CNN has gotten a lot better at calling the administration out for their lies.. -Steph- Jan 2017 #67
And MSNBC is a mixed bag now - Greta kissing ass and talk about Joy Reid leaving ... bettyellen Jan 2017 #76
I'll turn to CNN now and forget fox lite msnbc kimbutgar Jan 2017 #68
Gives CNN the opportunity to be a real news organization. randr Jan 2017 #69
Good riddance to bad rubbish vlyons Jan 2017 #70
Make enemies with the press HopeAgain Jan 2017 #71
CNN should just frame it as Mr.Bill Jan 2017 #72
Yes exactly. Call Trump a coward. Liberty Belle Jan 2017 #80
Our response needs to be letters to the other networks. missingthebigdog Jan 2017 #73
I would be more interested in watching CNN elmac Jan 2017 #77
I'm not being snarky when I say that this means more time will be spent on actual news renate Jan 2017 #78
For such bullies, they sure are weak n/t hibbing Jan 2017 #79
Addition by subtraction DeminPennswoods Jan 2017 #82
I guess when we all wake up in twilight zone then that's how things work nolabels Jan 2017 #98
Addition by subtraction means DeminPennswoods Feb 2017 #107
I have noticed that much and or in the 96% or so nolabels Feb 2017 #121
been TeddyBear 1 Jan 2017 #85
So, CNN can bring on "News Contributors" just like Fox "News" does. W T F Jan 2017 #88
Might watch now that I don't have to kacekwl Jan 2017 #89
You mean I'm safe from Crackyanne, OMGarosa and I'm With Stupid? politicat Jan 2017 #91
"promoting our agenda" of chaos and destruction milestogo Jan 2017 #92
They should wear it as a badge of honor, and start doing real news reporting. Crunchy Frog Jan 2017 #95
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2017 #97
I hope CNN wears this like a badge of honor, and double down on investigative journalism.... Hekate Feb 2017 #100
If true, congrats to CNN. I hate watching the Liar Platoon wherever they appear. Eyeball_Kid Feb 2017 #102
I think that's great CajunBlazer Feb 2017 #104
This is Freedom of ( some of ) the press. Stellar Feb 2017 #110
It's obvious what they're doing. Trump wants an echo chamber Oneironaut Feb 2017 #111
Let CNN know HAB911 Feb 2017 #113
White House ices out CNN Zebby Feb 2017 #115
Great news for CNN Candide350 Feb 2017 #116
All news networks should ban the Progressive dog Feb 2017 #117
Who they fear. n/t Orsino Feb 2017 #120
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