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126. Divisive thread.
Sun Feb 26, 2017, 04:11 PM
Feb 2017

You should stick your witch hunt where the sun don't shine.

The fact this thread can exist when DU has rules against threads that are divisive to the group says so much about how far DU has fallen since the W days.

This has become a very, "Do as I say, not as I do.", forum.

a-yup. Very well organized. Grassroots. Regular people fighting and leading. boston bean Feb 2017 #1
Yes!! To me that matters more than who is leading the group bravenak Feb 2017 #2
Yes indeed! To everything you just said, brave. calimary Feb 2017 #123
I was asked to be on the planning committee for my county's Indivisible group Gothmog Feb 2017 #188
Please do. I want to form a group here and need help bravenak Feb 2017 #189
I know Texas law Gothmog Feb 2017 #191
Thank you, Alaska is weird since we don't actually have law schools and stuff bravenak Feb 2017 #192
Here is a link to INDIVIDIBLE for those looking to link up locally and download the guide! Maru Kitteh Feb 2017 #180
YES !!! This should be a sticky, there are way more people who didn't vote that are available than.. uponit7771 Feb 2017 #3
I know quite a few non voters who regret their decision bravenak Feb 2017 #6
"One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." greatauntoftriplets Feb 2017 #4
Yes. That's what we want bravenak Feb 2017 #10
To me, that's what this nation is all about. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2017 #47
To me too bravenak Feb 2017 #50
The Perfect line malaise Feb 2017 #22
I said this every day of grade and high school (not college). greatauntoftriplets Feb 2017 #48
The belief in that line is the reason for HOPE malaise Feb 2017 #96
I hope so. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2017 #107
If you had included Our Revolution types or Bernie-supporters in your list aikoaiko Feb 2017 #5
I am stating MY PREFERENCE of style bravenak Feb 2017 #8
My point is you marginalized a group and group members who aikoaiko Feb 2017 #24
No i did not. I said one group is better. bravenak Feb 2017 #25
I hope Indivisible continues to welcome Bernie-supporters and Our Revolution members aikoaiko Feb 2017 #38
In my borough group JustAnotherGen Feb 2017 #58
You just gave a perfect example of how to get shit done. bravenak Feb 2017 #63
Glad to hear it. I know that Bernie supporters are part of the solution. aikoaiko Feb 2017 #67
The caveat to that JustAnotherGen Feb 2017 #217
+1000 sheshe2 Feb 2017 #228
This is the way to do it! mcar Feb 2017 #88
This is the way to go... oldcynic Feb 2017 #124
We have former Bernie supporters murielm99 Feb 2017 #57
I'm glad they are there. I know they are there. aikoaiko Feb 2017 #65
We often find evidence of what we want to find LanternWaste Feb 2017 #229
If anything, Berniacs seem to be spoiling for a fight. Capn Sunshine Feb 2017 #98
We shouldn't be labelling ourselves as supporters of this or that mcar Feb 2017 #73
But we are not all Democrats. aikoaiko Feb 2017 #83
We are stronger together mcar Feb 2017 #86
You know I have always supported you. murielm99 Feb 2017 #111
My point exactly mcar Feb 2017 #115
I would argue it is. I'm a 2017 Bernie supporter aikoaiko Feb 2017 #184
"...moderate Republicans" Ligyron Feb 2017 #143
Here we go again NastyRiffraff Feb 2017 #79
Thank you for noticing my consistency. Words matter, though. aikoaiko Feb 2017 #84
I'm pretty sure she doesn't care NastyRiffraff Feb 2017 #93
I did not mention EITHER candidate. On purpose. Because it's not about the candidate. It's us. bravenak Feb 2017 #159
Right. aikoaiko Feb 2017 #183
You'll supply us with objective evidence to support your allegation, yes? LanternWaste Feb 2017 #230
I wrote an affirmative declaration as a response to her statement. aikoaiko Feb 2017 #238
Everyone was included by the OP. You saw groups you Blue_true Feb 2017 #119
I am helping both Community Action Network group and the Invisible group in my county Gothmog Feb 2017 #190
Do you not like the word manifesto? Which manifesto was alluded to? aikoaiko Feb 2017 #193
In Texas, this word is not a good way to win voters Gothmog Feb 2017 #196
Very active, focused on getting new people into the process and training them to run for office. JudyM Feb 2017 #203
These groups work together. milestogo Feb 2017 #7
I prefer Indivisible bravenak Feb 2017 #9
It's not an either/or choice meadowlander Feb 2017 #27
I see nothing wrong with primarying a Dem with a Dem. Else You Are Mad Feb 2017 #29
At a time when we need more Dems, I think it's a bad idea to give repubs a chance to steal a seat bravenak Feb 2017 #36
Valid point. Else You Are Mad Feb 2017 #43
I can see that, but only primary if the new person can win bravenak Feb 2017 #51
Agreed. Else You Are Mad Feb 2017 #60
Good idea. Experience in local politics is a good indicator of future success. bravenak Feb 2017 #62
only primary someone in a safe Democratic seat... say like Tulsi Gabbard OKNancy Feb 2017 #112
Oh hell yeah bravenak Feb 2017 #132
Not now mcar Feb 2017 #95
No thanks to democracy? StubbornThings Feb 2017 #128
Invalid response bravenak Feb 2017 #130
You said it. Not me. StubbornThings Feb 2017 #131
Why are you asking why? bravenak Feb 2017 #133
Because I'm wondering why you're against democracy? StubbornThings Feb 2017 #135
How is my suggesting peopke join indivisible being against democracy? bravenak Feb 2017 #138
"I saw some of the our revolution types threatening to primary dems. No thanks." StubbornThings Feb 2017 #141
Why am I not allowed to be against primarying my own allies? bravenak Feb 2017 #144
I didn't say you weren't allowed to be against democracy. StubbornThings Feb 2017 #153
I'm against fighitng my allies while the new Hitler is tossing my relatives into boxcars bravenak Feb 2017 #157
I heard you the first three or four times you said it. nt StubbornThings Feb 2017 #158
Yet, here you remain. bravenak Feb 2017 #160
LOL! Welcome to DU. Who sent you? And why do you hate puppies? WTF! Squinch Feb 2017 #179
Agreed. As I stated in post 11, I do not see competition. guillaumeb Feb 2017 #12
+1 n/t CousinIT Feb 2017 #206
There are a few Indivisible groups in my area. guillaumeb Feb 2017 #11
Good! bravenak Feb 2017 #20
The people fighting back at town halls probably won't join groups leftstreet Feb 2017 #13
Many of them are in groups bravenak Feb 2017 #15
Yes, they are. That is how many I know became more involved. n/t susanna Feb 2017 #213
Yes. We should welcome that energy, people are responding to us bravenak Feb 2017 #214
I completely agree. n/t susanna Feb 2017 #215
This should have 500 recs malaise Feb 2017 #14
Thank you :) bravenak Feb 2017 #17
One group is run by Jeff Weaver. The other isn't. SaschaHM Feb 2017 #16
Bingo!!!! bravenak Feb 2017 #18
So you only want unity if Bernie or anyone associated with him has nothing to do with it? MelissaB Feb 2017 #23
I'd take bernie over Weaver ANY DAY bravenak Feb 2017 #28
That's a completly different reason than what you said a long time ago MelissaB Feb 2017 #41
I said a long time ago that it was his fans not him that turned me off bravenak Feb 2017 #46
Here's a weaver tweet after Tom won.. Cha Feb 2017 #34
I cannot believe he is still up to that same shit bravenak Feb 2017 #39
Fucking insulting shit.. he drives everyone away who's Cha Feb 2017 #44
Some people never learn mcar Feb 2017 #100
he doesn't want to.. his personaity is to insult Cha Feb 2017 #103
Did you see the nasty statement he put out about Perez winning? SaschaHM Feb 2017 #64
That's the shit right there that turns me the hell off bravenak Feb 2017 #66
I was at an Indivisible meeting Wednesday night with a large turnout Gothmog Feb 2017 #19
It's so much more than the Tea Party ever was bravenak Feb 2017 #30
It was amazing Gothmog Feb 2017 #186
I think this is a sign of good thing to come if we fight bravenak Feb 2017 #187
"Don't let purity politics destroy this chance we have to build up momentum..." MelissaB Feb 2017 #21
I like it. Whatever works. The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2017 #26
I love it! Thanks brave! Cha Feb 2017 #31
I am so damn excited bravenak Feb 2017 #32
Locally, yes. Nationally, I disagree... Wounded Bear Feb 2017 #33
I agree with you mostly bravenak Feb 2017 #49
At least that group knows who the real enemy is... and it's not us nini Feb 2017 #35
That's amazing to me. bravenak Feb 2017 #56
seriously.. these people who used to tire of my political rants finally are as pissed as I am nini Feb 2017 #199
I love it. Even my republican cousin changed his registration bravenak Feb 2017 #200
Can't they work together? Talk Is Cheap Feb 2017 #37
Of course they can work together. Indivisible means just that, indivisible. I love it bravenak Feb 2017 #52
If I follow your logic... Talk Is Cheap Feb 2017 #68
Where did I say that or anything like that? bravenak Feb 2017 #72
Ok,then, your post was a bit cryptic... Talk Is Cheap Feb 2017 #77
I said join a group like indivisiblE bravenak Feb 2017 #89
I'm in one and I love it LeftInTX Feb 2017 #40
Awesome!!! bravenak Feb 2017 #54
I will not stand for any attempt to hijack the Democratic Party. nt oasis Feb 2017 #42
Too late, it was hijacked a while back randr Feb 2017 #45
Me neither bravenak Feb 2017 #55
IMHO, it is not about "hijacking" anything... Wounded Bear Feb 2017 #59
I'm willing to have patience with our existing leadership. I trust oasis Feb 2017 #109
What is the vision? oldcynic Feb 2017 #168
You are so right! n/t murielm99 Feb 2017 #53
Totally agree. Spot on as usual, bravenak. SunSeeker Feb 2017 #61
I like it too mcar Feb 2017 #69
Me too. I see these groups as more impactful bravenak Feb 2017 #76
Ironic that this OP is actually divisive. KPN Feb 2017 #70
How is it divisive? bravenak Feb 2017 #75
It's pretty clear I think. KPN Feb 2017 #81
I have no clue what you mean bravenak Feb 2017 #82
I think you do ... you are an intelligent person from what I've seen. KPN Feb 2017 #85
It's only divisive if people refuse to drop their grudges and move into the nos bravenak Feb 2017 #92
And move into the "nos"? Not sure what that means. KPN Feb 2017 #101
But what you are doing is fine? bravenak Feb 2017 #127
Really? KPN Feb 2017 #210
Not everything is about him bravenak Feb 2017 #212
No it's not. NurseJackie Feb 2017 #78
Yes! You are absolutely correct. Even their NAME is better. "Indivisible" suggests unity, while ... NurseJackie Feb 2017 #71
That's it, exactly! bravenak Feb 2017 #74
Is Indivisible even a group? It strikes me way more as a political strategy, which bullwinkle428 Feb 2017 #80
+1000000 MarvinGardens Feb 2017 #87
Both play an.... zentrum Feb 2017 #90
We are not going gentle into that goodnight bravenak Feb 2017 #154
We have the same goals zentrum Feb 2017 #161
+1000, Bravenak. Hortensis Feb 2017 #91
I joined the indivisible group LittleGirl Feb 2017 #94
See? That's how we win!! Goid on you guy, I'm down to pull moderates to our side bravenak Feb 2017 #151
Yep, normal people that LittleGirl Feb 2017 #155
It's really up to us gwheezie Feb 2017 #97
Thank you guys for that. That was the reason that Ronan guy was not my style. bravenak Feb 2017 #149
There's an Indivisible group in my red county! mcar Feb 2017 #99
Is t it two if we include you? ;-). Grow that group please! bettyellen Feb 2017 #104
Oh I plan to mcar Feb 2017 #106
I hope you join him soon!! Two is better than one! bravenak Feb 2017 #146
Well said Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2017 #102
It has been so stressful bravenak Feb 2017 #165
KnR Hekate Feb 2017 #105
I signed up to the Tulsa group just last week OKNancy Feb 2017 #108
I signed up too. Things move slower here but we still work hard. bravenak Feb 2017 #145
indivisible is an umbrella group MyMission Feb 2017 #110
That's why I said find a group and join. bravenak Feb 2017 #142
K&R smirkymonkey Feb 2017 #113
I support both and we need both (nt) bekkilyn Feb 2017 #114
I'm a member of 2 Indivisible groups in Texas. It feels empowering cry baby Feb 2017 #116
I know it is great! LeftInTX Feb 2017 #125
K&R Starry Messenger Feb 2017 #117
YES LETS COMPETE WITH ONE ANOTHER! retrowire Feb 2017 #118
You move on. Indivisible did not exist until Trump. This op is about now. Maybe it's you who need bravenak Feb 2017 #140
The first has a positive connotation, the second a negative connotation. One implies.... George II Feb 2017 #120
One seems to imply a violent struggle. I don't want that. I want unity. bravenak Feb 2017 #136
OK .. ananda Feb 2017 #121
Why am I not allowed to prefer one over another? And to say so? bravenak Feb 2017 #139
Flamebait OPs like this BlueWI Feb 2017 #122
My stating my preference is not flamebait bravenak Feb 2017 #137
Your preference has been stated repeatedly in many forums BlueWI Feb 2017 #148
This is strategy. bravenak Feb 2017 #150
LISTEN TO YOURSELVES oldcynic Feb 2017 #147
This thread is Democracy with very little action. BlueWI Feb 2017 #162
This op is a CALL TO ACTION bravenak Feb 2017 #166
Is that what you joined to say? Seems odd. Squinch Feb 2017 #182
I've been a member since about 2003. BlueWI Mar 2017 #239
Hi BlueWI DesertRat Mar 2017 #240
Divisive thread. Buddyblazon Feb 2017 #126
Way to flame out. nt JTFrog Feb 2017 #129
Move on then bravenak Feb 2017 #134
Agree Completely -nt Piasladic Feb 2017 #152
as long as its democratic & not republican lite. pansypoo53219 Feb 2017 #156
You don't seem to know what Indivisible is BainsBane Feb 2017 #173
I like the idea of unity as well Kimchijeon Feb 2017 #163
They have whole sites dedicated to watching us fight. bravenak Feb 2017 #167
I prefer Indivisible myself. leftofcool Feb 2017 #164
It's more impactful, it has bigger goals, imo, and a better chance of working bravenak Feb 2017 #171
JMHO, but the Indivisible Guide is helpful to ANY resistance against the GOP and Cheeto-in-Charge. moriah Feb 2017 #169
I think so too, I listened to the podcast as soon as it came out. Brilliant. bravenak Feb 2017 #170
All hands on deck BainsBane Feb 2017 #172
I just have my preference bravenak Feb 2017 #174
Oh, I have mine as well BainsBane Feb 2017 #175
Just seeing OFA typed out make me miss Obama. bravenak Feb 2017 #177
Always right on the money, Bravenak. nikibatts Feb 2017 #176
Right? That word is unifying bravenak Feb 2017 #178
Both have value. Too many Dems have yet to admit why they have lost Congress and states or yurbud Feb 2017 #181
No way could a far left progressive win my state bravenak Feb 2017 #185
it depends on how you define "far left" in health care debate, some blue dogs were to right of yurbud Feb 2017 #218
That will not win my gun toting neighbors over. bravenak Feb 2017 #222
if it's a rural area, they can keep their guns. If they are farmers, getting Monsanto and the like yurbud Feb 2017 #223
It's alaska. bravenak Feb 2017 #226
What Democratic policies would appeal to them? Which industry do they work in? yurbud Feb 2017 #233
Legalized weed was one. We did pass a minimum wage hike tied to inflation. bravenak Feb 2017 #234
your neighbor likes ever increasing private insurance premiums? or is he already on Medicare? yurbud Feb 2017 #224
Non union electrician. Paid well, is mad right now because our state is pondering an income tax. bravenak Feb 2017 #225
that's the classic red state paradox. Obamacare missed a chance to fix that letting states NOT yurbud Feb 2017 #232
I think it was a court decision that allowed that bravenak Feb 2017 #235
Indivisible bdamomma Feb 2017 #194
They are running so scared of us now bravenak Feb 2017 #195
Great!! bdamomma Feb 2017 #201
Yes. I keep bringing up how Trump wants to let Putin control us. bravenak Feb 2017 #202
It's badass ismnotwasm Feb 2017 #197
I think so too, i'm impressed bravenak Feb 2017 #198
The Indivisible group leaders I know are literally the PTO moms from my kid's school. wildeyed Feb 2017 #204
Yep, that's how folks in my community feel. bravenak Feb 2017 #208
Hell is other people. wildeyed Feb 2017 #209
Agreed. bravenak Feb 2017 #216
Bernie is on our side and & I see no need to pit one against the other. We need BOTH. CousinIT Feb 2017 #205
Then, he can temper his passion with the spirit of brotherhood bravenak Feb 2017 #207
I gravitated to Indivisible myself. susanna Feb 2017 #211
This was posted on another thread. DURHAM D Feb 2017 #219
That's Truth bravenak Feb 2017 #221
2018 & 2020 should prove interesting... disillusioned73 Feb 2017 #220
Far more welcoming, that's for sure. (nt) ehrnst Feb 2017 #227
KnR! sheshe2 Feb 2017 #231
The problem I have with Indivisible is that it's too diffuse... brooklynite Feb 2017 #236
I hope that's not the case bravenak Feb 2017 #237
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