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kickin for votes. seabeyond Jun 2012 #1
kicking again for votes. i should have put something inflammatory to keep it up top seabeyond Jun 2012 #2
k seabeyond Jun 2012 #3
I'm still on the fence, Sea. Ruby the Liberal Jun 2012 #4
i am with you. i see the woes in mandatory. that is tough. i am not seeing the insurance issue seabeyond Jun 2012 #16
It's a baby step - but at least we're going in the right direction. nt TBF Jun 2012 #5
Yeah - ^THIS^ Ruby the Liberal Jun 2012 #9
yes maddezmom Jun 2012 #10
How is private, for-profit healthcare the right direction? leftstreet Jun 2012 #14
The baby step is more folks covered - TBF Jun 2012 #19
We didn't need people in the streets leftstreet Jun 2012 #35
I don't like the privatized part of it at all - TBF Jun 2012 #36
I voted "Good for the people" but... Wounded Bear Jun 2012 #6
It's a mixed blessing. Blue_In_AK Jun 2012 #7
My thoughts exactly. n/t 99Forever Jun 2012 #11
Same here. I agree with how Bernie Sanders put it: GreenPartyVoter Jun 2012 #24
sanders is another i listen to. and reasonably trust. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #33
I'm feeling pretty good about this one. onethatcares Jun 2012 #8
K for votes ~ How do I feel? goclark Jun 2012 #12
Looking for the poisoned pill. It's too soon to know how this will all play out. n/t gkhouston Jun 2012 #13
true. i do get that. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #17
It's a very good ruling for people who can afford insurance n/t leftstreet Jun 2012 #15
Kick for more votes. MineralMan Jun 2012 #18
looking pretty good. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #20
k seabeyond Jun 2012 #21
one more time, then once in the morning for the morning crowd. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #22
This is a slippery slope. n/t Le Taz Hot Jun 2012 #23
A good step in the right direction. limpyhobbler Jun 2012 #25
I'm still not entirely sure I wasn't slipped a Jeffrey Kennah Jun 2012 #26
It was a good legal ruling and therefore a good thing for the judicial branch... Blasphemer Jun 2012 #27
Its a step in the right direction is what I think. madokie Jun 2012 #28
As Bernie Sanders said, A good day for millions of Americans. MADem Jun 2012 #29
Pre existing disease denial is gone lovuian Jun 2012 #30
A good ruling H2O Man Jun 2012 #31
Good ruling. Sans__Culottes Jun 2012 #32
We can do much better. We are far from done. RC Jun 2012 #34
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