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fun n serious

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Sun Apr 30, 2017, 10:30 AM Apr 2017

2020 Mark Zuckerberg or Bernie Sanders? [View all]

Who would you vote for in the primary if your only choices were Mark Zuckerberg or Bernie Sanders?

25 votes, 10 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Mark Zuckerberg
11 (44%)
Bernie Sanders
14 (56%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Depends on knowing all zuckerberg stands for nini Apr 2017 #1
I'm very interested in hearing his positions. fun n serious Apr 2017 #3
I don't want a Republic where we turn to Billionaires for leaders Tom Rinaldo Apr 2017 #13
Hmmmm. . . Jake Stern Apr 2017 #29
Exactly...n/t RazBerryBeret Apr 2017 #34
You don't see a diifference between Trump and MZ? nini Apr 2017 #60
Good answer. MuseRider Apr 2017 #40
Like 45 Was Going To Pay For His? Me. Apr 2017 #65
If Zuckerberg decides to run as a Democrat... WePurrsevere Apr 2017 #10
That sounds fair. fun n serious Apr 2017 #15
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #36
Neither! hrmjustin Apr 2017 #2
Nope, just... nope. nt MANative Apr 2017 #4
Zuckerberg is a POS Cattledog Apr 2017 #5
It looks like he is setting himself up for a run... fun n serious Apr 2017 #7
Jeesus you despise Bernie choie Apr 2017 #46
Policy doesn't change who people are on a personal level NunnesBuznat Apr 2017 #56
Thank you for your concern choie Apr 2017 #58
Syndrome is a medical term to describe a group of anomalies that consistently appear together NunnesBuznat Apr 2017 #64
uh..yeah, you don't choie Apr 2017 #81
Given a choice between the two I'd say MZ Docreed2003 Apr 2017 #6
I agree with you. fun n serious Apr 2017 #8
He announced he was having a fundraiser for Chris Christie. lostnfound Apr 2017 #25
And that's what we need to know... Docreed2003 Apr 2017 #27
Yeah, how is Mark on Pro Choice and Women's Issues and Cha Apr 2017 #9
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #37
Neither panader0 Apr 2017 #11
Agreed Lithos Apr 2017 #66
I chose Zuckerberg ... but I'm assuming he's an actual Democrat, right? NurseJackie Apr 2017 #12
He donated to an organization that helps Planned parenthood... fun n serious Apr 2017 #16
I'd be happy with ANY candidate who didn't spend half his/her time trashing Democrats or the Party. NurseJackie Apr 2017 #19
Me too!! fun n serious Apr 2017 #20
Me Three! redstatebluegirl Apr 2017 #72
This is only if he were the only choice other than BS. fun n serious Apr 2017 #18
That's the thing Jackie... Docreed2003 Apr 2017 #28
I wouldn't be enthused about supporting a career politician who trashes Democrats either, so it's... NurseJackie Apr 2017 #33
Oh, just to be clear, in this alt reality, we're on the same page... Docreed2003 Apr 2017 #35
:-) NurseJackie Apr 2017 #41
;-) Docreed2003 Apr 2017 #42
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #38
I think billionaire celebrity opportunists lapucelle Apr 2017 #14
Yes. That is completely fair, fun n serious Apr 2017 #17
Fuck Zuckerberg Calculating Apr 2017 #21
Vote for the ubergeek WhizKid that allowed Facebook to be Data-mined and Sculpin Beauregard Apr 2017 #74
Zuckerberg seems the opposite of an "old soul" lostnfound Apr 2017 #22
Bernie Jake Stern Apr 2017 #23
There is something deeply sinister about Zuckerberg running for office AngryAmish Apr 2017 #24
NEITHER!!!!!!!!n/t jrthin Apr 2017 #26
We totally need another Leader RazBerryBeret Apr 2017 #30
No... tonedevil Apr 2017 #31
Mark Zuckerberg should be the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee and the nkpolitics1212 Apr 2017 #32
LeBron DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2017 #39
The ones who vote for Zuckerberg are too similar to Trump voters LittleBlue Apr 2017 #43
No. This poll was between only 2 people and if that were your only choice. fun n serious Apr 2017 #45
Sanders has proposed policies LittleBlue Apr 2017 #55
Or they know it's an online poll and doesn't count La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2017 #87
Neither. nikibatts Apr 2017 #44
What a truly AWFUL scenario. A hard Pass on both BannonsLiver Apr 2017 #47
Indeed La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2017 #88
If it were not for the poster WellDarn Apr 2017 #48
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #49
Amen. Straw Man Apr 2017 #50
Actually pass is winning. hrmjustin Apr 2017 #51
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #52
Every poll on DU has a pass option. hrmjustin Apr 2017 #54
eh, it's just a "creative" anti-Bernie thread. m-lekktor Apr 2017 #61
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #62
Bernie all the way! liberalnarb Apr 2017 #53
Neither RandySF Apr 2017 #57
No we can do it Apr 2017 #59
Fuck. The. Zuck. DinahMoeHum Apr 2017 #63
Somebody else. VOX Apr 2017 #67
I would volunteer to let a tech billionaire blast me to Mars Sen. Walter Sobchak Apr 2017 #68
R U fuck n serious? tenderfoot Apr 2017 #69
I would take HRC over Zuckerberg -- Hell Hath No Fury Apr 2017 #70
First time I've ever found "pass" a useful option on a poll. Ms. Toad Apr 2017 #71
Bernie. OBenario4 Apr 2017 #73
I want to see Clinton run. Warren DeMontague Apr 2017 #75
You're forcing folks here to choose between "I hate Bernie Sanders" and "Get Off My Lawn" Warren DeMontague Apr 2017 #76
Fuck CEO presidential candidates with no political experience longship Apr 2017 #77
NEITHER. Bleacher Creature Apr 2017 #78
Neither one leftofcool Apr 2017 #79
NO and NO. democratisphere Apr 2017 #80
You could have put just about anybody against Sanders in the primary and I would have gone for them. Foamfollower Apr 2017 #82
I'm shocked at the level of Zuckerberg support in this poll caraher Apr 2017 #83
Given a choice of nearly anybody vs. Sanders in 2020 primary. Foamfollower Apr 2017 #85
+1. La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2017 #89
One sometimes just picks the least shitty of two choices La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2017 #86
It's just another way of bashing melman Apr 2017 #91
NO on Zuckerberg. FB has entirely too much media control sharedvalues Apr 2017 #84
Why not a poll between Beyonce and Jay Z? progressoid Apr 2017 #90
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