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Tue May 16, 2017, 10:21 AM May 2017

Rec if you believe that republicans are cowards [View all]

I've never seen such spineless, dickless people in my life.

They do not deserve to be called Americans.

Excusing the inexcusable;

Defending the indefensible;

Whitewashing, whispering, ignoring, enabling...

Turning a blind eye to incompetence to further an un American agenda to benefit only millionaires and billionaires.

Rec this thread if you agree that every one of them, without exception, is chickenshit.

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Craven cowards. Zoonart May 2017 #1
And Ryan and McConnell are the #1 un Americans in the swamp world wide wally May 2017 #2
They are users SHRED May 2017 #3
Pandering for Recs? Nitram May 2017 #4
No! superpatriotman May 2017 #47
Highly recommended. benfranklin1776 May 2017 #5
My thoughts exactly, cowards and traitors n/t nightwing1240 May 2017 #6
They're also sweetroxie May 2017 #7
Yellow cowards, traitors, anti-american, closet perverts, mouth drooling science denying idiots workinclasszero May 2017 #8
It's because .... MaeScott May 2017 #9
Not cowards, just calculating hypocrites who love power more than anything else. Bernardo de La Paz May 2017 #10
My thoughts exactly. Enoki33 May 2017 #12
Liars, hypocrites, traitors, corrupt, but not necessarily cowards. Dustlawyer May 2017 #66
Message deleted by DU the Administrators certainot May 2017 #67
Cowardly traitors is what they are. lark May 2017 #11
dickless people. mopinko May 2017 #13
+1000 MineralMan May 2017 #42
yes, cowards barbtries May 2017 #14
They aren't cowards, they are greedy self-serving traitors in my book. KPN May 2017 #15
craven complicit cowards niyad May 2017 #16
They aren't bred for courage or leadership. Orsino May 2017 #17
"Dickless?" MineralMan May 2017 #18
Thank you, I was going to post the same thing. Bernardo de La Paz May 2017 #39
No problem. I don't like sexist terminology, MineralMan May 2017 #41
Dickless as an adjective to describe say, a bull without pecker superpatriotman May 2017 #48
Nah. It's a lazy adjective that assumes that one must have a penis MineralMan May 2017 #52
Yes, it's true ThoughtCriminal May 2017 #62
They are far worse than that... look at KellyAnne! yuiyoshida May 2017 #19
K&R for visibility meow2u3 May 2017 #20
By allowing trump to continue, prairierose May 2017 #21
I'm beginning to believe.... dawnie51 May 2017 #22
Worse than cowards randr May 2017 #23
well, duh. nt Javaman May 2017 #24
"Reichstag Republicans." Chasstev365 May 2017 #25
They are so anxious MFM008 May 2017 #26
They don't care if you think that... benpollard May 2017 #27
Dont forget Soxfan58 May 2017 #28
Only one quibble: Saviolo May 2017 #29
I've come to the conclusion that it's less cowardice and more like-mindedness. catbyte May 2017 #30
Yup, Right Wing Authoritarians and RWA Followers Bernardo de La Paz May 2017 #38
I don't think they're cowards Lunabell May 2017 #31
Then they are duplicitous accomplices superpatriotman May 2017 #49
They can no longer lay claim to the titles Bettie May 2017 #32
For me their actions are proof positive of how intellectually bankrupt as a group they are - NoMoreRepugs May 2017 #33
Not to mention the hipocrisy SpankMe May 2017 #34
Kick.. N_E_1 for Tennis May 2017 #35
The only part I don't agree with is "chickenshit" Mountain Mule May 2017 #36
They would sell their country out for a handful of Chinese yams. njhoneybadger May 2017 #37
Nobody has ever needed a dick to be courageous. n/t countryjake May 2017 #40
Message deleted by DU the Administrators hurple May 2017 #43
Traitors, all Scalded Nun May 2017 #44
I have been saying this for fifteen years DFW May 2017 #45
Well said superpatriotman May 2017 #50
& Sociopaths.. disillusioned73 May 2017 #46
It is not that they are cowards drmeow May 2017 #51
Yes, but cowardice is not the main problem IMO RandomAccess May 2017 #53
Cowards??? relayerbob May 2017 #54
Not sure if coward is the right word. Lucky Luciano May 2017 #55
Sorry I cant do a rec for that cstanleytech May 2017 #56
They are actually worse than cowards jimlup May 2017 #57
They are brave the gop as brave as are goldfish TEB May 2017 #58
I think they are brazen criminals. diane in sf May 2017 #59
More than anything, corrupt. The party is corrupt to the core. nt Hekate May 2017 #60
The rec button is broken... JHB May 2017 #61
Mitch McConnell often appears to be a turtle caught in the headlights, BUT.... AntiFascist May 2017 #63
They don't give a damn about the country.. coco22 May 2017 #64
I don't think they're cowardly Astraea May 2017 #65
Greedy, arrogant and selfish. Brave enough to not care what We the People think about it, too. Crash2Parties May 2017 #68
I've been calling them traitorous, lying, cowardly bastards for years. bearssoapbox May 2017 #69
Cowards. Traitors. SusanaMontana41 May 2017 #70
K&R brush May 2017 #71
It's getting worse this morning superpatriotman May 2017 #72
AND their diehard supporters -that 38%- that believe everything they hear on 'BEAR FailureToCommunicate May 2017 #73
massive k&r They_Live May 2017 #74
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