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4. I confine my news consumption to limited outlets.
Fri Jul 7, 2017, 11:05 AM
Jul 2017

I read the New York Times every day, as well as articles from the Washington Post. Plus a few websites (TPM, Vox). If I turn to television at all, it is to a brief dose of PBS NewsHour. Otherwise, I avoid the cable talk outlets pretty much altogether (I don't consider any of them to be "news&quot , unless some crisis story is breaking. There's enough chatter here on DU to keep me updated on the daily shenanigans of cable shows.

I find that watching TV political chatter is very stress inducing, and for what? It's mostly only chitter chatter and conjecture. I can get all the information I need from newspapers and I don't need to have my opinions about the news reinforced: I am perfectly capable of forming my own opinions and sticking to them. Neither do I ever need to tune into opposing opinions: I don't need the rush of yelling at the TV.

My days of being addicted to cable news during the Bush years have been long gone. I found it got me nowhere but roused or agitated. And who needs that. I'm glad I beat that addiction.

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