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33. We knew the risk we were taking
Fri Jul 28, 2017, 04:05 PM
Jul 2017

The reason LBJ was the VP for Kennedy was because he need to shore up his support in southern states, especially Texas, to counter the Dixiecrat party that sprung up after we forcibly desegregated the party. They actually got a few EC votes that year. The reason Kennedy was in Dallas was because he was in fear of losing the state in the next election. Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms were democrats until we forcibly desegregated the party. It was the beginning of a sea change in national politics and has cost us elections over the years. But I'm not prepared to say it was wrong. The point is, that the measure of whether something should be done/supported/advocated is not the measure of how it will help us win an election, but whether it is worthy of our support.

We never would have desegregated the party zipplewrath Jul 2017 #1
Prove it Cary Jul 2017 #4
We knew the risk we were taking zipplewrath Jul 2017 #33
The GOP Southern Strategy was a GOP concept Gothmog Jul 2017 #9
What does one have to do with the other? George II Jul 2017 #13
We occasionally have to risk losing zipplewrath Jul 2017 #32
If the second leads to winning elections at the cost of standing for something, JCanete Jul 2017 #2
boring Cary Jul 2017 #3
what a fucking embarrassing response. Why pose a question if you don't want to engage in it? JCanete Jul 2017 #5
It was direct, to the point, and succinct Cary Jul 2017 #8
what I got out of it was that you didn't have an intelligent counterargument, so settled on petty. JCanete Jul 2017 #10
I see. My error. Cary Jul 2017 #12
boring and incredibly self-defeating and unrealistic. R B Garr Jul 2017 #6
And presumptuous Cary Jul 2017 #7
good job...put up a straw man you have no evidence for in anything I've said, and then have a circle JCanete Jul 2017 #11
This was an actual quote from an actual post.... R B Garr Jul 2017 #15
since you're quoting me, what does that quote mean to you that you object to? nt JCanete Jul 2017 #23
Purity and or Perfection sheshe2 Jul 2017 #19
Thanks She! Cary Jul 2017 #21
We will persist! sheshe2 Jul 2017 #25
Yes we will. brer cat Jul 2017 #29
:) sheshe2 Jul 2017 #31
+1 leftstreet Jul 2017 #20
In spite of some discord and discontent here, it appears we want to win elections. Cary Jul 2017 #14
Duh. Absent that, now and then, gilbert sullivan Jul 2017 #17
Are you suggesting the two choices are irrevocably gilbert sullivan Jul 2017 #16
I find Chuck Schumer today to be demoralizing Cary Jul 2017 #18
He's a politician, not a counselor leftstreet Jul 2017 #27
You're an anonymous poster on an internet board Cary Jul 2017 #28
LOL 'unfettered and undisciplined' n/t leftstreet Jul 2017 #22
Cry Cary Jul 2017 #24
Win first, evolve second. Eliot Rosewater Jul 2017 #26
*This* nt brer cat Jul 2017 #30
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