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Mon Aug 7, 2017, 06:04 PM Aug 2017

The Rude Pundit: Your Stupid Fight About Who's a Better Democrat Is Stupid [View all]

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The Rude Pundit

Proudly lowering the level of political discourse
Your Stupid Fight About Who's a Better Democrat Is Stupid

If my house is ever on fire, I won't give a shit who comes to put it out. I won't ask them who they voted for, I won't ask them where they're from, I won't ask a goddamned thing except that they put the fire out. In fact, while my house is burning, I don't even care if lack of fire safety on the part of the fire department is what caused the fire. I just want the fire out. I wanna make sure everyone in the other apartments get out okay. I want the animals to be safe. I don't want the fire to jump to other buildings on this block. And I wanna try to save some of my shit. I won't stop each firefighter and say, "Whoa, whoa, did you fill up the fire truck with BP gas today? No, you don't get to break down the door and rescue that baby."

And when the fucking fire is out, hopefully there's enough there to rebuild. That's when I'm gonna wanna know: what the hell went wrong? Did the building inspectors fuck up? Can we come up with better ways to fight fires? And do we need to recruit a better group of fire fighters? That's when we should make it better.

The feeling I get when I see the Twitter wars and meme battles on Facebook and Instagram and comment threads of the damned in too many other places is that Democrats across the board just need to shut the fuck up already and fight the fire. For the world is burning before our eyes. One by one, the very things that made the nation a relatively stable liberal democracy (I said, "relatively" ) are being burned like fields of diseased corn. Donald Trump and Republican majorities in the Congress and in state legislatures around the country are successfully reconfiguring the way the nation functions, right down to the right to vote. If someone is going to put themselves out there to successfully challenge the arsonists, then I'm gonna support them, whether they're a corporate teat-sucker who wants to get back to the pre-Trump status quo or a socialist maniac ready to reconfigure the social contract to make it tilt to the poor and disempowered.



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OMG... THANK YOU! Zoonart Aug 2017 #1
Sadly, the left/center left in many countries tends to be exactly like that. sandensea Aug 2017 #8
Don't be dAft. Just make sure they want onit2day Aug 2017 #47
Yup. The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2017 #2
What MATTERS.... BittyJenkins Aug 2017 #3
"Not pure enough" What does that even mean onit2day Aug 2017 #48
Highly recommended democrank Aug 2017 #4
Thank you! docgee Aug 2017 #5
excellent! thank you tiredtoo Aug 2017 #6
K&R mountain grammy Aug 2017 #7
It Sure Seems That Way Leith Aug 2017 #16
No it's out there everywhere besides here. Same spiel as here . lunasun Aug 2017 #17
Kick and Rec! LiberalLovinLug Aug 2017 #9
Anybody who expects top-down change lives in dreamland. longship Aug 2017 #20
I agree LiberalLovinLug Aug 2017 #31
So agree about the Oval Office Phoenix61 Aug 2017 #33
+1000 Pachamama Aug 2017 #51
It's the last gasp of the DLC. This purity thing onit2day Aug 2017 #50
You might want to read that OP again. Squinch Aug 2017 #59
I have to post Rude's two end notes here. longship Aug 2017 #10
I made the same point as The Rude One today Dustlawyer Aug 2017 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author left-of-center2012 Aug 2017 #32
I take him to mean in an anti Bernie thread he was posting within dsc Aug 2017 #37
I apologize for not being clear in a couple of respects. Dustlawyer Aug 2017 #40
Well, seems to me it IS up to THEM to come back and unite with the rest of us. calimary Aug 2017 #68
Don't shoot each other dogandturtlemom Aug 2017 #11
I love Democrats! ismnotwasm Aug 2017 #12
Nailed it msdogi Aug 2017 #13
Kinds reminds me of all Cryptoad Aug 2017 #14
Apparently they all agree that it's President Drumpf. longship Aug 2017 #24
Sabotage? FuzzyRabbit Aug 2017 #15
Agree dogandturtlemom Aug 2017 #18
Success to disruptors is for Dems to actually lose more seats than we have now lunasun Aug 2017 #19
And I agree ... Greywing Aug 2017 #26
Not voting for anti-choice candidates, and I'm not going to argue about it. Iggo Aug 2017 #21
And the power of the vote is what counts ... not the argument. I applaud you. n/t Greywing Aug 2017 #27
Thanks for bringing the gasoline! XRubicon Aug 2017 #43
Did you vote for Obama/Biden? Jakes Progress Aug 2017 #56
This. Right now (and right now only) it's the "argue" that's the Squinch Aug 2017 #60
It's simple... Podkayne K Aug 2017 #22
The pundit is on point. iluvtennis Aug 2017 #23
"Let's save the country first." THANK YOU, RUDE PUNDIT!!!! (nt) Paladin Aug 2017 #25
Exactly This. XRubicon Aug 2017 #28
Perfect. The infighting at a time like this is so ridiculous ecstatic Aug 2017 #29
YES! YES! YES! PLEASE Democrats ... let's get our act together & focus on the big picture. CaptainTruth Aug 2017 #34
K&R smirkymonkey Aug 2017 #35
This has to be a sliding... Whiskeytide Aug 2017 #36
As somebody once said, world wide wally Aug 2017 #38
So Rude! zentrum Aug 2017 #39
Yup, this fucking this Arazi Aug 2017 #41
There will always be the purity contingent Blaukraut Aug 2017 #42
So many threads lately that this addresses..... concreteblue Aug 2017 #44
Yes!! 2018 is nigh... time to unite our allies and get busy winning nt riderinthestorm Aug 2017 #45
That's exactly what I was thinking since long before the election. Aristus Aug 2017 #46
Spot. On. Hekate Aug 2017 #49
Great editorial by the Rude One and spot on... Pachamama Aug 2017 #52
OMG! Spot on! Heartstrings Aug 2017 #53
Hell, yeah! Beartracks Aug 2017 #54
Russia added fuel to this and many bit SHRED Aug 2017 #55
Hate to admit it Jakes Progress Aug 2017 #57
Thank You, RP !!!! Nailed it!! DinahMoeHum Aug 2017 #58
It Isn't a Simple Problem Muneraven Aug 2017 #61
I can't agree with "both sides do it" to the same extent. betsuni Aug 2017 #62
The Rude. bullsnarfle Aug 2017 #63
The analogy to the fire department is incomplete. Orsino Aug 2017 #64
YES YES YES!!!!! relayerbob Aug 2017 #65
Totally agree DownriverDem Aug 2017 #66
Problem is... Podkayne K Aug 2017 #70
K&R Scurrilous Aug 2017 #67
Not a perfect analogy. HenryWallace Aug 2017 #69
K&R ffr Aug 2017 #71
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