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Wed Aug 16, 2017, 02:16 PM Aug 2017

How Heather Heyer died........a post from ItsGoingDown. [View all]


I was horrified and sickened and angered to read this compelling post.

As a queer, non-binary, anarchist, critical care RN/street medic who was the first responder for Heather Heyer, initiating CPR and, with a team of amazing bystanders, facilitating resuscitation until EMS arrived, I feel a compelling need to tell our story.

When we heard the car crash into our march, I was about 20 feet away from Heather, and I responded immediately to the screams for medics. I arrived to find bystanders holding c-spine traction on Heather’s neck and putting pressure on a deep leg wound to stop the bleeding, and I stopped to assist in controlling the bleed. Within a minute or two, Heather’s respirations slowed and stopped, she lost her pulse, we rolled her onto her back, and I began chest compressions. An EMT street medic provided respiratory supplies, and a bystander with medic training began respirations.

One of the critical aspects of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), which is the advanced form of CPR that trained medics provide, is maintaining chest compressions at an effective depth and speed, with no breaks in compressions. Providing effective chest compressions is exhausting, and to maintain effective compressions, we ideally provide compressions for only two minutes, and take turns with other medics.

In 90 degree heat, this is even more essential. I was horrified to discover, after two minutes of intense, exhausting chest compressions, that a state trooper had forcibly removed the EMT assisting me in resuscitation, as well as other bystanders ready in line for the next round of compressions. The EMT told the state trooper that we were actively resuscitating a patient, but the state trooper physically removed him from the scene anyway.

The rest at the link.

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If this is true I hope her family sues the pants off the police department involved. redstatebluegirl Aug 2017 #1
I agree completely! CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2017 #2
I am back Peggy. I took a break but could not stay away after what happened in VA. redstatebluegirl Aug 2017 #3
CalPeggy, this is all over RW social media but completely unsubstantiated Hortensis Aug 2017 #67
Absolutely. dalton99a Aug 2017 #21
There's a lot of liability ghostsinthemachine Aug 2017 #52
With all the cell phone videos out there I would think GentryDixon Aug 2017 #4
THIS Ligyron Aug 2017 #16
sad Angry Dragon Aug 2017 #5
Holy shit! longship Aug 2017 #6
heartsick k and r niyad Aug 2017 #7
!!!!! riderinthestorm Aug 2017 #8
I really, really need a second source for this. Stonepounder Aug 2017 #9
The first sentence is a huge red flag with sirens and airhorn: Blue_Tires Aug 2017 #17
It's on 4chan, Conservative Cave, other con sites. Must be true. Hortensis Aug 2017 #65
Isn't this account an invasion of the patient's privacy? mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2017 #10
no obamanut2012 Aug 2017 #14
No. If she would have survived it could have been. LeftInTX Aug 2017 #37
No. n/t pnwmom Aug 2017 #57
Oh, holy crap................ oh, my god........... raven mad Aug 2017 #11
is that trooper an idiot? pansypoo53219 Aug 2017 #12
Were there other witnesses or street cameras in the area? Pauldg47 Aug 2017 #28
Sorry, I'm going to need something better Blue_Tires Aug 2017 #13
It doesnt sound that he made this up...he sounds passionate to me. Pauldg47 Aug 2017 #30
So passionate that he couldn't give his name? Blue_Tires Aug 2017 #32
Outrageous if true speaktruthtopower Aug 2017 #15
BIG "IF." Read Yonnie3, for instance, 3 posts down. Hortensis Aug 2017 #66
i doubt very much jeff sessions will investigate this negligent police department spanone Aug 2017 #18
That was premeditated. lpbk2713 Aug 2017 #19
I'm here in Charlottesville and rumors are plentiful and quick to blame police. Yonnie3 Aug 2017 #20
I noticed in the VICE video KT2000 Aug 2017 #22
One thing that would be prominent in their minds is secondaries. AtheistCrusader Aug 2017 #25
I don't get off my farm much, kinda' the nature of the work Rural_Progressive Aug 2017 #43
I tend to agree. I too, attempt to help when shit goes down. AtheistCrusader Aug 2017 #44
+1000 bigtree Aug 2017 #59
The one time I was in a situation remotely similar Nevernose Aug 2017 #49
Definitely need a second source Peggy Arazi Aug 2017 #23
Nurses rock. Ilsa Aug 2017 #24
For those of you who want a second source: I have not seen one. CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2017 #26
Please don't take it that I am accusing you of being hurtful, CaliforniaPeggy Yonnie3 Aug 2017 #36
Medically ignorant, dumb as a stump cop whose idea of "securing the situation" Warpy Aug 2017 #27
Read the other postings Airotciv60 Aug 2017 #29
No, you are completely wrong, it is NOT a neo-Nazi website. Coventina Aug 2017 #33
Actually it seems to be an anarchist site (and one that doesn't really understand what anarchy is). Stonepounder Aug 2017 #40
It's an antifa site. Coventina Aug 2017 #42
This is so fucked up! Initech Aug 2017 #31
This is very sad, but may not have been intentional. forgotmylogin Aug 2017 #34
Moving! K&R You must read to the end, which is only a few paragraphs ffr Aug 2017 #35
Nurses are the front line of HC Loge23 Aug 2017 #38
My friend's daughter was there, very close to Heather. phylny Aug 2017 #39
Thank you! Do let us know what you find out. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2017 #41
She was very close, did not see this happen. phylny Aug 2017 #56
you mean she might still be alive?! barbtries Aug 2017 #45
I'll wait for another source on this but there HAS to be a cell phone video....n/t Bengus81 Aug 2017 #46
Holy crap MFM008 Aug 2017 #47
Lot of detail, sounds like a real nurse attitude mainer Aug 2017 #48
This is exactly why I posted it. I am a retired critical care RN....... CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2017 #53
Any way to verify? Seems there's some doubt based on where the story is being hosted. ffr Aug 2017 #55
That first sentence is a dead giveaway that this is a hoax. scheming daemons Aug 2017 #50
I Googled and didn't come up with anything to corroborate this story ffr Aug 2017 #54
I don't find your post contains ANY evidence to back your claim against it bigtree Aug 2017 #58
It's not credible that someone would begin a sentence with that kind of description of themselves... scheming daemons Aug 2017 #60
WTF malaise Aug 2017 #51
I saw him on MSNBC with his stethoscope around his neck Generic Other Aug 2017 #61
I hope someone took a photo of this nurse's heroic actions & interface w/this trooper. southerncrone Aug 2017 #62
You should be upset, but not for the reasons you think bigman883 Aug 2017 #63
THANK YOU for a very informative post. Hortensis Aug 2017 #64
A few issues with that, nitpicking and conflicts. I'm also suspicious of the story uppityperson Aug 2017 #69
This seems like fake news SecularMotion Aug 2017 #68
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