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16. But wait- I keep reading that Feinstein is old, useless, and in the way!??!1!
Sat Oct 28, 2017, 02:05 PM
Oct 2017

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She's The Man of the Democratic Party Extablishment, keeping down the Young Progressive Firebrands who deserve to walk in off the street and Occupy her chair right now!

Oh man it sucks to be "them"- they need some good lawyers. That's why I don't want to be president o Sunlei Oct 2017 #1
& they better get to it! Monday, Nov 6th is just around the corner. Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #8
Hackabee Slanders has the whole weekend to plan more excuses, lies for Massa Trump Sunlei Oct 2017 #11
She is pissed ! DURHAM D Oct 2017 #2
Am surprised this was not reported. Guess we were pretty busy yesterday! Crazy Friday! Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #4
Normally, I don't like Christmas before Halloween. Sunlei Oct 2017 #12
Woohoo! Christmas before Halloween. Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #19
I am all for keeping this woman in her position. Mediumsizedhand Oct 2017 #3
Haven't you heard? murielm99 Oct 2017 #9
I have heard. Further, I reject. Seems like we go mostly after our longtime women that are Mediumsizedhand Oct 2017 #14
You noticed. coolsandy Oct 2017 #24
She also made a mistake while speaking lapucelle Oct 2017 #27
Does she have subpoena power on her own or does Grassley have to sign off on this? nt. PearliePoo2 Oct 2017 #5
Seems Grassley has just stopped participating doesn't it ? lunasun Oct 2017 #17
Woah, Senator Feinstein! sheshe2 Oct 2017 #6
These letters are a magnificent read! Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #7
She was Fierce! sheshe2 Oct 2017 #13
Feinstein's office released this press release yesterday - it has links to all five of the letters. Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #10
First Tranche? Does this indicate a second tranche is coming later? Mr. Ected Oct 2017 #30
The Cambridge Analytica letter poli-junkie Oct 2017 #15
I agree with you! That piece of news came out yesterday! Shoot. Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #20
Hmmm - do ya' suppose they made a deal? n/t crosinski Oct 2017 #37
From the letters link looks like this is just one batch (tranche) of letters. Prob. more coming. Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #39
But wait- I keep reading that Feinstein is old, useless, and in the way!??!1! NBachers Oct 2017 #16
Who benefits from her senate seniority and experience going away? lunasun Oct 2017 #18
Indeed. Qui bono? VermontKevin Oct 2017 #23
Actually, Glamrock Oct 2017 #38
how bout a 2 sentence summary? nt msongs Oct 2017 #21
She wants it all! Documents from WH, Michael Cohen, Mr Facebook, Mr Twitter & Cambridge Analytica. Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #22
Yaaaas shenmue Oct 2017 #25
I hope my Senator... Mike Nelson Oct 2017 #26
And some here wryter2000 Oct 2017 #28
Kick Cracklin Charlie Oct 2017 #29
She'll get ZERO response by November 6th Mr. Ected Oct 2017 #31
she needs more letters to limbaugh and hannity asking certainot Oct 2017 #32
I'd like to know more about the coordination of rightwing talk radio in the election too. crosinski Oct 2017 #36
That IS awesome. By listing all those names as she did, she's laying it on the table ... mr_lebowski Oct 2017 #33
Boom. Even if I thought the fix was in, I'd be unnerved to get any of these letters. Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #34
Feinstein is a steely eyed United States Senator, and Team-Trump is never ever going to forget that. crosinski Oct 2017 #35
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