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13. These chips can and most likely will be used to track people's movements.
Sun Jan 1, 2012, 12:58 AM
Jan 2012

About three years ago there was a movie on television about such a system being implemented in the UK.

The movie was fiction (I assume). I can't remember why they were putting "chips" in people. It was a British film, which means it was difficult to understand.

However, chip readers were placed all over England to track people's movements. Readers were placed in train stations, bus stations, and airports. They were placed in stores, libraries, hospitals, just about everywhere.

However, these chips turned out not to be passive. They could be reprogrammed, and it turns out were being used to release deadly viruses into selected individuals.

The only purpose of embedding chips into people is to make it difficult to remove them. The necessary information could be just as easily put on a card, like a credit card, and if necessary, worn like a dog tag.

This technology suggests the same mentality and purpose of the tattooing of ID numbers on concentration camp inmates by Germany during WWII.

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