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89. That poster might be referencing Australia's buy back program
Tue Nov 7, 2017, 05:14 PM
Nov 2017

They bought back the guns due to Australia's law that the government must give fair market compensation for the property that it seizes. There are over 300 million guns in the country. The latest prices for guns I've seen is between $500 on the low end, and well over a thousand on the high end. You might need $200-$400bn to buy back all those guns. It would devastate the budget.

I want to be a race car driver! nt GulfCoast66 Nov 2017 #1
Start with a go-cart at the local track. nt. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #6
Lol, great response...and totally agree with you on gun laws. Canoe52 Nov 2017 #228
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #199
I agree with you greeny2323 Nov 2017 #2
Gay marriage was a defeat for those that wanted to restrict rights hack89 Nov 2017 #3
We must fight for our rights life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #9
Gun ownership is a civil right hack89 Nov 2017 #14
Clearly it carries a lot of weight. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #18
ok. nt hack89 Nov 2017 #21
NCTraveler, what does representative government mean Hortensis Nov 2017 #143
Fine. Black powder, muzzle loading guns are just what the Founding Fathers had in mind. nt procon Nov 2017 #40
Are the founding fathers the gold standard for civil rights? hack89 Nov 2017 #43
Yeah, about that, ALL rights stem from the US Constitution. procon Nov 2017 #50
The Constitution doesn't give anybody any rights at all. Bucky Nov 2017 #59
The 9th Amendment is, itself, a right. Ergo, you're arguing against yourself. nt procon Nov 2017 #62
No it's not. Look at the words. Bucky Nov 2017 #64
The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments of the Constitution. procon Nov 2017 #90
I think you're arguing with me just for the sake of arguing. Bucky Nov 2017 #100
Now there's a classic debate no-no; Appeal To Authority. procon Nov 2017 #102
Locke, Rousseau- are two enlightenment philosophers. X_Digger Nov 2017 #170
Of course the 2A allows strict gun control hack89 Nov 2017 #67
Yup ClarendonDem Nov 2017 #77
No. Read the preamble. The bill of rights is a limit on government. X_Digger Nov 2017 #167
No rights exist outside the sanction of the state? Marengo Nov 2017 #211
They saw their work as the foundation more protections would be built upon Bucky Nov 2017 #57
Those guns must also be smooth bore, Doc_Technical Nov 2017 #48
And all handmade... put a lot of people to work. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! 😛 nt procon Nov 2017 #51
Like the first only protects hand crank printing presses and quill pens? X_Digger Nov 2017 #171
That sort seem either to not to have thought about the implications of the "muskets-only" approach, friendly_iconoclast Nov 2017 #200
Smooth bore was military weapons. NutmegYankee Nov 2017 #214
Come on. With exception of a few here, the only rights most gunners are interested in are guns. Hoyt Nov 2017 #144
So the Bill of Rights are not civil rights? hack89 Nov 2017 #154
And my right to live is worth less to the NRA mythology Nov 2017 #245
Ok. nt hack89 Nov 2017 #246
Bullish!t Abouttime Nov 2017 #27
The 2A protects the individual right to keep and bear arms hack89 Nov 2017 #44
Rights ARE LIMITED - as the 2ND AMENDMENT is now. There is no winning the argument that rights vkkv Nov 2017 #93
The 2A is not the reason gun control is a smoking wreck in America. hack89 Nov 2017 #98
So what's the argument then? Let's LIMIT automatically chamber-re-loading firearms and high capacity vkkv Nov 2017 #110
Not cool hack89 Nov 2017 #115
Liking YOUR rifles is not part of the national dialogue... vkkv Nov 2017 #118
That's ok. I don't mind talking to myself. nt hack89 Nov 2017 #124
Why dont you give them up now? Marengo Nov 2017 #130
As soon as I can vote to make them illegal, I will. vkkv Nov 2017 #135
No, you can voluntarily surrender them to your local PD so as to set an example. Invite the media... Marengo Nov 2017 #141
Unlike most gun owners, I'm not a FUCKING idiot. vkkv Nov 2017 #146
If you are so opposed to the civilian ownership of semiauto firearms, why do you... Marengo Nov 2017 #148
This is probably the most stupid exchange I've had here at DU.. just end it already.. vkkv Nov 2017 #150
It simply doesnt make any sense for you to oppose civilian ownership of semiauto... Marengo Nov 2017 #157
No, it makes perfect sense. I can own them now, so I do, but I would VOTE to dis-allow other people vkkv Nov 2017 #168
Stunningly illogical. Why would you continue to possess firearms you belive no one, including... Marengo Nov 2017 #179
Okay, I'll make it super clear for the morons. If something is fun and legal I'll use it until vkkv Nov 2017 #184
Ah, your motive IS selfish after all, unlike your claim in post 168. Nothing else can logically... Marengo Nov 2017 #185
Since when are 10/22s a serious threat to public safety? You do not know squat! IMHO. vkkv Nov 2017 #189
You are granting yourself an exception which violates your own principle. If you honestly believe... Marengo Nov 2017 #192
"Since when are 10/22s a serious threat to public safety?" EX500rider Nov 2017 #224
WHEN WAS THAT AND ...WHY? vkkv Nov 2017 #229
Hard to say why, you'd have to ask the criminals. EX500rider Nov 2017 #231
30 YEARS AGO... GREAT DATA! Is that why most gun-nuts seem so well uninformed? vkkv Nov 2017 #233
The difference between 22% and 16% is not that much. EX500rider Nov 2017 #235
If you have more recent data feel free to post it. EX500rider Nov 2017 #236
Why misrepresent Obama? johnsonsnap Nov 2017 #132
""I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms,.. hack89 Nov 2017 #134
Name of store that sells squirrel? Runningdawg Nov 2017 #113
Ahhh, so your civil right to kill me with a gun PoindexterOglethorpe Nov 2017 #29
There is no right to murder hack89 Nov 2017 #38
But no specific right to keep and bear semi automatic weapons. nt procon Nov 2017 #42
AWBs are perfectly constitutional hack89 Nov 2017 #47
States have the right to ban any type of gun, proscribe the whole category. nt procon Nov 2017 #52
And some have done exactly that hack89 Nov 2017 #65
States cannot ban handguns ClarendonDem Nov 2017 #79
So which one should take precedence? PoindexterOglethorpe Nov 2017 #75
Neither hack89 Nov 2017 #87
Textbook example of why restrictive gun laws are going nowhere... Baconator Nov 2017 #126
My right not to be shot by a lunatic with a gun... hunter Nov 2017 #56
All you have to do is convince the courts hack89 Nov 2017 #66
I can be proactive too. hunter Nov 2017 #69
Ok. nt hack89 Nov 2017 #74
Are you saying you physically attack people ClarendonDem Nov 2017 #83
If you fear for your life. . . . .It's worked for a lot of white wing gun-humpers. Hoyt Nov 2017 #182
Just standing my ground. hunter Nov 2017 #191
Given *that* attitude, the only difference between you and the homophobic 'bathroom bill' types... friendly_iconoclast Nov 2017 #202
Wait, you attack armed people and disarm them? cwydro Nov 2017 #103
Culture warriors of all sorts see threats everywhere that society needs 'protection' from friendly_iconoclast Nov 2017 #208
Can you legally touch a firearm? Marengo Nov 2017 #212
You keep wanting to go there... hunter Nov 2017 #216
LOL! You expended a great amount of effort not answering my question. No matter, I couldnt care Marengo Nov 2017 #218
Wanna bet? hunter Nov 2017 #220
Affability is irrelevant, one is either a prohibited person or not. If you are, its in your best... Marengo Nov 2017 #223
Fear for your guns... hunter Nov 2017 #239
How is my right to live not a civil right? AllyCat Nov 2017 #76
Refusing to talk about it simply means nothing changes hack89 Nov 2017 #91
Again, how is our right to live, not a civil right? AllyCat Nov 2017 #116
I never said it wasn't hack89 Nov 2017 #122
You did not. You deflected to talk about how wrong I am since AllyCat Nov 2017 #138
Lets start by focusing on violent people hack89 Nov 2017 #139
What do you mean by live by the whole amendment? Marengo Nov 2017 #213
The well-regulated militia bit that no one wants AllyCat Nov 2017 #221
What does well regulated mean, how does it apply? Marengo Nov 2017 #238
Yeah, and you get one bullet for your hunting trip. If you miss, then go home. R B Garr Nov 2017 #4
Deer Hunter ProfessorGAC Nov 2017 #32
Interesting! Because I was thinking of a movie, but not that one. R B Garr Nov 2017 #81
Barney Fife hunting :o) Bucky Nov 2017 #54
Before gay marriage were domestic partnerships and civil unions marylandblue Nov 2017 #5
This. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #8
I agree with you. Vinca Nov 2017 #7
Also, all firearms and ammo have to be stored at a secure armory MineralMan Nov 2017 #10
Nope ClarendonDem Nov 2017 #85
Not only no, but hell no. Lurker Deluxe Nov 2017 #152
Well, raise a couple hundred billion dollars to pay for all those weapons. Calista241 Nov 2017 #11
That doesn't make much sense as a first step. nt. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #19
That poster might be referencing Australia's buy back program LittleBlue Nov 2017 #89
How do you vet someone for a hunting license? What goes into the process? WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2017 #12
Vetting and waiting period would be for the gun and controlled by the feds. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #22
No, I'm asking what the "vetting" looks like. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2017 #34
Post removed Post removed Nov 2017 #60
If you can't hit what you're aiming at sharp_stick Nov 2017 #80
Dumb fucks "hunt with AR-15s." Yep, because vkkv Nov 2017 #101
Take it from someone who has hunted with the AR platform, your facts are bullshit Marengo Nov 2017 #107
Hunted what? AllyCat Nov 2017 #117
Mulies Marengo Nov 2017 #121
Seriously, you need an AR15 to hunt a mule deer? AllyCat Nov 2017 #136
Since need has nothing to do with it, why not? What do you think my loadout was? Marengo Nov 2017 #140
The need is not there. The desire to have a weapon that is used for killing people AllyCat Nov 2017 #142
Nonsensical, unless youre arguing that no deer hunting rifle has ever been used to kill a person. Marengo Nov 2017 #145
Only when your appointment as Secretary of Needs is confirmed by the Senate... friendly_iconoclast Nov 2017 #203
Seems I struck a nerve! vkkv Nov 2017 #123
LOL! Truth only in your mind. Marengo Nov 2017 #127
The only thing you hunt with an AR-15 is people! redstatebluegirl Nov 2017 #104
Do you hunt? Marengo Nov 2017 #108
I did as a girl on the farm. My dad had guns to keep predators away from our livestock. redstatebluegirl Nov 2017 #109
I forgot to say with my current eyesight nobody would want me hunting now. redstatebluegirl Nov 2017 #112
The AR platform has gained popularity for more than just varmints in recent years. I have used... Marengo Nov 2017 #114
Oh, well if it is gaining popularity, we cant talk about AllyCat Nov 2017 #120
I never said it cant be discussed, but the reality is that youre wrong about the AR platform... Marengo Nov 2017 #128
Except for the hunters who don't. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2017 #111
Makes no sense to me. I support the right of hunters to have long rifles and other redstatebluegirl Nov 2017 #119
Almost half of hunters have used an AR-type rifle in the past five years for hunting. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2017 #129
Only 6% of population hunted in past 12 months. And I bet most of Hoyt Nov 2017 #205
The question was whether hunters use an AR-type rifle. Yes, many do. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2017 #210
Sure some do, they are violent and enjoy shooting up things. Hoyt Nov 2017 #215
Are all hunters who use the AR platform for hunting violent, and can you define violent as used Marengo Nov 2017 #219
"Only 6% of population hunted in past 12 months." EX500rider Nov 2017 #225
Unless you hunt something else... ileus Nov 2017 #151
Yea ok Watchfoxheadexplodes Nov 2017 #13
I want a boat fescuerescue Nov 2017 #15
Depends on the boat. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #23
Reducing or eliminating civil liberties won't work in the long run. aikoaiko Nov 2017 #16
Nope. Stop proposing Binary solutions. maxsolomon Nov 2017 #17
My solution isn't binary as you claim. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author maxsolomon Nov 2017 #30
OK, so you want hunting exempted. maxsolomon Nov 2017 #36
"OK, so you want hunting exempted." NCTraveler Nov 2017 #37
you know, we're on the same side. maxsolomon Nov 2017 #195
The militia argument is a dead end now DetroitLegalBeagle Nov 2017 #41
You'll get lots of reasons why this is a bad idea by people that love guns more than people. nt LexVegas Nov 2017 #20
I personally think it is a bad idea ClarendonDem Nov 2017 #25
Or people who possibly care about people and Watchfoxheadexplodes Nov 2017 #26
Neither did any of the other myriad assholes who shot people Egnever Nov 2017 #227
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #28
I want to be a billionaire. nt doc03 Nov 2017 #31
Me too ellie Nov 2017 #33
I'm with you. Stinky The Clown Nov 2017 #35
I want it to be illegal sarisataka Nov 2017 #39
So, then only the government and non-citizens will be allowed to own guns? Jose Garcia Nov 2017 #45
PSHYAAAAAAAAAAAAA. HughBeaumont Nov 2017 #46
Then you don't actually want it to be illegal to own a gun. Otherwise, there would be no exceptions. better Nov 2017 #49
That won't fly any time soon. Ilsa Nov 2017 #53
You expect me hunt ducks with a rifle? Shrek Nov 2017 #55
Ducks are people too! ileus Nov 2017 #155
and a little dangerous ... Lurker Deluxe Nov 2017 #163
never happen. Its as unreasonable as those who want a AK47 in every house beachbum bob Nov 2017 #58
Seems extreme Not Ruth Nov 2017 #61
I agree! It's time as a society that we need to ask ourselves this question. Initech Nov 2017 #63
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #68
Welcome to DU,,,,,Comrade! Cryptoad Nov 2017 #70
What are the stats for deaths from gun shot in other countries? King_Klonopin Nov 2017 #105
94 countries have a higher homicide rate then the US. EX500rider Nov 2017 #226
Did you even LOOK at the "information" in that link ? King_Klonopin Nov 2017 #241
If the overall US homicide rate is 4.something- EX500rider Nov 2017 #242
I think there's a bit of an apples/oranges thing happening here. sl8 Nov 2017 #244
Speaking of "intellectually dishonest, intentionally misleading posts" EX500rider Nov 2017 #243
U want reasonable gun Regs,,,,,ban the GOP Cryptoad Nov 2017 #71
I think the Republicans' love for the Joe Chi Minh Nov 2017 #72
Just wondering: are guns allowed to be discussed in GD? CTyankee Nov 2017 #73
To a great extent, I agree with you... Sancho Nov 2017 #78
But but but we need our guns vs. a potential future tyrannical government aeromanKC Nov 2017 #82
they can have a 1700's type musket. pansypoo53219 Nov 2017 #84
And you can circulate your gun control ideas ClarendonDem Nov 2017 #88
And when you are ill, aka-chmeee Nov 2017 #99
Post removed Post removed Nov 2017 #86
Gay marriage is protected by the Constitution. Why would you think otherwise? LexVegas Nov 2017 #92
Rights ARE LIMITED - as the 2ND AMENDMENT is now. There is no winning the argument that rights vkkv Nov 2017 #94
Then how are you going to resist tyranny from your own government? IronLionZion Nov 2017 #95
Anyone who thinks they need firearms to protect themselves from the government vkkv Nov 2017 #96
Agreed. linuxman Nov 2017 #186
Will never happen DownriverDem Nov 2017 #97
Thank video games for that DetroitLegalBeagle Nov 2017 #164
That is what loses elections for us nt doc03 Nov 2017 #106
Will you be coming to collect them? Alea Nov 2017 #125
Works for me! 50 Shades Of Blue Nov 2017 #131
I want to be a space ship traveler quartz007 Nov 2017 #133
Well said. And there would be a mandatory inspection of gun and ammo storage every year. GoneOffShore Nov 2017 #137
So guns for rich people only then? EX500rider Nov 2017 #169
Guns should be amazingly expensive for everyone. Including police and governments. GoneOffShore Nov 2017 #183
For the proles. linuxman Nov 2017 #187
I am sure poor people who rely on hunting for extra food or... EX500rider Nov 2017 #193
I'm on board with the UK with this. GoneOffShore Nov 2017 #196
Gun owership is spike jones Nov 2017 #147
I agree. Anyone who keeps an arsenal of weapons has something very, very wrong smirkymonkey Nov 2017 #194
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #149
I want it to be illegal for an American citizen to vote republican. ileus Nov 2017 #153
i like my guns and im a good shot.. we used to target practice.. samnsara Nov 2017 #156
I've never had a problem with "responsible" gun ownership like you. I used to love target shooting RKP5637 Nov 2017 #161
I want to know how you plan on ENFORCING that proposal. liquid diamond Nov 2017 #158
Oh, the police -- who are so great with guns -- will do just fine, I'm sure. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2017 #160
I disagree. The vulnerable are at a disadvantage without a gun. Honeycombe8 Nov 2017 #159
I agree with you! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2017 #162
All guns kill around 10,000+ a year in the US.. EX500rider Nov 2017 #172
Glocks & such attract a certain kind of guy. Not just gun collectors. Honeycombe8 Nov 2017 #176
"Glocks & such attract a certain kind of guy." EX500rider Nov 2017 #178
Better: only vegans can buy/have hunting rifles. flvegan Nov 2017 #165
Since when do vegans use guns for hunting? Dr. Strange Nov 2017 #177
Those flvegan Nov 2017 #180
I have no respect for anyone who owns a gun Awsi Dooger Nov 2017 #166
If you say... EX500rider Nov 2017 #173
Boom Alea Nov 2017 #201
Norway already has laws like that, yet it didn't stop Breivik from killing 69 people ansible Nov 2017 #174
These kinds of posts are DU's version of 'hopes and prayers'. n/t X_Digger Nov 2017 #175
LOL. linuxman Nov 2017 #188
And what do you call gun promoters' and profiteers' posts? Hoyt Nov 2017 #206
Free speech....speech you don't approve of. AncientGeezer Nov 2017 #217
I know, gun control scares the former thief.. X_Digger Nov 2017 #222
Not sure where you're going here. moriah Nov 2017 #230
I'm saying that those folks of Hoyt's former profession have a vested interest in gun control. X_Digger Nov 2017 #232
Oh, sorry. moriah Nov 2017 #234
and I want a unicorn Raine Nov 2017 #181
No, thanks. Inkfreak Nov 2017 #190
Run for office then. I'm sure this will get you a lot of votes. YoungDemCA Nov 2017 #197
And I disagree Calculating Nov 2017 #198
I went by this store front today that had a sign out front: CASH FOR GUNS. Eyeball_Kid Nov 2017 #204
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2017 #207
I want it to be illegal Rincewind Nov 2017 #209
I bet all criminals wish that also. EX500rider Nov 2017 #237
Complete gun confiscation is the answer. Fluke a Snooker Nov 2017 #240
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