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21. Perversion is an equal opportunity problem.
Tue Nov 14, 2017, 09:26 PM
Nov 2017

So to me it matters not at what point in time Moore jumped into bed with the Republicans,
perverts need to be seen for what they do, not their politics, religion, marital status, etc.
After I fell out of my chair, does that make it better or worse Motley13 Nov 2017 #1
conservative democrat? nt OhZone Nov 2017 #2
Southern Strategy lapfog_1 Nov 2017 #5
More like until the late 40s... JHB Nov 2017 #23
His lying is very republican lame54 Nov 2017 #3
So what? Iggo Nov 2017 #4
so what is the point. SummerSnow Nov 2017 #6
Oh, so THAT explains it!!! DFW Nov 2017 #7
There were plenty of complaints about him during that time louis-t Nov 2017 #8
Of course he was. At the local level the South was blue then. moriah Nov 2017 #9
Perversion is an equal opportunity problem. dixiegrrrrl Nov 2017 #21
Truth, but also, still the duh thing. moriah Nov 2017 #24
Oh, by the way, he was a Democrat when committing the acts louis-t Nov 2017 #10
Oh for God sakes Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2017 #11
Jaba the Hut says what? Raster Nov 2017 #12
From the Twitter comments: mac56 Nov 2017 #13
OxyRush is a rethug every time he goes on his sex weekends. lpbk2713 Nov 2017 #14
When Moore ran for office as a Democrat, he lost. onenote Nov 2017 #15
so Jeff Christie plcdude Nov 2017 #16
That deserves the stink eye. Solly Mack Nov 2017 #17
Well that would mean his supporters Turbineguy Nov 2017 #18
What is so annoying about this type of bullshit..... A HERETIC I AM Nov 2017 #19
Even if he was, who cares? Is Rush 12 years old? Oneironaut Nov 2017 #20
LOL CatWoman Nov 2017 #22
He was great!!!! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2017 #29
Loved Flip bdamomma Nov 2017 #33
Welp, looks like Moore has lost Limbaugh uponit7771 Nov 2017 #25
LOL Tiggeroshii Nov 2017 #26
Hmm. If true, wouldn't that be even more reason for Republicans to NOT vote for him? tanyev Nov 2017 #27
The subtext here is that he found Jesus and became a Republican, right? YoungDemCA Nov 2017 #28
Limbaugh's such as tool. And... Beartracks Nov 2017 #30
Who gives a crap? What does party have to do with pedophile behavior? appleannie1943 Nov 2017 #31
Fox will start putting a D under his picture McCamy Taylor Nov 2017 #32
Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, etc etc were dems bobbieinok Nov 2017 #34
You know why he became a Republican? moondust Nov 2017 #35
fuck you Limbaugh Skittles Nov 2017 #36
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