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It should NOT be I believe the women janterry Dec 2017 #1
Exactly SHRED Dec 2017 #4
+1, if we wanted to accept things as the come with no discernment we'd be republicans uponit7771 Dec 2017 #17
It's not about sex, it's about power. zaj Dec 2017 #2
In can we SAS this with the McMartin witch trials nm bagelsforbreakfast Dec 2017 #3
Allegations of sexual misbehavior should be like commenting about bombs on an airplane. Tommy_Carcetti Dec 2017 #5
Are you saying the default should be to assume the women are lying? oberliner Dec 2017 #6
Welcome to Full Ignore. eppur_se_muova Dec 2017 #8
If "the default should be to believe the woman" is idiocy - what should the default be? oberliner Dec 2017 #9
It should be to pay careful attention to the facts. All of the facts. LAS14 Dec 2017 #12
It should be to take the charges seriously dsc Dec 2017 #18
As a woman, I'm kind of tired of that. Pacifist Patriot Dec 2017 #14
I thought the same ProudLib72 Dec 2017 #7
Same Senators have decried zero tolerance in other contexts. delisen Dec 2017 #11
Even Manson got a day in court....... Bengus81 Dec 2017 #10
trying to disappear H Clinton and Franken - two delisen Dec 2017 #13
How about we judge people we like the same way we judge people we dislike . DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2017 #15
It's also made my 2020 primary choice really fucking easy BannonsLiver Dec 2017 #16
Victorian/Puritan has nothing to do with it, RandomAccess Dec 2017 #19
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