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Mr. Sparkle

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61. I have to say it looks great.
Fri Dec 1, 2023, 03:58 PM
Dec 1

even the temporary yellow banner on the front page. It feels clean ,fresh and easily accessible.

Hi Earl G. and many thanks for all that you and your crew are doing. The site is wonderful and I look forward to SheilaAnn Dec 1 #1
Thanks so much! Goddessartist Dec 1 #2
And there it is dweller Dec 1 #3
Wow. Much better! relayerbob Dec 1 #4
I was startled and wondered what happened -- thanks for the explanation & TY for all you do Hekate Dec 1 #5
Love the tabs flying_wahini Dec 1 #6
You're simply the best malaise Dec 1 #7
I lie this WA-A-A-AY better!! lastlib Dec 1 #8
Looks/works great NewHendoLib Dec 1 #9
Rolling with the punches. Thanks for all of your hard work, EarlG! ❤️ littlemissmartypants Dec 1 #10
Looks awesome...love it! Thanks for all the work. MiHale Dec 1 #11
Nice improvement!! CrispyQ Dec 1 #12
Yes!!! The tabs are so much better! Initech Dec 1 #13
Thanks EarlG, in spite of the omission of a coffee warming clicky thingy. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 1 #14
NICE!!! we can do it Dec 1 #15
oh! nicely done! Tesha Dec 1 #16
Looks to be an improvement over the "phone-y" interface! nt Shermann Dec 1 #17
Thanks, I think I'm going to like this. Definitely like that Sidebar Collapse option. nt TeamProg Dec 1 #18
Thank you! Picaro Dec 1 #19
Thanks for improving the tabbed navigation at the top of the page. Means fewer clicks to get where I want. emulatorloo Dec 1 #20
Great updates! redqueen Dec 1 #21
I'm nobody, but I have an opinion, I found myself on DU probably only 10% of the time that I spent before the update. Comfortably_Numb Dec 1 #22
Earl, any chance of adding a search bar to the website? 3Hotdogs Dec 1 #23
There is one... EarlG Dec 1 #27
Now, I've embarrassed myself. 3Hotdogs Dec 1 #47
No worries EarlG Dec 1 #53
Oh no, changes !!11!!!1 Yonnie3 Dec 1 #24
I like it a lot. nt Susan Calvin Dec 1 #25
Love it so far, thanks! Mosby Dec 1 #26
Thank you, this is much better IronLionZion Dec 1 #28
Who do I send a screenshot to? ArkansasDemocrat1 Dec 1 #29
It sounds like your browser might have cached some of our old files instead of using the new ones EarlG Dec 1 #34
Now I can see what everyone is talking about ArkansasDemocrat1 Dec 1 #51
Same thing happened to me canetoad Dec 1 #66
Much Better! Richard D Dec 1 #30
YES!! I love it thank you!! nt TalenaGor Dec 1 #31
sweet jcgoldie Dec 1 #32
Cool! Liberal In Texas Dec 1 #33
Bravo! And thanks! highplainsdem Dec 1 #35
NICE! Thanks EarlG! n/t CousinIT Dec 1 #36
Can anyone tell me why on my phone the site extends beyond the right side of the screen? flashman13 Dec 1 #37
It's most likely an incorrectly sized ad loading in EarlG Dec 1 #38
Thank you! diane in sf Dec 1 #39
You Rock! NutmegYankee Dec 1 #40
Thank you for the tabs! KatyaR Dec 1 #41
Thank you for all your great work! All administrators! Wild blueberry Dec 1 #42
Oh thank you PatSeg Dec 1 #43
Thank you for making the front page all one font again. intheflow Dec 1 #44
Not very attractive. EOM. Scottie Mom Dec 1 #45
The only change I would like to see is a separate tab for non-political videos Quixote1818 Dec 1 #46
Do this... EarlG Dec 1 #56
Wonderful. Thanks nt Quixote1818 Dec 1 #80
Thank you for turning off the blinks on my subscriptions! Lulu KC Dec 1 #48
Oh no now it's blinking again Lulu KC Dec 1 #89
9 tabs are too many. Should eliminate the NameAlreadyTaken Dec 1 #49
Thank you. sheshe2 Dec 1 #50
I tried DU4 and went back to DU3. I'll wait a few days to go to DU4. Paper Roses Dec 1 #52
This is the first time in weeks I've signed in from the desktop, and NOT been forced to: DFW Dec 1 #54
Sorry about that EarlG Dec 1 #57
Don't gloat too early. DFW Dec 1 #64
Do you ever use a VPN? EarlG Dec 1 #68
Come to think of it, Dallas sent me a VPN link to our Texas network DFW Dec 1 #73
Hi EarlG, I was a UK-based DUer with this problem (presumably in the same boat as those still in the EU!) Emrys Dec 1 #78
So this is the new DU4 format? No more 'settings' to be in 'Skinner mode' or not? sinkingfeeling Dec 1 #55
The "My Stuff" button has been replaced with the "My DU" tab EarlG Dec 1 #59
LOVE LOVE LOVE the tabs. MontanaMama Dec 1 #58
Applause and thanks! Easterncedar Dec 1 #60
I have to say it looks great. Mr. Sparkle Dec 1 #61
Thank you wendyb-NC Dec 1 #62
I love the new layout of the home page. Sogo Dec 1 #63
The blue boxes draw my eyes up when I'm trying to read and gives me a headache questionseverything Dec 1 #65
For the next round of fixes EarlG Dec 1 #70
The color bothers HighFired49 Dec 3 #114
Looks great. Thanks, guys! DinahMoeHum Dec 1 #67
Thanks so much, EarlG. greatauntoftriplets Dec 1 #69
I like it claudette Dec 1 #71
Thank you for all that you do (which is considerable) UpInArms Dec 1 #72
Looks great! kanda Dec 1 #74
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Dec 1 #75
I gotta say.. I am so Cha Dec 1 #76
GREAT WORK!! Thanks!! WarGamer Dec 1 #77
Ahh that's better justaprogressive Dec 1 #79
my phone view of homepage has degraded fargone Dec 1 #81
I can tell you that the issue with the homepage is unfortunately related to an ad EarlG Dec 1 #91
Screenshots fargone Dec 3 #112
Curious. See how there are two Trending/Greatest sections on the homepage screenshot? EarlG Dec 3 #113
It may have worked! fargone Dec 4 #115
Hey, great EarlG Dec 5 #116
Why don't you just... ClearSky24 Dec 1 #82
Love, love, LOVE birdographer Dec 1 #83
So far, so good - I think. But I'm no techie on business like this. calimary Dec 1 #84
Liking it so far! SledDriver Dec 1 #85
Thanks! wysimdnwyg Dec 1 #86
I love it. byronius Dec 1 #87
Thank you! mahina Dec 1 #88
Thank you! 2naSalit Dec 1 #90
Es bueno! JoseBalow Dec 1 #92
Hmm thanks for the heads up EarlG Dec 1 #94
No problemo! JoseBalow Dec 1 #96
Btw EarlG Dec 1 #98
Well, this blows. A HERETIC I AM Dec 1 #93
Looks awesome to me Wednesdays Dec 1 #95
Awesome NowISeetheLight Dec 1 #97
Great Job - site is looking great! SouthernDem4ever Dec 1 #99
Hi EarlG democrank Dec 1 #100
Wonderful!! I did not realise that it could be better. Srkdqltr Dec 1 #101
Minor glitch noticed dweller Dec 1 #102
Wow, EarlG! piddyprints Dec 2 #103
Wow, lookin good... THANKS!! 👍 InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2 #104
I like it! LittleGirl Dec 2 #105
EarlG. Thanks for all your work. TomSlick Dec 2 #106
Thanks for everything you do! sarchasm Dec 2 #107
Two thumbs way up, thx for your hard work! (NT) HuskyOffset Dec 2 #108
Thanks for listening and the good work! dutch777 Dec 2 #109
Lookin' Good! mntleo2 Dec 2 #110
A few fine-tuning issues from the perspective of a UI designer Shermann Dec 2 #111
Hey EarlG Dec 7 #118
Most productive developers, damn good and fast. lostnfound Dec 5 #117
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