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38. It will be interesting to see how this story develops (in the international press at least).
Thu Aug 18, 2016, 08:35 AM
Aug 2016

So far, all that is apparent is that the same people on DU who would be cheering the police
if they did this to a Russian or Egyptian in the same situation are indignantly protesting the
"total innocence" of the Americans on the same amount of "evidence" ...

This message was self-deleted by its author geek tragedy Aug 2016 #1
Clearly, they were asking for it. What were they wearing? MADem Aug 2016 #18
I think there is a story being missed in this story jberryhill Aug 2016 #26
Oh wow. DURHAM D Aug 2016 #2
they really don't do that whole "rule of law" thing there do they? nt geek tragedy Aug 2016 #3
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Just like the US. OBenario Aug 2016 #40
Lol he already left the country GusBob Aug 2016 #4
smart move nt geek tragedy Aug 2016 #5
Link? groundloop Aug 2016 #7
He's from my old home town, friends "say" GusBob Aug 2016 #9
Yeah, I just read that as well. Also, they never filed a police report on the incident groundloop Aug 2016 #10
Get in trouble with who? milestogo Aug 2016 #17
LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! FrodosPet Aug 2016 #45
So answer me milestogo Aug 2016 #46
Yeah, they are not going to find the Taxi driver.... forkol Aug 2016 #16
They said the robbers were "dressed like police" jberryhill Aug 2016 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author turbinetree Aug 2016 #6
He already left. Dawson Leery Aug 2016 #8
Different nation, different justice systems, surely? Hortensis Aug 2016 #24
Best decision he could make. OBenario Aug 2016 #39
Apparently when he returned to the Olympic villiage that night and went through security, which Akicita Aug 2016 #11
Insurance scam? Nye Bevan Aug 2016 #12
Or he went somewhere that he wasn't supposed to be. Ace Rothstein Aug 2016 #13
For a wallet and a watch? How much cash could he be carrying on the streets in Rio? Akicita Aug 2016 #14
Doubt that's it, from what I read they never even filed an official police report groundloop Aug 2016 #15
robbed can mean many things....perhaps his brand new rolex he bought from a street vendor dembotoz Aug 2016 #19
Where did he ever say... TeeYiYi Aug 2016 #20
The unusual aspect is that the watch was not stolen jberryhill Aug 2016 #28
Likewise,... TeeYiYi Aug 2016 #30
If it was a real claim they need to stay to help the investigation Leontius Aug 2016 #21
They should be put in jail? I'm curious....on what charge? GusBob Aug 2016 #22
Making a false claim about a crime is a crime. Leontius Aug 2016 #23
Not if they didn't file a report geek tragedy Aug 2016 #31
Brazil's federal police stop US swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger from boarding flight home MowCowWhoHow III Aug 2016 #25
Trying to detain international athletes for something like this seems ridiculous to me anneboleyn Aug 2016 #29
My gut feeling is local police are trying to save face or cover something up groundloop Aug 2016 #33
See post 16 above GusBob Aug 2016 #34
I totally agree with you. This seems like an attempt to save face by police in Rio anneboleyn Aug 2016 #36
Makes no sense at all. OBenario Aug 2016 #42
If it was the cops or similar shaking them down obamanut2012 Aug 2016 #47
I read GusBob Aug 2016 #35
Yeah because they're special and rules don't apply to them. Leontius Aug 2016 #41
Brings back memories of a trip I took to Brazil. milestogo Aug 2016 #32
I have had incidents happen like this to my friends and to me in other countries anneboleyn Aug 2016 #37
... OBenario Aug 2016 #43
It will be interesting to see how this story develops (in the international press at least). Nihil Aug 2016 #38
... Nihil Aug 2016 #44
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