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18. how about we all call
Sun Jan 8, 2017, 05:31 PM
Jan 2017

McConnell's office en masse and ask him what part did he play in to support this asshole.

Telling us and the Democratic party to move on they did this before and we had a war in IRAQ.
Mr Mc Connell can fuck off.

Well I just called his office can't leave messages. Could that be a good sign?

FU oldtime dfl_er Jan 2017 #1
Proceed with self-fornication, Turtle-Face! lastlib Jan 2017 #25
Fornicate You Mitch McConnell 47of74 Jan 2017 #2
Him, and his narco in-laws. tenorly Jan 2017 #6
I have a counter proposal Mitch, how about the Dems show Trumps the same level of respect you cstanleytech Jan 2017 #3
this is coming from a man bdamomma Jan 2017 #23
Look, Turtle Boy, these aren't "just little procedural complaints." The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2017 #4
reminds me of this response saidsimplesimon Jan 2017 #5
that is oldtime dfl_er Jan 2017 #15
That's a very "If you're getting raped, lay back and enjoy it" attitude. Fuck You Mitch. TeamPooka Jan 2017 #7
Your medicine, Mitch.... Liberalagogo Jan 2017 #8
With what I gathered from Sunday morn shows (Joy), notdarkyet Jan 2017 #40
six ways from Sunday he should get annabanana Jan 2017 #9
Yeah, nothing should hold up nominations, the Muricans won't stand up for for it. Thor_MN Jan 2017 #10
Mitch McConnell needs to get kicked in the balls so hard that MurrayDelph Jan 2017 #11
I like this response oldtime dfl_er Jan 2017 #16
Is it 'fair' to 'win' a tainted election? bucolic_frolic Jan 2017 #12
Reminds me of how a turtle stuck his head in his shell turbinetree Jan 2017 #13
ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ffr Jan 2017 #14
Get out the rubber stamp, the pukes are running the show, so why are they worried about us? FreeStateDemocrat Jan 2017 #17
how about we all call bdamomma Jan 2017 #18
The last thing in the world Democrats need Blue Idaho Jan 2017 #19
Who the fuck does McCokehead think we are? Republicans? Rex Jan 2017 #20
The same way Mitch put Justice Garland on the fast track for approval. nt. andym Jan 2017 #21
a bedtime story for you, Mitch Grey Lemercier Jan 2017 #22
+1 AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #50
Let's play a game, Mitch. roamer65 Jan 2017 #24
Democrats need to grow up? tecelote Jan 2017 #26
It would be convenient to just issue a flippant obscenity, but this calls for more than that jmowreader Jan 2017 #27
His wife is well acquainted jehop61 Jan 2017 #31
My dad was a surveyor, which doesn't mean I know how to run a transit jmowreader Jan 2017 #33
No Mitch, Republicans need to grow the fuck up and stop playing games. smirkymonkey Jan 2017 #28
Some of the worst 100 days in American History bucolic_frolic Jan 2017 #29
Be careful your offspring don't grow up speaking Russian tavernier Jan 2017 #30
"Grow up"? You first, Turtle Face DinahMoeHum Jan 2017 #32
MCConnell... coco22 Jan 2017 #34
These nominees have not filled out their paperwork Gothmog Jan 2017 #35
Spit take.... ehrnst Jan 2017 #36
The Rush to Judgment indicates they are terrified of the resistance and the hacking aftermath bucolic_frolic Jan 2017 #37
Projecting much, Mitch? (n/t) Retrograde Jan 2017 #38
Sure, just as long as Merrick Garland is confirmed first. eom tarheelsunc Jan 2017 #39
Mitch needs to go shit in his hat, too. I'll be here waiting. davsand Jan 2017 #41
Live by the sword, die by the sword you traitor supporting idiot. NNadir Jan 2017 #42
Wtf. Is Mitch McConnell losing his mind or what?!?!!! AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #43
Mitch McConnells wife is one of the 'trump picks'? Ds better question her connections in russia. Sunlei Jan 2017 #47
Yes! I bet he and a few others are eyeball deep in this Russian mess. AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #49
Payback for keeping Garland off the Supreme Court? Retrograde Jan 2017 #52
Translation: yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #44
In 2009 McConnell demanded Obamas nominees complete everything first & they did. There is a letter. Sunlei Jan 2017 #45
Heres copy of the 2009 demand letter from McConnell. Sunlei Jan 2017 #46
Hope Dem's work as hard to nominate Trump's picks as the GOP worked harun Jan 2017 #48
Schumer should get on 1st thing this morning brutus smith Jan 2017 #51
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