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OK Allen, than change the law. democrat_patriot Jun 2012 #1
Uh, wasn't Allen FOR all this when Bush did it? nt nanabugg Jun 2012 #27
Perhaps I'm confused eaglesfanintn Jun 2012 #2
You're not confused. The GOP are desperate. And often mirror themselves. freshwest Jul 2012 #36
I think he was talking about King George being the last Imperial Presidency. WCGreen Jul 2012 #55
Please -- Don't give that clown the attention he's thirstin' for... Blue_Tires Jun 2012 #3
I agree. Anyone who takes the time to listen to him is wasting that time. He is a fool. The Wielding Truth Jun 2012 #8
I agree to all that, but everybody sometimes needs 'a good laugh'. Amonester Jul 2012 #50
If President Obama is "an imperial president", your last R president was.... steve2470 Jun 2012 #4
Beat me to it! - n/t coalition_unwilling Jul 2012 #46
Wrong king, Allen rocktivity Jun 2012 #5
"Love it or Leave it" Bandit Jun 2012 #6
When they call him an Imperial President, a dictator, a tyrant. bluestateguy Jun 2012 #7
+++ 1,000 +++ n/t RKP5637 Jul 2012 #51
+++ AtomicKitten Jul 2012 #56
I give. Which is it? An "Imperial Presidency" or a "Socialist Peoples Republic"? marble falls Jun 2012 #9
Any insult against Obama works for the Republican base. Jamaal510 Jun 2012 #12
When they are as uneducated as this.. AsahinaKimi Jun 2012 #18
don't forget, today Rmoney said he was Crony Capitalist. Can't keep their 'ists' straight. n/t progressivebydesign Jul 2012 #35
The only true "ist" is Mittski - elitist. marble falls Jul 2012 #38
This insanity, this GARBAGE, this deliberate partisan political PSYCHOSIS has to stop. woo me with science Jun 2012 #10
+100000000000000 stockholmer Jun 2012 #16
Recing Post #10 by woo me with science. bvar22 Jun 2012 #29
That was a very good post that I fear will fall on deaf psychotic ears. + post/rec Dragonfli Jun 2012 #31
Amen. hay rick Jul 2012 #33
I think a alot of people see this, but they don't want to sabotage the Dems for fear of ending up limpyhobbler Jul 2012 #41
There is no easy way out. CrispyQ Jul 2012 #45
both maybe? limpyhobbler Jul 2012 #47
I'm sadly beginning to wonder if the current system is repairable, because it is RKP5637 Jul 2012 #54
wish we could rec posts. HiPointDem Jul 2012 #42
+++++ 100 emilyg Jul 2012 #43
They're aiming at swing voters in the middle: a few percent, some of whom don't pay much attention, struggle4progress Jul 2012 #44
We only need look in the mirror. joshcryer Jul 2012 #62
How did this guy get elected? hrmjustin Jun 2012 #11
He got elected because not enough D's showed up to the polls in 2010. Jamaal510 Jun 2012 #13
Is't always the case!!! n/t hrmjustin Jun 2012 #14
is this the time... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2012 #49
No, just the Dems who didn't vote. Jamaal510 Jul 2012 #57
Sorry, for a while there... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2012 #59
Says the war criminal. Solly Mack Jun 2012 #15
Dear Rep. West's District. onehandle Jun 2012 #17
Thankfully, Florida District 22 will be free of him come November. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2012 #28
Thanks for nothing. hay rick Jul 2012 #32
I'd like to think so too. Tommy_Carcetti Jul 2012 #39
I've been phonebanking and have talked to a lot of people. hay rick Jul 2012 #40
To Allen West. The kitt6 Jun 2012 #19
He should stick to Turbineguy Jun 2012 #20
Two words. skamaria Jun 2012 #21
HAHA!!!he is a clown!! and-justice-for-all Jun 2012 #22
This idiot donnasgirl Jun 2012 #23
Read the constitution, Allen awoke_in_2003 Jun 2012 #24
Oh, you mean war criminal Allen West? jmowreader Jun 2012 #25
thank you roman7 Jun 2012 #30
Laura Ingraham. Enough said. lunatica Jun 2012 #26
starting to sound like an echo chamber. Same old BS, same old people, they're losing their grip. progressivebydesign Jul 2012 #34
He's mentally unstable. Bradical79 Jul 2012 #37
Who is Allen really speaking for? Who are his rich puppetmasters? wordpix Jul 2012 #48
Scuba on Alan West: The ramblings of a nut job. Scuba Jul 2012 #52
Funny, Romney gets more Nixonian by the day emulatorloo Jul 2012 #53
He is mentally damaged...nt and-justice-for-all Jul 2012 #58
Please let him be the GOP convention's keynote speaker Generic Brad Jul 2012 #60
Standard Repug strategy - accuse Dems of the exact thing they do. gtar100 Jul 2012 #61
Did you sleep through 2000 - 2008? sendero Jul 2012 #63
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