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9. A call to action for all Catholics to stand against the inhumane treatment of people,
Wed Jun 26, 2019, 11:19 PM
Jun 2019

especially those seeking asylum from violence and **ESPECIALLY CHILDREN** who are being harmed by this brutality. All Catholics need to be united against these atrocious actions. Call your representatives, stage protests, sit-ins, prayer vigils, call in the press to cover it. Unite with the people of your parish and discuss ways each of us can help. Speak loudly and clearly that the Church will not sit idle before the evil actions of these men. Call them out by name. Gather at the gates of the concentration camps and detention centers. Demand immediate disclosure of the whereabouts of all the young girls taken by ICE. Demand that the children be returned to their parents. Let them know that the Holy Church will not rest until these crimes against humanity cease and all asylum seekers are treated with dignity and respect and families are no longer separated.


Or...thoughts and prayers, have a sad and thank Mexico for being nice.

is he going to do anything about it ? JI7 Jun 2019 #1
No. mahannah Jun 2019 #2
This was "thoughts and prayers." Igel Jun 2019 #3
there actually is a lot more he could do JI7 Jun 2019 #4
+1000 LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jun 2019 #7
Thoughts and Prayers are all he can do Drahthaardogs Jul 2019 #18
What can he do? Polybius Jun 2019 #6
A call to action for all Catholics to stand against the inhumane treatment of people, gtar100 Jun 2019 #9
yes - call it evil, call it anti-christian etc Locrian Jun 2019 #11
He's already done that Drahthaardogs Jul 2019 #19
They'll get to it right after they do something about the widespread sexual abuse of children inwiththenew Jun 2019 #8
Does he have any authority over the US government? IronLionZion Jun 2019 #13
I can vouch for that NickB79 Jul 2019 #17
Probably about as much as we will. LanternWaste Jun 2019 #15
More Tots and Pears SCVDem Jun 2019 #5
Make a sad face and shrug, "Oh well." Grokenstein Jun 2019 #10
How about a blanket excommunication for every Catholic Trump supporter? Aristus Jun 2019 #12
Your American bishops and priests supported Trump, Francis 47of74 Jun 2019 #14
I have been working for years with both Network (Nuns on a Bus) lapucelle Jul 2019 #16
Thank you! Kid Berwyn Jul 2019 #21
How about the thousands who have drowned trying to get to Italy, he comment on them also? nt EX500rider Jul 2019 #20
Actually, yes. Kid Berwyn Jul 2019 #22
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