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38. I don't think you can call it censorship
Wed Jun 10, 2020, 09:43 AM
Jun 2020

because HBO is not the government but I feel that the only reason not to show it would be if not enough people wanted to see it. In high school, I did an oral book report on The Catcher in the Rye even though it was banned at my school. The only reason I did it was that I really enjoyed the book. I would not have done a book report on a book that espoused my beliefs if I felt it was badly written. I like Gone With the Wind even though I do not agree with the way that it portrays slavery. You don't like the way it portrays the South, fine, don't watch it. How many times have you heard a conservative say that a certain show should not be on TV and you said, if you don't like its message, change the channel?

I always got the feeling that GWTW was Mitchell's response to no_hypocrisy Jun 2020 #1
In Mitchell's view, Old South was really good. LisaL Jun 2020 #3
Maybe it's temporary and when it returns, the movie will be paired with no_hypocrisy Jun 2020 #4
How are they going to make people to watch the other movie if that move is not LisaL Jun 2020 #6
Return GWTW and run the other movie before or after it. no_hypocrisy Jun 2020 #9
They'll also have to run something to belie the scene thucythucy Jun 2020 #12
GWTW is already far too long csziggy Jun 2020 #60
Sometimes I think we were better off before bucolic_frolic Jun 2020 #2
This quote melm00se Jun 2020 #5
Well, i don't hear anyone advocating having the government destroy all copies of GWTW. thucythucy Jun 2020 #10
disagree melm00se Jun 2020 #15
GWTW edhopper Jun 2020 #19
If there's any "rewriting of history" being done here thucythucy Jun 2020 #26
Thank you DeminPennswoods Jun 2020 #40
So I take it you are in favor of keeping Confederate statues in the public square? killaphill Jun 2020 #35
The book is even worse than the movie. thucythucy Jun 2020 #7
Glad you brought this up. Talitha Jun 2020 #41
How ridiculous. kacekwl Jun 2020 #8
Watching it on DVD? Politicub Jun 2020 #16
I don't support this at all Blasphemer Jun 2020 #11
I agree rockfordfile Jun 2020 #13
Are you saying HBO is obligated to offer GWTW? thucythucy Jun 2020 #17
Certainly, they are not obligated. It's clearly their right. Blasphemer Jun 2020 #23
+1. There are hundreds of films, perhaps thousands, that could arguably be pulled ... Auggie Jun 2020 #36
+1 CountAllVotes Jun 2020 #18
They are not offering it edhopper Jun 2020 #21
Not to mention also pro-rape. thucythucy Jun 2020 #27
That too! edhopper Jun 2020 #31
Funny RobinA Jun 2020 #49
I liked it for different reasons CountAllVotes Jun 2020 #32
+1 Blasphemer n/t Devil Child Jun 2020 #29
IIRC, McDaniel wasn't allowed at the Atlanta premiere of the movie. CTyankee Jun 2020 #44
Nobody is stopping you from seeing it edhopper Jun 2020 #53
Agree. Hattie McDaniel won the first Oscar for an African American in this film. n/t Calista241 Jun 2020 #68
this seems stupid to me Skittles Jun 2020 #76
It was an artifact of its time Politicub Jun 2020 #14
A review by Cass Sunstein in The Atlantic from 2015 gives a somewhat different point of view. honest.abe Jun 2020 #20
Thank You RobinA Jun 2020 #55
May be for the best. Mitchell certainly did his part in perpetuating the 'noble lost cause' myth. PatrickforO Jun 2020 #22
True edhopper Jun 2020 #25
Ah, I stand corrected! PatrickforO Jun 2020 #69
People the title is edhopper Jun 2020 #24
Thanks HBO for protecting me from the insidious threat of GWTW Devil Child Jun 2020 #28
That made me laugh DeminPennswoods Jun 2020 #42
I guess we've found the modern version of banning books Steelrolled Jun 2020 #30
ferchistsake edhopper Jun 2020 #33
True Steelrolled Jun 2020 #37
more BS edhopper Jun 2020 #52
True Steelrolled Jun 2020 #73
why do they need an excuse to not edhopper Jun 2020 #75
Post removed Post removed Jun 2020 #34
HBO is making a decision based off profitability npk Jun 2020 #47
They are not claiming they are pulling it based on profitability. LisaL Jun 2020 #56
My point is that they are business npk Jun 2020 #59
I don't think you can call it censorship marie999 Jun 2020 #38
ridiculous, I equate this with book burning beachbumbob Jun 2020 #39
Did you notice my note the says HBO will eventually return it to the lineup ..... groundloop Jun 2020 #48
How would they work in that content? LisaL Jun 2020 #58
One option... LanternWaste Jun 2020 #72
Yeah... just like when CBS cancelled Gilligan's Island in 1967. LanternWaste Jun 2020 #70
That and "Birth of a Nation" need to be relegated to the dust bins of film history BumRushDaShow Jun 2020 #43
So what you're saying is "Gone with the Wind" is Gone with the Wind npk Jun 2020 #45
This is the kind of insanity that helped Trump win the electoral college. sarcasmo Jun 2020 #46
I don't like someone telling me what I can watch, read or listen to. moonseller66 Jun 2020 #50
Who specifically is telling you you can't watch the film? LanternWaste Jun 2020 #71
This is stupid Bayard Jun 2020 #51
So all you who think this is terrible edhopper Jun 2020 #54
Just a basic question, not any hidden meaning... moonseller66 Jun 2020 #57
No edhopper Jun 2020 #63
This is disgusting Polybius Jun 2020 #61
And the Taliban and ISIS destroyed forever their own historical wonders. LiberalLovinLug Jun 2020 #62
As I said above, why not teach it as a cultural artifact and as a means of oppression of people of CTyankee Jun 2020 #64
Never have understood the ongoing popularity of that movie. Paladin Jun 2020 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Jun 2020 #66
It gives a glimpse into a piece of history - with all its terrible warts. Chemisse Jun 2020 #67
Haven't you heard? Steelrolled Jun 2020 #74
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