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45. Dems retaking Senate may hang on this seat, next best chance is Greenfield in Iowa.
Wed Oct 7, 2020, 03:51 AM
Oct 2020

We need 4 seats and likely have 3 (CO, AZ, ME) in the bag. We need one more to make 50 and then VP Harris will be the tie-breaker.

Cal needs to simply come clean and admit he had affairs (there is another woman that came out), apologize and move on.

He needs to stress that while he has had personal failings, Tillis/Trump/McConnell represent a clear and present danger to the country.

Was it consensual? still_one Oct 2020 #1
Not with his wife... brooklynite Oct 2020 #5
It may matter to the NC voters, but does trump multiple extra marital affairs matter to them also? I still_one Oct 2020 #16
Trump is not running for Senate brooklynite Oct 2020 #19
No, but he's running for President! n/t Mr.Bill Oct 2020 #26
Thanks Mr Bill, you understood what I meant still_one Oct 2020 #30
I am talking if this is an issue for voters in NC, then Biden should win the state still_one Oct 2020 #28
Ahh good sir/ma'am... OldBaldy1701E Oct 2020 #48
I imagine so unfortunately still_one Oct 2020 #50
People don't act rationally. L.Pharmstrong Oct 2020 #53
I am not rationalizing anything, I am just suggesting if infidelity is an important issue for voters still_one Oct 2020 #55
Let me rephrase. L.Pharmstrong Oct 2020 #56
sure. It is definitely not a brillant campaign strategy, because like it or not it does reflect on still_one Oct 2020 #57
Agreed. L.Pharmstrong Oct 2020 #58
He's not being elected to date the voters' daughters. LanternWaste Oct 2020 #18
no one really cares anymore" brooklynite Oct 2020 #20
Hill might have won if she stayed in the race. She chose not to. She didn't give the voters a chan still_one Oct 2020 #31
It doesn't matter since adultery is still illegal in the military ripcord Oct 2020 #59
That really must put the military in a conundrum with the commander in chief they have still_one Oct 2020 #61
well catsudon Oct 2020 #65
Link to The Hill re the Army Reserve investigation nitpicker Oct 2020 #63
Oh, FFS. He didn't kill 215,000 people. So there's that. Squinch Oct 2020 #2
Do I care? no. But I don't vote in North Carolina. brooklynite Oct 2020 #3
I wasn't aiming that at you. I'm aiming at anyone who tries to act as if this should matter to Squinch Oct 2020 #6
This is politics: it matters to anyone who decides it matters brooklynite Oct 2020 #9
Another bumper sticker, eh? LanternWaste Oct 2020 #10
To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld... brooklynite Oct 2020 #22
Repuke HYPOCRITS get all butt hurt when a DEMOCRATIC politician has a scandal.... AZ8theist Oct 2020 #38
this is similar to the catsudon Oct 2020 #15
Not exactly... Claire Oh Nette Oct 2020 #35
and as you should catsudon Oct 2020 #37
"Sometimes it's hard to be a woman ..." mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2020 #4
Sorry. Nobody cares. kcr Oct 2020 #7
It was the sexting that didn't hurt his polling DavidDvorkin Oct 2020 #12
Lovely. n/t Laelth Oct 2020 #8
timing is everything.. stillcool Oct 2020 #11
its a guy thing catsudon Oct 2020 #13
could you BE any more sexist? Skittles Oct 2020 #41
i was actually being sarcastic catsudon Oct 2020 #43
aw man sorry Skittles Oct 2020 #44
all good buddy catsudon Oct 2020 #51
Idiot. BlueStater Oct 2020 #14
It's not that Republicans care or not care about this; it's that Democratic women voters No Vested Interest Oct 2020 #21
Considering the context of the last 4 years, that position is idiotic... AZ8theist Oct 2020 #39
Thank you for your opinion of my opinion... No Vested Interest Oct 2020 #40
My apologies. AZ8theist Oct 2020 #42
+1. Trump/GOP even endorsed molester Roy Moore. radius777 Oct 2020 #46
Really seems like a case if DeminPennswoods Oct 2020 #17
Post removed Post removed Oct 2020 #23
Melania publicly stands by Donald. keithbvadu2 Oct 2020 #24
Nope moose65 Oct 2020 #25
Does he really have a chance? keithbvadu2 Oct 2020 #27
Yes, he does moose65 Oct 2020 #29
This could be a problem. honest.abe Oct 2020 #32
I am constantly astounded by the assumption of privacy. Lonestarblue Oct 2020 #33
I am astounded at the arrogance of some people OldBaldy1701E Oct 2020 #49
Public Relations- the world's oldest profession. nt hay rick Oct 2020 #34
Great, so we might lose the Senate because one guy couldn't keep it in his pants Dopers_Greed Oct 2020 #36
Dems retaking Senate may hang on this seat, next best chance is Greenfield in Iowa. radius777 Oct 2020 #45
So what?! Behind the Aegis Oct 2020 #47
It's beyond that. We've been thru this before so many times as Dems and we never learn! CTyankee Oct 2020 #60
This is very unfortunate. MineralMan Oct 2020 #52
I'm not in NC. Personally, I don't care about his ... Whiskeytide Oct 2020 #54
I think you are right. CTyankee Oct 2020 #62
Unfortunately, the Repugs don't have a total monopoly on idiots nitpicker Oct 2020 #64
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