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10. Godspeed Mark
Thu Mar 30, 2023, 03:49 PM
Mar 2023

It's like a beloved Uncle just left the stage.

Live long and prosper Mr. Russell.

... just how the 9 year old '60's me knew ya.

Changed my life, you did.

Requiescat in pace, good soul. niyad Mar 2023 #1
Wow BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #2
To some degree, he was our role model as well. DFW Mar 2023 #5
You know this one is Mark McKinney, though, right? sl8 Mar 2023 #23
I saw mention of that BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #24
OK, kindly disregard my last. :) nt sl8 Mar 2023 #25
Most of the clips of him in the past BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #26
Gotcha. sl8 Mar 2023 #27
SNL is political parody central BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #28
I think that is not Mark Russell but someone spoofing him. royable Mar 2023 #29
Yup. BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #30
Same here Red Mountain Mar 2023 #32
Dang, I thought he had died a long time ago Backseat Driver Mar 2023 #3
He was funny, saw him live once, though his material had an expiration date for understanding it bucolic_frolic Mar 2023 #4
Long life, lived well, fought the good fight Warpy Mar 2023 #6
Sad news 🕯️ ... I always enjoyed him Raine Mar 2023 #7
I wondered why he hadn't had more to say about TFG dickthegrouch Mar 2023 #8
He was a well known alumni melm00se Mar 2023 #9
Godspeed Mark Tommymac Mar 2023 #10
Always looked forward to his evening shows on PBS, back in the day. DinahMoeHum Mar 2023 #11
I enjoyed him so much. R.I.P. sinkingfeeling Mar 2023 #12
This pazzyanne Mar 2023 #13
I LOVED Mark Russell! Aristus Mar 2023 #14
He was great! nt TeamProg Mar 2023 #15
I have a vague memory of him. I remember more from the Smother's Bros; David Frye. electric_blue68 Mar 2023 #16
Oh, great memories. RIP moonscape Mar 2023 #17
never missed one of his specials.... bahboo Mar 2023 #18
A great satarist! 2naSalit Mar 2023 #19
RIP Mark Russell a very talented performer and political satirist FakeNoose Mar 2023 #20
I loved watching Mark Russell Leith Mar 2023 #21
Lehrer was more musical I think, soldierant Mar 2023 #34
I sure did Leith Mar 2023 #35
No, I learnd about it here soldierant Mar 2023 #37
Oh no blogslug Mar 2023 #22
He was lovely -- so much witty commentary. RIP Mr Russell, and thanks. Hekate Mar 2023 #31
Loved his unique, simplistic style. oasis Mar 2023 #33
One of the best. dchill Mar 2023 #36
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