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Trade him for our political prisoners they hold. GreenWave Feb 4 #1
Tuck's just making sure the Rat Lines are open bucolic_frolic Feb 4 #2
He'd better get in touch with the catholic church, they have experience with Rat Lines ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 4 #67
Is carlson actually employed anywhere as a "journalist"? Think. Again. Feb 4 #3
Infowars or some such shit? n/t Valdosta Feb 4 #29
Ha! Think. Again. Feb 4 #38
He has his own show on X womanofthehills Feb 6 #73
Soooo... Think. Again. Feb 6 #74
Stay Away From Windows In High Story Buildings modrepub Feb 4 #4
Tucker isn't very intelligent KS Toronado Feb 4 #32
maybe making plans et tu Feb 4 #5
Could be there for Putin to interview him. tanyev Feb 4 #6
Don't tell me, Tucker wants to be Putin's running mate? Walleye Feb 4 #7
You just know he's loving all this attention. lamp_shade Feb 4 #8
How can the US gov stop him from interviewing anyone? Maraya1969 Feb 4 #9
Well, there's FARA -- Foreign Agents Registration Act Ponietz Feb 4 #17
That should be looked into. Think. Again. Feb 4 #39
How would that keep him from doing the interview? thucythucy Feb 4 #43
Thank you, Marge! Zambero Feb 4 #10
All together now - MOMFUDSKI Feb 4 #11
Indeed! 2naSalit Feb 4 #13
He's there on an errand for Trump. Delivering "documents" Autumn Feb 4 #12
I think he is harboring intel Puppyjive Feb 4 #14
A pilgrimage to prostrate before the supreme leader and seek his blessing dalton99a Feb 4 #15
(MTG said) "We have a free press in this country and it's people like Tucker Carlson who we depend on sop Feb 4 #16
There should be very little doubt Enoki33 Feb 4 #53
If it quacks like a useful idiot ... Beausoleil Feb 4 #18
Hey, newsweek, last I checked, tuck'ems is NOT a "tv anchor" anywhere. niyad Feb 4 #19
He launched his own loon (streaming) "network" this past December BumRushDaShow Feb 4 #20
But isn't there... Think. Again. Feb 4 #41
Am not aware of "journalist" restrictions BumRushDaShow Feb 4 #48
well... Think. Again. Feb 4 #50
His "activity" is ripe for becoming a Democratic party (or affiliated-PAC) ad!! BumRushDaShow Feb 4 #58
Russia can keep him IronLionZion Feb 4 #21
Hey! I like that! "Tuckyo Rose"!!! calimary Feb 4 #28
Seems Tucker would like to be a Russian Asset or paid Russian Propagandist Joinfortmill Feb 4 #22
He saw how well it has worked for TSF Beausoleil Feb 4 #26
Maybe Tuck wats Putie to make him VP Captain Zero Feb 4 #27
Carlson needs to stay in mother Russia, area51 Feb 4 #23
BARF. Tucker is an evil piece of shit propagandist, and his fans are too, by extension LymphocyteLover Feb 4 #24
"...its people like Tucker Carlson who we depend on to speak the truth!" William Seger Feb 4 #25
Wild ass speculation ... Valdosta Feb 4 #30
sec state or press sec lapfog_1 Feb 4 #31
My speculation revolves around how he'd feel safe going there? Obviously, he is welcome and well protected. brewens Feb 4 #33
Yeah, I was gonna medal in the Olympic decathlon swimboy Feb 4 #34
Delivering "notes" for Sick Fuck Kid Berwyn Feb 4 #35
He's trying to get some of the stolen loot, Farmer-Rick Feb 4 #36
"...Tucker Carlson who we depend on to speak the truth!" dchill Feb 4 #37
Lest we forget (from 2 years back) DinahMoeHum Feb 4 #40
"...the lightly-populated Russian colony of Ukraine..." LudwigPastorius Feb 4 #65
He should stay in Russia. tavernier Feb 4 #42
Our media leaves SO much to be desired. 'Frenzied?' Really? PatrickforB Feb 4 #44
Receiving his marching orders Wild blueberry Feb 4 #45
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 4 #46
Too bad the USA can't void his US passport and make him stay there! kimbutgar Feb 4 #47
Yeah -- don't come back, TucKKKer -- just stay there Blue Owl Feb 4 #54
Tucker is quoted on Russian TV so often, they just wanted to see him in person. FailureToCommunicate Feb 4 #49
No speculation, he's sucking up to trumps puppet master, putin. republianmushroom Feb 4 #51
I just need one dollar more than $83,000.000.00 dollars Iwasthere Feb 4 #52
DUzy! BumRushDaShow Feb 4 #59
There's a rumor someone secretly refers to him as "Sick Tuck" Blue Owl Feb 4 #55
Rumor has it . . . Richard D Feb 4 #56
Investigate this TRAITOR the day he returns. bluestarone Feb 4 #57
Marge wouldn't know the truth if she stepped in it louis-t Feb 4 #60
"Get the Pee Pee Tapes and come home!!" .. nt Jarqui Feb 4 #61
"spasming"? ProfessorPlum Feb 4 #62
How do you say suh-weet in russky? DoBW Feb 4 #63
Re: Carlson's Putin interview LudwigPastorius Feb 4 #64
Getting His Yearly Performance Review Deep State Witch Feb 4 #66
Does putin pay him in The Wizard Feb 4 #68
What did conservatives call Jane Fonda when she visited Hanoi during the Vietnam War? "Hanoi Jane?" Martin68 Feb 4 #69
Tucker is the right wing Jane Fonda Warpy Feb 4 #70
Tucker is interviewing with TFG's boss, Putin, to be TFG's VP LetMyPeopleVote Feb 5 #71
The SCOTUS could rule that TFG may be allowed to be on the ballot but not serve unless Congress removes disability LetMyPeopleVote Feb 6 #72
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