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Midnight Writer

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11. The claim of $75,000 to reimburse her for "lost millions" gives the game away.
Tue Feb 6, 2024, 09:35 PM
Feb 2024

I would be surprised if $75,000 would cover legal fees.

She is not recovering perceived damages. She is letting herself be used as a tool of Musk. She should be aware that Elon doesn't give a tinker's turd about her or her career. He is just satisfying grudges and will discard her if convenient.

Leon Smuk's drug addiction takes a new turn. Hassler Feb 2024 #1
Waaaa waaaaa waaaaa, I need a man-child twitter billionaire to pay for my lawyer. These fuckmooks deserve each other. Comfortably_Numb Feb 2024 #2
This will be a fun lawsuit to follow LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #3
I'll go as far as this. The Grand Illuminist Feb 2024 #37
I can't find the article, but rogue emissary Feb 2024 #4
Based on the way things are going financially at Disney, everyone should be fired. n/t OnlinePoker Feb 2024 #26
Why can't these dipshits odins folly Feb 2024 #5
They are so clueless on the subject BlueKota Feb 2024 #10
Because these childish right wing crybabies never take any responsibility for their actions. canuckledragger Feb 2024 #12
I hate Musk too Chi67 Feb 2024 #17
"Now this. Tesla is not only off my list, but I hope the company goes down in flames"... William Gustafson Feb 2024 #18
Id much rather see Twitter go down quakerboy Feb 2024 #22
Their cars are doing that themselves MistakenLamb Feb 2024 #40
Ask Roseanne.... Mopar151 Feb 2024 #6
Most Entertainment contracts contain a section about bringing the character or the program into disrepute as grounds for Ford_Prefect Feb 2024 #7
And those tight guidelines have been there... slightlv Feb 2024 #8
Disney contracts are thorough and exact. C_U_L8R Feb 2024 #9
Well, it stands to reason since they are after all fools. Not to mention complete unredeemable assholes. cstanleytech Feb 2024 #14
The claim of $75,000 to reimburse her for "lost millions" gives the game away. Midnight Writer Feb 2024 #11
that makes it seem (to me anyway)... ret5hd Feb 2024 #28
helpful article SleeplessinSoCal Feb 2024 #13
Carano was employed in California, which is an at-will employment state. Aristus Feb 2024 #15
Really? Chi67 Feb 2024 #16
And to think I used to have a crush on her... padah513 Feb 2024 #19
Hey asshole vercetti2021 Feb 2024 #20
Ask Charlie Sheen... Xolodno Feb 2024 #21
this failed actor thinks she will pull a gawker case on Disney. Javaman Feb 2024 #23
Will They Just Pay Her? erpowers Feb 2024 #24
I don't think it will hurt Disney in the slightest. The Grand Illuminist Feb 2024 #25
With her career basically dead, I think that's all she wants Javaman Feb 2024 #34
Worse The Grand Illuminist Feb 2024 #38
"Will they just pay her?" LudwigPastorius Feb 2024 #39
They didn't fire her. They didn't pick up Ferrets are Cool Feb 2024 #27
Should have filed this in state court exboyfil Feb 2024 #29
I don't think that would have helped her. Aristus Feb 2024 #30
I thought that myself. The Grand Illuminist Feb 2024 #31
But would it be wise if you are one of the largest media entertainment companies in the world? exboyfil Feb 2024 #32
True that. The Grand Illuminist Feb 2024 #33
Doubt they're looking to win, or even reach settlement. Torchlight Feb 2024 #35
Self-delete Torchlight Feb 2024 #36
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