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93. TFG is a serial liar, and this is projection,
Sat Apr 13, 2024, 03:47 PM
Apr 13

He knows he won't testify , but he almost always does this knowing he won't , and comes up with excuse every time blaming others for not doing it. He''ll fire his lawyers or claim he's ill at some point. His lying and coming up with BS excuses is par for the coarse for this corrupt con man. Wish the media would stop showing him promoting his propaganda.

Sure He will. Twoflower Apr 12 #1
How many times did he take the 5th in Tish James' and the E. Jean Carroll cases? Botany Apr 13 #71
someone needs to edit together a clip of how many times he's said he testify and did not ZonkerHarris Apr 13 #89
It does not matter on Xmas day '23 I saw a clip Botany Apr 13 #95
Hey, it's all show time until NJCher Apr 14 #102
Riiiiight. Ocelot II Apr 12 #2
This is why Tv cameras should be allowed in courts. Ray Bruns Apr 13 #67
I'm glad it's not going to be televised COL Mustard Apr 13 #78
I don't think that Trump will testify under oath either. wnylib Apr 14 #101
"trump under oath" is one of those phrases. mwb970 Apr 12 #3
Sounds like a garage band BOSSHOG Apr 12 #7
"Trump under oath" is the definition of perjury! ShazzieB Apr 13 #44
exactly gopiscrap Apr 13 #83
Of course I'll respect you in the morning. COL Mustard Apr 13 #79
He is so full of it. MOMFUDSKI Apr 12 #4
yes it would mean sure disbarrment gopiscrap Apr 13 #84
I believe i've heard this before from this lying bastard. bluestarone Apr 12 #5
Sure he will CanonRay Apr 12 #6
So in other words, he won't. Jirel Apr 12 #8
Yep, how come that he failed to testify as promised before isn't ever mentioned? IbogaProject Apr 13 #88
"All I can do is tell the truth," JoseBalow Apr 12 #9
If he said that today is Saturday and the weather here is nice..... COL Mustard Apr 13 #80
that's for sure gopiscrap Apr 13 #85
If he goes thru with it, there's not enough popcorn... Wednesdays Apr 12 #10
... BumRushDaShow Apr 12 #17
HA! mahina Apr 12 #19
Nope, not enough! TeamProg Apr 12 #27
... BumRushDaShow Apr 12 #29
He won't, and he'll blame it on his lawyers. onlyadream Apr 13 #55
Or jail space for him and gold toilet. usaf-vet Apr 13 #61
sorrowfully, that fucking bastard gopiscrap Apr 13 #87
The salt would kill me COL Mustard Apr 13 #81
oh I know it gopiscrap Apr 13 #86
"Please proceed" Idiot. He can't even complete a proper livetohike Apr 12 #11
Uh huh... That would be weeks away so I'd not place any bets on him following through... hlthe2b Apr 12 #12
Testifies less than 3 minutes in defamation trial; is rebuked by judge struggle4progress Apr 12 #13
3 min? Well, that would be twice as long as he lasted with Stormy oldsoftie Apr 13 #49
This idiot 'thinks' that when he gets on the stand NanaCat Apr 14 #98
Won't testify as planned in his civil fraud trial struggle4progress Apr 12 #14
He always says he'll testify NanaCat Apr 14 #99
Almost always says he will, almost always does not. RockRaven Apr 12 #15
only cultists The Wizard Apr 12 #16
He is cracking! mahina Apr 12 #18
Testimony::: I don't remember.... Fifth Amendment. keithbvadu2 Apr 12 #20
Testifying under oath The Wizard Apr 12 #21
That means he won't. Scrivener7 Apr 12 #22
"All I can do is tell the truth" Talitha Apr 12 #23
"And the truth is"..... SergeStorms Apr 13 #46
It's not dementia NanaCat Apr 14 #100
What comes first him actually testifing or severe chest pain causing a delay in the trial? usaf-vet Apr 13 #62
Under oath? Will he be charged with perjury? LiberalFighter Apr 12 #24
Trump Bible and Trump sneakers n.t. Dear_Prudence Apr 13 #43
I would pay to see that. Oh wait. I did. We all did... ColinC Apr 12 #25
"My lawyers wouldn't let me" Bristlecone Apr 12 #26
Yes. The use of the phrase "would testify" instead of "will testify" indicates that will be his shtick. PSPS Apr 12 #30
Exactly. onlyadream Apr 13 #56
Yeah Sure Ya Betcha Faux pas Apr 12 #28
Oh please do Novara Apr 12 #31
I hope he testifies. marble falls Apr 12 #32
Did his lawyer quit yet? mahina Apr 12 #33
That happens Sunday night.... lastlib Apr 12 #37
He always says that. He'll testify at the curb as usual. JohnnyRingo Apr 12 #34
"All I Can Do Is Tell The Truth." GB_RN Apr 12 #35
"Cantaloupe Caligula" Prof. Toru Tanaka Apr 13 #69
Yeah, right. n/t iluvtennis Apr 12 #36
Right after he releases his taxes Tribetime Apr 12 #38
Oh please, please, please let him testify! He can only deepen his liability. Martin68 Apr 12 #39
All I can do is tell the truth, dweller Apr 12 #40
I wish TSF does. He OPENS the door to so much more to bury its sick carcuss Traurigkeit Apr 13 #41
Maybe he wants to counter Stormy's testimony Zorro Apr 13 #42
And Mexico will pay for it. Orrex Apr 13 #45
Oh, please... From The Ashes Apr 13 #47
"No case"?? Buddy, you are COOKED. mwb970 Apr 13 #48
"I never had sex with her" Daniels: "I can describe his dick" oldsoftie Apr 13 #50
If he never had sex with her TexasBushwhacker Apr 13 #68
He never THINKS before he speaks. Who knows what he'll call the cash. oldsoftie Apr 13 #91
He has said the same thing numerous times and always backs down - he's a coward! lark Apr 13 #51
One can hope! gibraltar72 Apr 13 #52
Yeah, yeah, yeah... 2naSalit Apr 13 #53
STFU you psychopath. Lie lie lie lie 617Blue Apr 13 #54
His testimony will be NewJeffCT Apr 13 #57
I don't know... birdographer Apr 13 #64
Bullshit VeryProgressive Apr 13 #58
Yeah Right EddieOnTheMesa Apr 13 #59
Which means he'll take the 5th. DemMedic Apr 13 #60
Couple of things: no_hypocrisy Apr 13 #63
Perjury charges will be added DURING cross-examination by Braggs team... Justice matters. Apr 13 #65
His lawyers would hog tie him before allowing him on the stand. appleannie1 Apr 13 #66
Breaking news: Trump vows to perjure himself pfitz59 Apr 13 #70
And will change his mind and back out because 'judge is biased' louis-t Apr 13 #72
trumps lies a lot. republianmushroom Apr 13 #73
Star witness for the prosecution. twodogsbarking Apr 13 #74
He's lying..... again Owens Apr 13 #75
I think I've seen that one before! Initech Apr 13 #92
Put him on a polygraph with a shocker durablend Apr 13 #76
Sure thing, lol,lol,lol Hikerchick57 Apr 13 #77
Oh bullshit gopiscrap Apr 13 #82
"All I can do is tell the truth" Deep State Witch Apr 13 #90
TFG is a serial liar, and this is projection, duforsure Apr 13 #93
"All I can do is tell the truth," said Trump twodogsbarking Apr 13 #94
"Just shut up man." Evolve Dammit Apr 13 #96
Oh please please please make it so NanaCat Apr 14 #97
Well, he wouldn't actually testify. Aussie105 Apr 14 #103
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