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22. The article didn't mention cold viruses, but it should transfer over.
Thu Apr 18, 2024, 04:50 PM
Apr 18

So they've essentially cured the common cold. No one could before because there's hundreds of cold variants. But this should target all of them. All the colds, all the flu's, all the covids, rsv. Holy cow. This is big.

Its only effective if you take the vaccine..... getagrip_already Apr 18 #1
It would mean that antivaxxerrs can't kill people who are vaccinated by causing new resistant strains Clash City Rocker Apr 18 #2
I wonder whether research done specifically because of the pandemic has led to promising results that tblue37 Apr 18 #3
The silver lining Sucha NastyWoman Apr 18 #9
This has been underway from before the pandemic IbogaProject Apr 18 #13
From what I read, go with the "as quickly" on this... Wounded Bear Apr 18 #14
I'm really hoping Fox and other fellow travelers promote anti-vax messages for this new vaccine. erronis Apr 18 #7
Will this method finally make me magnetic? I was told the last one would but it never happened Ray Bruns Apr 18 #4
Snort!! chowder66 Apr 18 #8
That and the tracking chip. I'm old. Never know when I might need to be found... Wounded Bear Apr 18 #15
I was hoping for the one with the time... 3catwoman3 Apr 18 #20
Hmm, it worked for me. Check your compass. I am north. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 18 #21
This is hopeful! N/t Hope22 Apr 18 #5
I think this is related to the Walter Reed research developing a "universal" vaccine for all strains of Covid. PSPS Apr 18 #6
Well, a third of the population Miguelito Loveless Apr 18 #10
Sorry, Mr.Bill Apr 18 #11
Well, bleach is only a back up cure, doncha know, in case you wnylib Apr 18 #16
RNA vaccines are... orwell Apr 18 #12
That sounds kinda dull. Haven't you heard wnylib Apr 18 #17
I'll have to add that to... orwell Apr 18 #19
Wait, I'm still waiting for that GPS microchip to be injected like those idiots said was gonna happen. 4lbs Apr 18 #18
The article didn't mention cold viruses, but it should transfer over. Chellee Apr 18 #22
Awesome republianmushroom Apr 18 #23
With no need of needles you can spray a crowd with the vaccine. Ideal for getting those anti-vaccine Traurigkeit Apr 18 #24
Locking JudyM Apr 19 #25
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