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27. And the Gadsden Flag
Sat May 18, 2024, 09:54 PM
May 18

Was named for a slave owner. Don’t tread on me I own human beings. I’ve asked two men over the years who had Gadsden stickers on their trucks who is treading on you. They both said libruls. I asked one of the two how have you suffered by being tread on. That was the end of the conversation

Sam has defined himself and it's not going away bucolic_frolic May 18 #1
$10.00 to a Guinness - The only think Sammy recuses himself from 3Hotdogs May 18 #5
I've got one better: RESIGN, motherfucker Novara May 18 #2
Maybe Alito will demand his wife apologize for disrespecting the flag??? riversedge May 18 #3
Who is going to hear her from the kitchen? n/t lastlib May 18 #4
THIS johnnyfins May 18 #6
If I were her I would have packed up and moved out rurallib May 18 #8
Right, she's in the kitchen barefoot Captain Zero May 18 #11
Fuck Alito. SamKnause May 18 #7
RESIGN! ..... nt Hotler May 18 #9
He'll just whimper and whine about being picked on. tavernier May 18 #10
of course he will prodigitalson May 18 #24
Alito disrespected the Constitution. Kid Berwyn May 18 #12
He's not stupid. He knew there was no election fraud. He's a fascist and unAmerican. paleotn May 18 #13
16th century asshole needs to resign. Retiring from the human race would niyad May 18 #14
Many of us on DU had upside down US flags after Jan. 6th. mysteryowl May 18 #15
I used that avatar after 45 was elected BumRushDaShow May 18 #16
You are right, it was after trump was in office in 2016 that we had upside down flags on DU mysteryowl May 18 #25
Yup BumRushDaShow May 19 #32
And the Gadsden Flag BOSSHOG May 18 #27
It showed up during the Vietnam War protests now and then. I think I had a patch back then on my jean jacket. LeftInTX May 19 #30
I have noticed that the flag hasn't been used as much by them as in the past BumRushDaShow May 19 #33
Sorry, if my wife wants to disrespect the flag, I can't do anything about that. But give us total power and Martin68 May 18 #17
I'm disappointed that it took 3 years for this to become an issue FakeNoose May 18 #18
I don't think it would have made any difference BumRushDaShow May 18 #20
Is the flag still there? question everything May 18 #19
Apologize??? Not good enough. flying-skeleton May 18 #21
Hakeem good luck with this, the apology and the recuse. republianmushroom May 18 #22
Yes Satanic Sam HandmaidsTaleUntold May 18 #23
I think the USSC should just get it over with EndlessWire May 18 #26
Alito must go. oasis May 18 #28
The flag doesn't bother me near as much as the "stop the steal" signage. marble falls May 19 #29
In fairness, after the Bush v Gore decision in 2000, Deminpenn May 19 #31
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