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19. And funny, but I bet the only
Mon May 20, 2024, 11:10 PM
May 20

cases deemed "political" would be those against Repugs! Democrats and common criminals aren't important enough to have political witch hunts going after them, per Repugs. To any Repug who had two brain cells to rub together, that concept ought to cause them to think critically about the basis of the theory. But then, they don't have two brain cells to rub together - and they can only follow the leader like sheep to a shearing.

Separation of powers, jerks. hlthe2b May 20 #1
"Clearly politically motivated?" Decided by whom? TomSlick May 20 #2
"Decided" by the deeply politically motivated. Beartracks May 20 #15
should be "Let TSF Lie" barbtries May 20 #3
I doubt it can be applied in state courts. LiberalFighter May 20 #4
Oh brother Diamond_Dog May 20 #5
He lied about his education. LiberalFighter May 20 #6
This would be fully endorsed by several others: SCantiGOP May 20 #7
Oh jeez!!! LeftInTX May 20 #8
Why? The case will be over this week, then Donnie Small-hands can say what he wants. apnu May 20 #9
This is clearly an illegal bill, and the repukes know it sakabatou May 20 #10
And funny, but I bet the only slightlv May 20 #19
Perverted and demented John Shaft May 20 #11
Oh for FFS! sheshe2 May 20 #12
It'll die a well-deserved death in the Senate. greatauntoftriplets May 20 #13
good luck with that prodigitalson May 20 #14
Red ties, yellow bellies, brown noses. n/t Beartracks May 20 #16
What other country . . . Aussie105 May 20 #17
Yet another sycophant on parade. Talitha May 20 #18
Well...you know what would happen jmowreader May 20 #20
You want to speak? Take the witness stand! Grins May 20 #21
Oh for god's sake. mwb970 May 21 #22
You mean ""Let Trump attack anyone he feels like to incite his "followers" to seek revenge on them" Act Rhiannon12866 May 21 #23
Oh, you mean the "Let Trump SPEW Act"? electric_blue68 May 21 #24
This is an example of: Aussie105 May 21 #25
Showboating and grandstanding. "Look at me!" I hate it when any politician does that. Oopsie Daisy May 21 #26
I'd be surprised if any court would find this consitutional because it would undermine their own safety, as well as Martin68 May 21 #27
Oh, the irony. Baitball Blogger May 21 #28
It's so disappointing, happy feet May 21 #29
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