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9. If I understand UK politics correctly, and I don't know nearly as much
Sat May 25, 2024, 07:44 PM
May 25

I know there are several parties, including Tories, UKIP, Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats, and Independent. But many of them have changed names over the years. I know that at least 66 countries require mandatory military service, including the Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, South Korea, Austria, and many others so it's not really a new thing. But again, it depends on how the people in the UK see it and how well funded it is. The UK is very different, so I don't know if they will like it.

Well that's one way to attract the youth vote... mwooldri May 25 #1
I suppose it depends on how much solidarity there is from the older siblings muriel_volestrangler May 25 #3
I doubt it will work out well. Baitball Blogger May 25 #15
Fotced to volunteer? tirebiter May 26 #21
Well, the post clearly says E. Normus May 26 #27
I totally agree. "National Service" can be a good idea if done well. RandomNumbers May 26 #35
I was elected to our local school board in the late 1990's. I tried to get Community Service program for a High School.. usaf-vet May 26 #41
The OP failed to include the fact that this is in the UK not the USA. littlemissmartypants May 26 #45
it is obviously about the UK Celerity May 26 #47
I thought it was obvious when I read the snip in the OP. Igel May 26 #53
it is frustrating Celerity May 26 #55
I'm not going to untrash the thread but thanks for the clarification. ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 26 #54
We had a name for this in the military... Shipwack May 26 #48
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing PatSeg May 25 #6
IKR?! sheshe2 May 26 #18
I resemble that....don't give them any ideas. walkingman May 26 #28
Yes, be sure to repel every possible demographic PatSeg May 26 #29
Head of the repukes didnt serve in the military. Mr Bone Spur lied about an injury Trueblue1968 May 26 #44
Good thing this is Britain jimfields33 May 26 #52
The tories already have only a small chance ... Tennessee Hillbilly May 25 #2
Oh, well. At least Rishi has his wife's money laundering to keep him in curry. peppertree May 26 #34
This can't be! I thought conservatives were against big government? /nt progree May 25 #4
I think these are British conservatives... reACTIONary May 25 #7
National Service (the Draft) Now That's a Vote Winner! PM Hacker wanted the same. Sir Humphrey thwarted him- SorellaLaBefana May 25 #5
"Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister" markodochartaigh May 25 #10
Two of the best shows ever ZonkerHarris May 26 #39
Seems reasonable since it does have options other than military service . cstanleytech May 25 #8
It's deeply stupid, and a desperate attempt at pandering from a political incompetent Emrys May 26 #17
Those are all very valid concerns and before I would prove other of course I'd want to see concrete plans. cstanleytech May 26 #19
In the UK, many 18-year-olds are leaving secondary school Emrys May 26 #25
You're raising some valid issues and problems with the idea that had not occured to me, thank you :-) cstanleytech May 26 #32
No worries. Emrys May 26 #33
If I understand UK politics correctly, and I don't know nearly as much tornado34jh May 25 #9
UK voters will see it as a last gasp stunt of a doomed government. speak easy May 25 #13
South Korea's at least requires all males to serve NanaCat May 26 #20
They make a few exceptions in Korea. LisaM May 26 #24
Or they can do it the way the South Koreans do it. Baitball Blogger May 25 #11
"I think this is a better system." speak easy May 25 #14
Maybe that will finally kick the Tories out of office for a while Warpy May 25 #12
Yeah, right. I'll believe that when I see it. They dont't want their own sons and daughters drafted so they'll Martin68 May 25 #16
We need something similar here. oldsoftie May 26 #22
I agree. H2O Man May 26 #40
Good idea. James48 May 26 #23
I've always been supportive of this idea aeromanKC May 26 #26
I agree, but to do it correctly will require a huge expenditure RandomNumbers May 26 #36
What the first day will be like ArkansasDemocrat1 May 26 #30
Deputy PM Salvini (Italy) JustAnotherGen May 26 #31
Are we sure Republicans won't go for this? ificandream May 26 #37
Oy! LudwigPastorius May 26 #38
I think Democrats would stand back and let them do that. It would lose them the election. Martin68 May 26 #42
I worked for decades and the government took part of the money, every payday. Seems to me like, well, public service. twodogsbarking May 26 #43
Trashed. littlemissmartypants May 26 #46
Unless you have bone spurs. Sneederbunk May 26 #49
Here's the UK MoD's official stance rejecting this stupid idea from last Thursday in Parliament Emrys May 26 #50
Getting Ready for Putin's war........** NGeorgian May 26 #51
Come on people... this is a UK article. WarGamer May 26 #56
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