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11. Umm its Pakistan a former English colony
Fri Dec 28, 2012, 12:26 PM
Dec 2012

A lot of people speak English there. They wrote the sign in English because they're obviously trying to reach Americans. The country doesn't murder them for it, the Taliban does. Malala got an outpouring of support from most of Pakistan and will probably be studying in England.

The drones don't even get the people they're designed to get half the time, maybe even less. The U.S. just acts as an intermediary assassination squad. Same thing with the night raids, where soldiers murdered innocent men in their beds next to their wives because they received a call from someone suspected to be Taliban and nothing more. If you're not prepared to send your own men to do the job right, don't do it at all. We're no better than the Taliban because of our drones.

And people like you on a Democratic website that are no better than a neocon thug.

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