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33. Thank you, OmahaBlueDog, here's the email I just submitted:
Wed Jan 23, 2013, 05:23 PM
Jan 2013

I take Cabela's withdraw from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor show, because of Reed Exhibition's removal of assault weapons from their booth offerings, as Cabela's confirmed support for protection of American domestic assault weapons' markets and bigger such markets in troubled countries around the world.

Apparently these markets in countries into which US made, and NRA protected, assault weapons are flowing fully un-regulated to eventually produce the necessity of US troop killing and being killed in order to "defend" "our" "interests abroad" have Cabela's seal of approval. Hence your protection of assault weapons propaganda in a PRIVATE sports show.

Please review Senate bill S. 2205 introduced during the 112th Congress and in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee right now. In this bill the NRA, through it's wholly owned senators, seeks to prevent U.S. involvement in U.N. treaties that try to control the flow of US made and other weapons into troubled places like Libya and all over the continent of Africa.

America's history as "the Policemen of the World" and our standing non-UN treaty involvements mean that it is highly likely that US Troops will end up facing the weapons that Cabela's is protecting in some horribly sad and damned places, while you enjoy your assault weapons' profits in the comfort of your home.

You can be certain that there are many of us who will not forget your ir-responsible attitude toward what happens to ordinary Americans in OUR own streets and to OUR soldiers in Harm's Way around the globe.

Please reconsider and offer Reed Exhibitions an apology and thank them for their responsible behavior in this matter.

Thank you for reading this,

Good. Take your guns and go home. sinkingfeeling Jan 2013 #1
Strange there I was thinking Cabelas was about Smilo Jan 2013 #2
love Cabelas. PatrynXX Jan 2013 #32
That's just a cover... paleotn Jan 2013 #43
Not a big Cabela's fan MynameisBlarney Jan 2013 #3
Oh, I didn't know about the wolves. KitSileya Jan 2013 #4
I don't know if they STILL do MynameisBlarney Jan 2013 #5
Thanks for that. KitSileya Jan 2013 #8
No problem MynameisBlarney Jan 2013 #10
Could You Be Thinking Of Bass Pro Shop? n/t DallasNE Jan 2013 #6
Nope, Cabela's MynameisBlarney Jan 2013 #9
That's a key point of which they need to be reminded. OmahaBlueDog Jan 2013 #12
Indeed. MynameisBlarney Jan 2013 #13
If it's camping equipment you want shop CAMPMOR or REI. canoeist52 Jan 2013 #27
Thank you! MynameisBlarney Jan 2013 #39
Hell yeah, and Outdoor Research tabasco Jan 2013 #51
hit the unlike PatrynXX Jan 2013 #34
Bass Pro Shops bobalew Jan 2013 #49
REI dlwickham Jan 2013 #53
Meh. Arctic Dave Jan 2013 #7
You can contact Cabela's here: OmahaBlueDog Jan 2013 #11
Thank you, OmahaBlueDog, here's the email I just submitted: patrice Jan 2013 #33
Wow. Deserves a GD or Activist forum OP, patrice. freshwest Jan 2013 #46
The NRA's intransigence on the assault weapons issue is due to these much much BIGGER markets. nt patrice Jan 2013 #50
Patrice, this needs to go viral, many people don't know the reasons at all. freshwest Jan 2013 #55
I have been saying it here every chance I can find, but I should investigate ways to get outside of patrice Jan 2013 #57
It wasn't until I heard discussion of Reagan's AWB and the market being protected that I had a clue. freshwest Jan 2013 #58
Military are probably pretty interested in what's going on with Fast-&-Furious gun markets. nt patrice Jan 2013 #59
Good e-mail OmahaBlueDog Jan 2013 #47
and twitter and facebook PatrynXX Jan 2013 #35
Is Cabela's a corporation or a lobbying firm? Ezlivin Jan 2013 #14
it's a PR move...no one can see this?..really? backwoodsbob Jan 2013 #68
Wow. Nothing like telling the world that you care more about guns used for murder than kestrel91316 Jan 2013 #15
Cabella's number is 800-237-4444...They say that assault weapons are essential for ranchers to... Faryn Balyncd Jan 2013 #16
So, they couldn't sell me a hunting rifle to hunt coyote on my ranch? OmahaBlueDog Jan 2013 #19
Gee How Did My Dad Manage To Protect redstatebluegirl Jan 2013 #20
The response they gave you is Sherman A1 Jan 2013 #23
Funny Capt13 Jan 2013 #25
Anything a .22 can do, a .223 can do better. AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #36
Really? It does it better? Frank Cannon Jan 2013 #71
Higher velocity, longer flatter trajectory, more mass on impact. AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #72
Well, this show wasn't about ranchers, it was about hunting. intheflow Jan 2013 #29
the way they shoot on youtube PatrynXX Jan 2013 #37
f@*& Cabelas. mikeysnot Jan 2013 #17
In Hambug, PA the residents HATE Cabellas........... kooljerk666 Jan 2013 #21
Great Book. It includes Bass Pro in that group of bad players using Walmart tactics. canoeist52 Jan 2013 #26
Aw man MynameisBlarney Jan 2013 #41
DKJ books have made me mikeysnot Jan 2013 #42
I find this amusing... Javaman Jan 2013 #18
Good point! intheflow Jan 2013 #30
Assault weapons are what draws all the yahoos to gun shows. Hoyt Jan 2013 #22
I feel bad for the many vendors Demo_Chris Jan 2013 #24
I used to shop at Cabela's pscot Jan 2013 #28
Plus all their shit is 30-50% over priced. AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #38
Bass Pro has just been killing them PatrynXX Jan 2013 #40
I think "second amendment" has become dog whistle for "slavery." PSPS Jan 2013 #31
I don't think that's far off from the truth NOW, 'cause these LiberTEA -publicans are NOT that patrice Jan 2013 #56
Before I was laid off the outdoors magazines where I had worked for 13 years, RebelOne Jan 2013 #44
Couldn't afford to hunt & don't have the time to, as many of us work more for less these days. patrice Jan 2013 #52
I've always found hunting to be a net positive.. sir pball Jan 2013 #62
Our magazines were all about trophy hunting. n/t RebelOne Jan 2013 #65
Thanks. But the company was good to me when they laid me off. RebelOne Jan 2013 #66
i'll be sending them a letter later this week.. frylock Jan 2013 #45
Good. Stay the fuck home. jerseyjack Jan 2013 #48
How stupid of Cabela's. Don't they sell anything else? Owl Jan 2013 #54
And who is Cabela's spokesman? Why it's Wayne LaPierre featured in their catalog ads. Scuba Jan 2013 #60
They will regret that move...nt Evasporque Jan 2013 #61
I think that I just heard on MSNBC that this show has been "postponed." amandabeech Jan 2013 #63
Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show has been "postponed" hack89 Jan 2013 #64
About 200 exhibitors pulled out as well as celebrity guests - lynne Jan 2013 #67
I went to that show sweetapogee Jan 2013 #69
Cabelas loses business to gun nut pressure jpak Jan 2013 #70
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