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47. Running Windows is the equivalent of drinking Budweiser
Tue Feb 21, 2012, 07:55 PM
Feb 2012

It's cheap, it sucks, but people do it anyway. Even when there are cheaper options.

Artisanal OS'es like Linux/Ubuntu are for those who can appreciate them.

Why does anyone even bother with Google any more? begin_within Feb 2012 #1
The 'Mountain View Ad Agency' services are 'free.' onehandle Feb 2012 #2
A number of colleges and universities use Gmail exclusively now. SomeGuyInEagan Feb 2012 #26
Why are People Still Using IE? liberalmike27 Feb 2012 #33
I prefer BING. eom xtraxritical Feb 2012 #11
Google tricked Apple's Safari in order to track users FredisDead Feb 2012 #3
OMG WTF Stop n think Feb 2012 #4
Just ask Murdoch. tabasco Feb 2012 #41
Time for "Operation Fuck Google's Data Mining." McCamy Taylor Feb 2012 #5
Easier: Switch to Ixquick or DuckDuckGo. n/t TygrBright Feb 2012 #6
Thanks, I bookmarked those. Lasher Feb 2012 #12
I'm always in the market for new search engines woodsprite Feb 2012 #36
Been doing that for years... saras Feb 2012 #18
Thanks for that ... Nihil Feb 2012 #23
And we would all be paranoid time-wasters, too. randome Feb 2012 #27
Just reset the browser, to clear cookies and history, on exit.... jdadd Feb 2012 #7
You Deleted Your Cookies? Think Again wtmusic Feb 2012 #24
2 ways to foil Google and LSOs: dixiegrrrrl Feb 2012 #32
Thanks....I stand corrected.... jdadd Feb 2012 #48
Why dose anyone even use IE? Feature poor and buggy. It's a load. geckosfeet Feb 2012 #8
The security of MS software has been compromised?? wtmusic Feb 2012 #9
It wasn't easy... first they had to find it! nilram Feb 2012 #15
I think my christx30 Feb 2012 #16
I wasn't suggesting a security *hole* was hard to find nilram Feb 2012 #28
Right christx30 Feb 2012 #34
Microsoft finds security hole, blames google. boppers Feb 2012 #40
Don't worry - it's an easy fix with IE Service Pack #4.29.a7865-11328 wtmusic Feb 2012 #46
Ironic, as Google Chrome is on the verge of becoming the most used browser in the world stockholmer Feb 2012 #10
And here I'd gotten so happy with Chrome. Lasher Feb 2012 #13
try Opera, it works well for me stockholmer Feb 2012 #14
or iron d_r Feb 2012 #22
So Iron is like Chrome, but without the nasty Google spy features? stockholmer Feb 2012 #25
yes d_r Feb 2012 #29
Dear M$: You CAN'T bypass a FUNCTIONAL security setting. saras Feb 2012 #17
There's still a microsoft explorer? Wow. nt Bonobo Feb 2012 #19
There's still Windows? Wow. dixiegrrrrl Feb 2012 #21
You sound like a 1%er DUIC Feb 2012 #31
Yep, that equates to the 1% on the right hand side of this graph. dixiegrrrrl Feb 2012 #35
Were you also informed that the study was bogus? DUIC Feb 2012 #37
Sorry, I am confused. Which study are you referring to? dixiegrrrrl Feb 2012 #39
AptiQuant's bogus survey DUIC Feb 2012 #42
Never heard of it. dixiegrrrrl Feb 2012 #43
Sucks to be ordinary DUIC Feb 2012 #44
Running Windows is the equivalent of drinking Budweiser wtmusic Feb 2012 #47
Spam deleted by uppityperson (MIR Team) dfhjkyulyu Feb 2012 #20
Easy Fix: Enable Tracking Protection Lists to stop Google's data mining DUIC Feb 2012 #30
People still use IE? Bladian Feb 2012 #38
I use a add-in called TRACKMENOT for Firefox elifino Feb 2012 #45
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