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Faygo Kid

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Sun Oct 27, 2013, 01:39 PM Oct 2013

Lou Reed, Velvet Underground Leader and Rock Pioneer, Dead at 71 [View all]

Source: Rolling Stone

Lou Reed, a massively influential songwriter and guitarist who helped shape nearly fifty years of rock music, died today. The cause of his death has not yet been released, but Reed underwent a liver transplant in May.

With the Velvet Underground in the late Sixties, Reed fused street-level urgency with elements of European avant-garde music, marrying beauty and noise, while bringing a whole new lyrical honesty to rock & roll poetry. As a restlessly inventive solo artist, from the Seventies into the 2010s, he was chameleonic, thorny and unpredictable, challenging his fans at every turn. Glam, punk and alternative rock are all unthinkable without his revelatory example. "One chord is fine," he once said, alluding to his bare-bones guitar style. "Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you're into jazz."

Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed was born in Brooklyn, in 1942. A fan of doo-wop and early rock & roll (he movingly inducted Dion into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989), Reed also took formative inspiration during his studies at Syracuse University with the poet Delmore Schwartz. After college, he worked a staff songwriter for the novelty label Pickwick Records (where he had a minor hit in 1964 with a dance-song parody called "The Ostrich&quot . In the mid-Sixties, Reed befriended Welsh musician John Cale, a classically trained violist who had performed with groundbreaking minimalist composer La Monte Young. Reed and Cale formed a band called the Primitives, then changed their name to the Warlocks. After meeting guitarist Sterling Morrison and drummer Maureen Tucker, they became the Velvet Underground. With a stark sound and ominous look, the band caught the attention of Andy Warhol, who incorporated the Velvets into his Exploding Plastic Inevitable. "Andy would show his movies on us," Reed said. "We wore black so you could see the movie. But we were all wearing black anyway." . . .

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/lou-reed-velvet-underground-leader-and-rock-pioneer-dead-at-71-20131027

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RIP Lou.... Rebellious Republican Oct 2013 #1
That was my first Lou Reed album. progressoid Oct 2013 #67
I had a buddy when I was in the Navy turn me on to him. Rebellious Republican Oct 2013 #79
FUCK! NO!!!!!!! Cooley Hurd Oct 2013 #2
damn dembotoz Oct 2013 #3
oh damn d_b Oct 2013 #4
Oh, shit. Orrex Oct 2013 #5
Oh no! OnyxCollie Oct 2013 #6
Well shit. Codeine Oct 2013 #7
+1 glinda Oct 2013 #74
Sweet Jane Adsos Letter Oct 2013 #8
Excellent choice for a tribute AL! Rebellious Republican Oct 2013 #13
RIP n/t Violet_Crumble Oct 2013 #70
I wore that album out back in the 70's, and have it on CD now. Martin Eden Oct 2013 #72
Modern rock has lost an elder statesman Cirque du So-What Oct 2013 #9
this one hits close` mitchtv Oct 2013 #10
He was a true great singer/songwriter. gvstn Oct 2013 #11
RIP to a genuine creative force. (nt) Paladin Oct 2013 #12
Oh no! R.I.P. Lou. You gave us so much! cui bono Oct 2013 #14
I felt a giant world-wide rock and roll moan truthisfreedom Oct 2013 #15
"Ahead of their time" is usually a meaningless phrase, IveWornAHundredPants Oct 2013 #16
The world is far emptier today. Cross easy, man. nolabear Oct 2013 #17
Uncle Lou - off on a new gig, Rock & Roll Animal. leveymg Oct 2013 #18
R.I.P. BumRushDaShow Oct 2013 #19
I know this Vid..... Thucydides Oct 2013 #34
Post #1 has the original song BumRushDaShow Oct 2013 #49
RIP Lou gopiscrap Oct 2013 #20
:'( LadyHawkAZ Oct 2013 #21
I am very sad…he, among a few others, kept the spirit of Rock and Roll alive when it would.. Tikki Oct 2013 #22
Saw he had a liver transplant tawadi Oct 2013 #23
Thanks for sharing! Rebellious Republican Oct 2013 #31
interesting...nt Jesus Malverde Oct 2013 #71
Damn Dopers_Greed Oct 2013 #24
No JCMach1 Oct 2013 #25
Awww no. MuseRider Oct 2013 #26
No doubt PasadenaTrudy Oct 2013 #27
Damn. calimary Oct 2013 #28
So, so, so sad he's gone MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #29
Awesome! Rebellious Republican Oct 2013 #32
part 2 - RIP Lou Historic NY Oct 2013 #85
RIP Unknown Beatle Oct 2013 #30
My heart is breaking Tom Ripley Oct 2013 #33
Ouch BeyondGeography Oct 2013 #35
So sad. Richard D Oct 2013 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author cthulu2016 Oct 2013 #37
This message was self-deleted by its author Buddha_of_Wisdom Oct 2013 #38
Dammit MyNameGoesHere Oct 2013 #39
Lou made me laugh at a concert in Kansas many years ago mokawanis Oct 2013 #40
Sad day. postulater Oct 2013 #41
One of my favorite Velvet Undeground tunes is, "Rock n Roll" BeatleBoot Oct 2013 #42
Despite all the implications ... you can dance to the rock and roll station ... man it was alright! brett_jv Oct 2013 #102
RIP Mr Reed and thank you. TeamPooka Oct 2013 #43
RIP. Oh, sob. bbgrunt Oct 2013 #44
Well, hoax or not 2naSalit Oct 2013 #45
Crap... (((((((Lou))))))) WillyT Oct 2013 #46
RIP Lou! AAO Oct 2013 #47
Was he still drinking? Was he an alcoholic? I dunno..... glinda Oct 2013 #75
I only play a Dr on TV, but I know nothing about his recent drinking habits AAO Oct 2013 #80
Just read a tribute by "Emily" from Metric where glinda Oct 2013 #103
Best explanation of what happened to Lou. : > (. Glad he shared it..... glinda Nov 2013 #109
I read somewhere that he got sober in the '80s. nt KAESNO2 Oct 2013 #87
welcome to DU gopiscrap Oct 2013 #94
Thanks. :-) nt KAESNO2 Oct 2013 #105
you're welcome gopiscrap Oct 2013 #106
an iconic musician and poet madrchsod Oct 2013 #48
RIP Lou. Hayabusa Oct 2013 #50
Sad to hear...RIP Lou...nt GReedDiamond Oct 2013 #51
One Of The Giants, Sir.... The Magistrate Oct 2013 #52
Godspeed DonCoquixote Oct 2013 #53
RIP Lou... JimboBillyBubbaBob Oct 2013 #54
RIP Lou - Rock n Roll Joey Liberal Oct 2013 #55
Awwww, man. icymist Oct 2013 #56
It Was A Perfect Day otohara Oct 2013 #57
RIP Lou. Taverner Oct 2013 #58
Damn shame Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2013 #59
One more strange angel to watch over we fallen souls. politicat Oct 2013 #60
Lou Reed!!! Iggo Oct 2013 #61
Damn, Joe Shlabotnik Oct 2013 #62
See That My Grave is Kept Clean. RIP Lou alfredo Oct 2013 #63
The world is a lot poorer today with his passing. Warpy Oct 2013 #64
Damn! Gemini Cat Oct 2013 #65
Thanks Lou! He said, "Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side" Botany Oct 2013 #66
Damn!!! Manifestor_of_Light Oct 2013 #68
oh hell Kali Oct 2013 #69
No too much can freeze me in my tracks anymore. Half-Century Man Oct 2013 #73
Thanks Faygo Kid for posting. red dog 1 Oct 2013 #76
Sure hate to see this madokie Oct 2013 #77
That is a shocker. RIP. Hoyt Oct 2013 #78
See you down on the boulevard Lou PuffedMica Oct 2013 #81
Oh no, this is terrible news! juanrodriguezn248 Oct 2013 #82
welcome to DU gopiscrap Oct 2013 #83
Rest in peace shenmue Oct 2013 #84
Rest in peace, Lou Reed. Thank you for the music; it's wonderful. mountain grammy Oct 2013 #86
Rats. Turned it up for VU tonight. AllyCat Oct 2013 #88
:( Whisp Oct 2013 #89
damn.... dhill926 Oct 2013 #90
Thank you, Lou... ReRe Oct 2013 #91
I was so sick yesterday, I just found out about this independentpiney Oct 2013 #92
Perfect Day, BBC version with Lou and Laurie and half the world... Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #93
This Magic Moment........ Hotler Oct 2013 #95
My favorite Lou Reed song mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2013 #96
ohhhh no! I heard yesterday..I'm thinking of Laurie Anderson.... BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2013 #97
My tribute, FWIW. maddogesq Oct 2013 #98
Thank you for sharing those memories. Octafish Oct 2013 #107
OHNOES. No more walking on the wild side for Lou:( K&R pam4water Oct 2013 #99
Magic and Loss. Flatulo Oct 2013 #100
One of my favorite singers was a Lou Reed fan and influenced by him...Chara yuiyoshida Oct 2013 #101
Kick! sarcasmo Oct 2013 #104
It's Only Life -- a great song by a Velvet Underground-influenced band, the Feelies: Arugula Latte Oct 2013 #108
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