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17. From what I've read elsewhere, there is a risk of fighting mortality in
Sat Jan 11, 2014, 01:26 PM
Jan 2014

male-heavy populations. So perhaps removing a non-breeding male removes a risk to younger and more productive males.

I think there's two separate issues in threads like this. On the one hand, it may be a totally appropriate conservation strategy to manage the age- and sex-balance of a population. But on the other hand, a person who takes pleasure in being led up to a selected animal just to kill it is still contemptible...

Here's what I found from googling:

Hope Bob Barker buys it and tears it up tomm2thumbs Jan 2014 #1
That would be cool if he could afford it indie9197 Jan 2014 #3
Yeah I think some Namibian gov't official CFLDem Jan 2014 #8
If we don't kill them, they'll die! Canoe52 Jan 2014 #2
*sigh* sakabatou Jan 2014 #4
Really? pipoman Jan 2014 #6
No. sakabatou Jan 2014 #24
Hunting license sales in the US pipoman Jan 2014 #5
Sounds like a real challenge. Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2014 #7
Force the "winner" to eat the entire Rhino. Thor_MN Jan 2014 #9
From a family of hunters, I agree 100% nt 7962 Jan 2014 #15
+1 nt Live and Learn Jan 2014 #27
African safari game usually is eaten entirely NickB79 Jan 2014 #34
Rhinos are cute cosmicone Jan 2014 #10
Or rhino hunters. hunter Jan 2014 #13
utterly shocking response cosmicone Jan 2014 #14
My name is Hunter and I've hunted. hunter Jan 2014 #16
+1 n/t Jamastiene Jan 2014 #25
+1 n/t Jamastiene Jan 2014 #26
No one bothers to explain ronnie624 Jan 2014 #11
From what I've read elsewhere, there is a risk of fighting mortality in petronius Jan 2014 #17
Thanks for the link. ronnie624 Jan 2014 #19
It contributes money to wildlife protection programs to stop poachers NickB79 Jan 2014 #35
I'm certain that's what the bidders are thinking. ronnie624 Jan 2014 #37
It's what the Namibian govt is thinking NickB79 Jan 2014 #39
A pre-selected old rhino is "hunting"...right? flvegan Jan 2014 #12
Well, for that price the organizers want to make sure Cheney bags a rhino. Gormy Cuss Jan 2014 #31
http://www.democraticunderground.com/1014636138 efhmc Jan 2014 #18
I saw it on the news last night. indie9197 Jan 2014 #20
I hope the shooter has a stroke while aiming his/her rifle Submariner Jan 2014 #21
I think the Namibians are exploiting their sliminess in a good way. indie9197 Jan 2014 #22
Didn't they auction one off just last November? Omaha Steve Jan 2014 #23
They announced the auction months ago, but it's actually tonight. n/t tammywammy Jan 2014 #30
Humans are depraved tabasco Jan 2014 #28
I'm disgusted that a rich guy thinks he can buy the 'privilege' of what is illegal for all others. democratisphere Jan 2014 #29
That's totally disgusting. NealK Jan 2014 #32
I wouldn't feel sorry for the shooter mokawanis Jan 2014 #33
If they are "hunting" an old male hamsterjill Jan 2014 #36
It does tend to reinforce my belief not to allow trust to someone who kills for entertainment. LanternWaste Jan 2014 #38
And don't forget: the lucky winner can recoup some or all of the permit cost. Paladin Jan 2014 #40
why don't they just hunt the non breeding old men in Texas that are no longer contributing olddad56 Jan 2014 #41
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