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His program sounds like it could be useful. I hope it is and merrily Feb 2014 #1
He sure looks like Woody. Scuba Feb 2014 #2
LOL - he looks like his dad Frank Sinatra. Farrow was still fooling around with Frank back then. blm Feb 2014 #27
Nope Scairp Feb 2014 #69
Nope. He looks like a blonde version of young Sinatra. blm Feb 2014 #75
so when he said his dad never abused his sister, he was telling the truth! n/t Scout Feb 2014 #81
I'm guessing you're snarking....? MADem Feb 2014 #28
Didn't know about the Frank thing but he sure doesn't look like that worm, efhmc Feb 2014 #31
No...not a bit. And he doesn't even look like him when he was young, but he does look at MADem Feb 2014 #34
A DNA test would give him access to Frank's $600 million estate. Yet, no test. aquart Feb 2014 #35
ugh jollyreaper2112 Feb 2014 #41
Oh, my God. This place is lost. Squinch Feb 2014 #50
If we're going to be throwing that word around, with or without the "cheating" attached, MADem Feb 2014 #53
It was a bullshit alert jollyreaper2112 Feb 2014 #57
I disagree. MADem Feb 2014 #59
It was sarcasm jollyreaper2112 Feb 2014 #63
It just didn't sound that way to me. MADem Feb 2014 #64
Whatever jollyreaper2112 Feb 2014 #65
I'm not the one who appears "outraged" in this conversation. MADem Feb 2014 #71
Don't think so. Hasn't that estate been well distributed? The horse has long left the barn. MADem Feb 2014 #52
definitely looks like frank, especially his mouth. eom ellenfl Feb 2014 #38
And those eyes! "Old Blue Eyes" redux... Hekate Feb 2014 #70
No he doesn't .. he looks like Mia! He's too handsome to look like Woody. YOHABLO Feb 2014 #83
Some critics liked the show, others thought he had a long way to go. I think he'll be fine..n/t monmouth3 Feb 2014 #3
That is a Sinatra! Atman Feb 2014 #4
I was thinking exactly the same thing! TBF Feb 2014 #6
No doubt: Sinatra Auggie Feb 2014 #7
I think he just looks like Mia Farrow. JDPriestly Feb 2014 #8
Eyes, chin, hair line. jwirr Feb 2014 #11
I agree - TBF Feb 2014 #23
Eyes and nose are 100% Sinatra htuttle Feb 2014 #12
Yep. Compare from about the same age: Auggie Feb 2014 #13
Ol' Blue Eyes' mugshot is tied with The Thin White Duke's for greatest mugshot ever. Tom Ripley Feb 2014 #22
He was arrested for adultery Freddie Feb 2014 #55
Hairline is Woody Allen's. JDPriestly Feb 2014 #15
DNA Paternity Test? Auggie Feb 2014 #24
He can still check his DNA for his ancestry. Woody and Frank are not of the same ethnic groups JDPriestly Feb 2014 #68
hairline is mia farrow's. what widow's peak? eom ellenfl Feb 2014 #39
He has a widow's peak which he covers up by combing a bit of hair over the center of the peak. JDPriestly Feb 2014 #67
i wouldn't call that a widow's peak. paul ryan has a widow's peak. eom ellenfl Feb 2014 #73
Paul Ryan and Woody Allen are older. Ryan, Allen and Farrow have widow's peaks. JDPriestly Feb 2014 #74
"youthful Woody Allen" Helen Borg Feb 2014 #18
lol - we are not talking about TBF Feb 2014 #21
More than involved--they were MARRIED. It was a May December relationship. MADem Feb 2014 #30
I think Frank and Ronan look alike. MADem Feb 2014 #29
Checking the DNA would end the buzz about his paternity. Gormy Cuss Feb 2014 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author erpowers Feb 2014 #45
lotso Mia in his looks too. What a handsome young man. geeze. Whisp Feb 2014 #40
Definitely a Sinatra madokie Feb 2014 #14
Undecided from the photos. See my post #15. JDPriestly Feb 2014 #16
Maureen O'Sullivan, Mia's Mother mithnanthy Feb 2014 #76
Then, as I suspected, it is a draw. I looked at a lot of pictures of Maureen O'Sulllivan and JDPriestly Feb 2014 #78
Looks like Sinatra. Helen Borg Feb 2014 #17
I vote for Sinatra, too wordpix Feb 2014 #20
Wow! He looks just like Frank there...NOTHING like Woody! Another thing... Auntie Bush Feb 2014 #48
Sinatra it's clear ALBliberal Feb 2014 #58
My grandmother was a big Sinatra TBF Feb 2014 #62
Welcome to DU gopiscrap Feb 2014 #79
He's got Sinatra's eyes, nose, and mouth. kestrel91316 Feb 2014 #61
That was my thought and I am old enough to be able to remember. jwirr Feb 2014 #10
Yeah, he looks just like Frank and nothing like Woody. Sweet Freedom Feb 2014 #19
I have always thought that Frances Feb 2014 #26
Yeah, that's pretty much what he's going for. nt WeekendWarrior Feb 2014 #56
He certainly doesn't have Woody's eyes. Ronan's are shaped just like Frank's. Auntie Bush Feb 2014 #49
I agree. He looks totally like Sinatra. glinda Feb 2014 #25
fluff piece itsrobert Feb 2014 #5
I watched yesterday OKNancy Feb 2014 #9
I enjoyed his show very much... Tom_Foolery Feb 2014 #32
nytimes said this: elleng Feb 2014 #36
110 percent Sinatra wheniwasincongress Feb 2014 #37
When he came out breech singing I Did It My Way. Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2014 #42
Maureen Orth (Tim Russert's wife, writes for VF) said that Ronan can SING, and he sounds MADem Feb 2014 #54
What Do You Mean? erpowers Feb 2014 #44
Well, he didn't. That's no surprise. MADem Feb 2014 #60
Thanks For the Information erpowers Feb 2014 #66
That is Frank Sinatra's Kid erpowers Feb 2014 #43
cross eyed? anasv Feb 2014 #46
If Woody was his bio dad, I think we would not have to wonder. Woody's looks are fairly unique. olddad56 Feb 2014 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author Inkfreak Feb 2014 #51
his first guest should be Maury Povich Enrique Feb 2014 #72
"In the case of Satchel Ronan Farrow. .... SummerSnow Feb 2014 #77
Good to see people only care about his looks. ForgoTheConsequence Feb 2014 #80
I just hope people give his show a chance. I am enjoying it so far. Glimmer of Hope Feb 2014 #82
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