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Bjorn Against

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1. I bet someone will be around shortly to demand we provide proof that this is racism
Sat Dec 13, 2014, 06:03 PM
Dec 2014

I am seeing more racism now than I have at any other time in my life, and I am also seeing more people denying racism exists than ever before. Racism is not limited to the south, it is a problem even in progressive Berkley and on DU as well.

I bet someone will be around shortly to demand we provide proof that this is racism Bjorn Against Dec 2014 #1
yep - and, of course, we should wait until the investigation is complete... whereisjustice Dec 2014 #19
And here's the story: Dr. Strange Dec 2014 #20
That's some real sick shit..... Laurian Dec 2014 #2
This may have been a statement in support of the demonstrations? Linking lynching to recent events. pinto Dec 2014 #3
You may be right. n/t inanna Dec 2014 #4
I think at U of Wisconsin there was some sort of display Yo_Mama Dec 2014 #7
Easy to misread in the current climate. One way or the other. pinto Dec 2014 #8
I don't think these sorts of things are a valid protest. Yo_Mama Dec 2014 #16
It appears that was the intent TorchTheWitch Dec 2014 #10
That's what I thought too. NaturalHigh Dec 2014 #15
No one knows who did that or why. sulphurdunn Dec 2014 #5
Basic Incitement & Escalation 101 FraDon Dec 2014 #6
Oh come on. Not everything is a conspiracy. This may have been a statement of support. pinto Dec 2014 #9
So you know who did it? LisaL Dec 2014 #11
actually, a candle loses a little wax usually when lighting another candle snooper2 Dec 2014 #21
There have been a few incidents were anti-racism activists have engaged in similar branford Dec 2014 #12
I think it *was* done by supporters, but it will make people recoil in horror, ellenrr Dec 2014 #13
That's awful, can you offer examples? Bluenorthwest Dec 2014 #17
oh my gosh, I don't have the examples at hand. ellenrr Dec 2014 #18
If I had to guess I'd say poorly-thought-out attempt at support Recursion Dec 2014 #14
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