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Lulu KC

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151. What I really don't like that this tells us
Sun Jan 4, 2015, 10:38 PM
Jan 2015

It shows that the police do not understand enough about mental illness to know that there is nothing the mayor or anyone else could have done or not done to still the voices in the man's head when he decided to kill his girlfriend, the police officers, and himself. If they are not trained to understand basic things about mental illness of this type, how do they deal with the people they see every day? That is tragic to me.

this demonstrates their level of discipline, commitment and that they don't care about anything samsingh Jan 2015 #1
Plus lsewpershad Jan 2015 #115
Just Makes Them All Look Bad billhicks76 Jan 2015 #130
Well, they were warned. Heywood J Jan 2015 #2
Way too gently warned IMO LiberalElite Jan 2015 #4
Bratton REQUESTED the officers not turn their backs, branford Jan 2015 #21
Does anyone have the authority to order NYPD officers wearing JimDandy Jan 2015 #46
Would you care to cite the part of any of the NYPD contracts branford Jan 2015 #54
To the layman.... Red Mountain Jan 2015 #76
I'm not supporting the content of the officers' actions or their message. branford Jan 2015 #81
Got it.......but if you'll humor me a bit that wasn't my question Red Mountain Jan 2015 #90
It's the public safety risk that permits New York state to prohibit police strikes. branford Jan 2015 #97
Would a civilian Red Mountain Jan 2015 #108
It bothers me too. However, we thankfully have no protections against being offended. branford Jan 2015 #112
What about the graduating class of the police academy mountain grammy Jan 2015 #127
I believe the booing was mostly done by off-duty officers in attendance, branford Jan 2015 #128
Yes, I agree, any such action by the mayor would be a political disaster.. mountain grammy Jan 2015 #131
The NYPD, like other unions, are a strong political force, branford Jan 2015 #133
They didn't turn their backs or boo or anything TorchTheWitch Jan 2015 #175
I'm glad to hear that. mountain grammy Jan 2015 #177
I'm Outraged RobinA Jan 2015 #178
I doubt many of us expect our unions to support us when Live and Learn Jan 2015 #96
You'e made a number of conclusory statements that do not necessarily comport branford Jan 2015 #104
If the UAW ever Red Mountain Jan 2015 #113
That is basically the nature of argument employed by Scott Walker in Wisconsin. branford Jan 2015 #119
You're avoiding the fundamental issue.... Red Mountain Jan 2015 #140
I don't believe that the police unions are the "last bastion" of the labor movement. branford Jan 2015 #152
If they do so while wearing uniforms or in a working environment Live and Learn Jan 2015 #118
Exactly - I cannot think of any court that would allow reprisals for this Yo_Mama Jan 2015 #167
There isn't a book that can be thrown, is there? MH1 Jan 2015 #27
+1. closeupready Jan 2015 #88
Just as I figured... Archae Jan 2015 #3
It was more than a few oberliner Jan 2015 #11
WAY more than a few...BIG problem, LOTS of cops out there with a TERRIBLE attitude randys1 Jan 2015 #15
I can't believe they did it again Lifelong Protester Jan 2015 #5
The police officers in attendance at the funeral who turned their backs were not on-duty, branford Jan 2015 #22
Interesting point. When I was in the military, even if I was off-duty, if I was wearing the uniform, MH1 Jan 2015 #32
Exactly. I can send a letter to the editor, but not using my employer's letterhead. SunSeeker Jan 2015 #40
The military is not the equivalent to the police as a legal matter. branford Jan 2015 #48
Anyone remember PATCO? SCVDem Jan 2015 #60
The illegal PATCO strike is nowhere near comparable to branford Jan 2015 #63
well, i guess you can call that a "conservative message". uncle ray Jan 2015 #65
Are you really comparing back-turning to an elected official, branford Jan 2015 #70
It's comparable, yes. More accurately compared to the Westboro protests though Scootaloo Jan 2015 #86
I don't care whether you support the police union or not, branford Jan 2015 #93
Then please. Cite these "ample horrors." Scootaloo Jan 2015 #94
Here's one: christx30 Jan 2015 #139
Ask for ample, get one. Scootaloo Jan 2015 #142
Yeah, googled it christx30 Jan 2015 #146
As a teacher, I have NEVER seen teachers close ranks to support a teacher involved with a student adigal Jan 2015 #105
This is a horrific disregard of anyone who has actually had a cross burned in their yard. Yo_Mama Jan 2015 #168
YES Ash_F Jan 2015 #166
Same with the Postal Service as a Letter Carrier, there were bonniebgood Jan 2015 #72
I would have to agree with you Lifelong Protester Jan 2015 #161
Too much like Westboro Baptist (NT) The Wizard Jan 2015 #35
Recall that Phelps won the case before the Supreme Court, branford Jan 2015 #52
People who peacefully protest aren't "on duty" either, but that doesn't stop them from getting the valerief Jan 2015 #53
Huh? branford Jan 2015 #57
Then perhaps we should take away their ability to wear the uniform Live and Learn Jan 2015 #98
I'm not defending their message, only their right to make it. branford Jan 2015 #106
Wearing uniforms off duty is not or should not be part of union negotiations. Live and Learn Jan 2015 #114
they were not warned about anything sabbat hunter Jan 2015 #135
I'm curious what they think this is going to achieve in the long run. crim son Jan 2015 #6
You are FIRED! SoapBox Jan 2015 #7
Police union thuggery bluestateguy Jan 2015 #8
The contract negotiations have moved to binding arbitration. branford Jan 2015 #25
I think we had a discussion about polling before, in which people of color do NOT trust the police adigal Jan 2015 #107
54% total approval (before the police murders) is bad? branford Jan 2015 #117
It's not great for a body that is supposed to protect and serve. And the minority numbers are bad adigal Jan 2015 #120
Unless and until there is a separate mayoral election for minorities, branford Jan 2015 #122
Their thuggery should not be blamed on unions. nt SunSeeker Jan 2015 #44
Interesting that the US media is down playing this. blackspade Jan 2015 #9
Hundreds of NYPD officers turn backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio at funeral of slain Det. Wenjian Liu oberliner Jan 2015 #17
No surprise, the MSM is also in the business of workinclasszero Jan 2015 #43
Yep StevePaulson Jan 2015 #163
Can you fire somebody for turning their back? Helen Borg Jan 2015 #14
Can you fire somebody for turning their back? The CCC Jan 2015 #56
Is it even mandatory for cops to show up at the funeral? Helen Borg Jan 2015 #69
It is not mandatory. branford Jan 2015 #73
It is not mandatory sabbat hunter Jan 2015 #136
Oh, really? They are not being paid? Helen Borg Jan 2015 #164
Except for the very few officers handling security and traffic, branford Jan 2015 #171
BUT they are supposed to PROTECT and serve and does anyone think they would protect DeBlasio?? adigal Jan 2015 #109
So Ronald Reagan is now the DU standard for labor relations. branford Jan 2015 #26
PLUS ONE, a huge bunch! Enthusiast Jan 2015 #49
So Ronald Reagan is now the DU standard for labor relations. The CCC Jan 2015 #58
If the NYPD engaged in an actual strike, which is against NY law, branford Jan 2015 #62
If the NYPD engaged in an actual strike, which is against NY law, The CCC Jan 2015 #99
I would support their right to strike. I don't think many of us Live and Learn Jan 2015 #101
He's too busy defending police thuggery and disrespect of an elected official - elected by the BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #121
We liberals tend to pride ourselves on our capacity for independent reasoning Red Mountain Jan 2015 #80
No one is asking you to support the content or message police unions, branford Jan 2015 #83
You can support a union Red Mountain Jan 2015 #102
That is the same argument that conservatives use against teacher unions. branford Jan 2015 #110
Sexual assault against children? Red Mountain Jan 2015 #143
Air Traffic Controllers didn't ever rally for their "right" to strangle people on the street Scootaloo Jan 2015 #89
I hope there is a video... Helen Borg Jan 2015 #12
It is. shame they did this during a very dignified funeral service. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #13
It is an illustration of what cops think, they think they are superior to all others. randys1 Jan 2015 #16
How many is "several"? Divernan Jan 2015 #18
It's the "liberal" media (nt) a2liberal Jan 2015 #145
They were warned, lark Jan 2015 #19
they were not ordered sabbat hunter Jan 2015 #137
Fire them for what? 840high Jan 2015 #160
They are turning their backs on the people of the city. n/t jtuck004 Jan 2015 #20
They hijacked a family's grief for their own purposes. Disgusting. Vinca Jan 2015 #23
^^That. Orrex Jan 2015 #33
shitbags frylock Jan 2015 #24
+100! Cooley Hurd Jan 2015 #29
Bratton needs to come down hard... dhill926 Jan 2015 #28
Unless they broke a law or violated their contract they probably cant do anything to them. cstanleytech Jan 2015 #156
Disgusting indeed. Contrary1 Jan 2015 #30
So a football game is more sacred than a funeral? Chemisse Jan 2015 #37
Oh, wow.. the NYPD are Offensive tasteless Hypocrites! Cha Jan 2015 #147
Republicans have neither shame nor honor The Wizard Jan 2015 #31
+1 You nailed it. Enthusiast Jan 2015 #50
They just do not share American values---period. randr Jan 2015 #34
They weren't "warned"--they couldn't be. It's free speech and you can't threaten them to stop... Moonwalk Jan 2015 #36
Here's what else might happen...if any of those seen on camera turning their backs are involved in adigal Jan 2015 #111
They should be fired. tblue Jan 2015 #38
I agree, but unfortunately... Ino Jan 2015 #55
under what charge sabbat hunter Jan 2015 #138
Babies. Starry Messenger Jan 2015 #39
Police thugs workinclasszero Jan 2015 #41
All this does Phlem Jan 2015 #42
The Mayor should take away their guns cosmicone Jan 2015 #45
AND DRUG TEST!!!! Elmer S. E. Dump Jan 2015 #174
What do the NYPD and Westboro Baptist Church have in common? Earth_First Jan 2015 #47
Since cops seem to have the right to beat the shit out of anyone who "disrespects" them, then valerief Jan 2015 #51
If that had been my husband lying up there in that casket I'd have taken over that mike, stopped Lars39 Jan 2015 #59
I wouldn't be surprised if the dead officers families maryellen99 Jan 2015 #61
Police officers and their families are a fairly insular and conservative group branford Jan 2015 #68
I know. :-( Lars39 Jan 2015 #92
She was unable to do so, too vulnerable and heartbroken to fight back: freshwest Jan 2015 #100
That's just heartbreaking. Lars39 Jan 2015 #116
Just imagine grieving in the face of such arrogant behavior. They mock her, her husband, his father. freshwest Jan 2015 #149
There is a time and a place for everything tawadi Jan 2015 #64
The police union is being stupid Gothmog Jan 2015 #66
Fire cops that can't follow orders. blkmusclmachine Jan 2015 #67
The chief told them not to, and they still did? C Moon Jan 2015 #71
The police were not "ordered" not to turn their backs, branford Jan 2015 #77
Thanks. I didn't know that. C Moon Jan 2015 #82
You certainly were not alone. branford Jan 2015 #84
So they're just hateful, exploitative dickbags Scootaloo Jan 2015 #91
I'll say it yet again, branford Jan 2015 #153
No, but their commanders could have and should have. nt Live and Learn Jan 2015 #103
They're a freakin' DISGRACE. calimary Jan 2015 #74
I got this horrid email from my Pres. Obama and hater of blacks, immigrants riverbendviewgal Jan 2015 #75
Communists can be citizens of the United States LakeVermilion Jan 2015 #85
I live in Canada - a socialist Democracy riverbendviewgal Jan 2015 #95
I'm not offended at all, in fact we may be joining you soon. mountain grammy Jan 2015 #129
To these 'facts' all I have to say is.... blackspade Jan 2015 #169
If I were the mayor project_bluebook Jan 2015 #78
Did we expect anything less Unknown Beatle Jan 2015 #79
I think this is evidence that too many LEO's have too much time on their hands. closeupready Jan 2015 #87
Yeah, because time off is a bad thing SickOfTheOnePct Jan 2015 #123
And be drama queens extraordinaire, as they were here. closeupready Jan 2015 #150
I agree that they're acting like spoiled children SickOfTheOnePct Jan 2015 #155
Showing the same respect to one of their own that they show the people they work for randr Jan 2015 #124
The back turners sulphurdunn Jan 2015 #125
You know. I thought that all the calls to kill cops were question everything Jan 2015 #126
Grieving, not grievance Tab Jan 2015 #132
PSA!!! MyOwnPeace Jan 2015 #134
I've appreciated the back and forth Red Mountain Jan 2015 #144
Thank you, it is much appreciated. branford Jan 2015 #154
Guess free speech is only for hysterical protestors Supply Side Jesus Jan 2015 #141
Shitcan the back-turning turds. Owl Jan 2015 #148
For what? Being assholes? Not a firing offense if it was most of the republicans in congress would cstanleytech Jan 2015 #157
What I really don't like that this tells us Lulu KC Jan 2015 #151
NYT editorial calls out cops for their "snarling sense of victimhood." Divernan Jan 2015 #158
Post removed Post removed Jan 2015 #159
Hey Asshole Cops StevePaulson Jan 2015 #162
I wonder if they'll get outreach JackInGreen Jan 2015 #165
It is called Control turbinetree Jan 2015 #170
i wonder what percentage of cops in the US listen to republican talk radio certainot Jan 2015 #172
I was thinking the same thing Neon Gods Jan 2015 #176
wonder what happens when THEY loose ther fancy pensions allan01 Jan 2015 #173
Further proof that standards for law enforcement are far too low tabasco Jan 2015 #179
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